Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

FreedomForce knows Trump is a Christian, and worships Retribution Jesus:
Trump practices a modified form of the Golden Rule. His interpretation of this rule is: “Do unto others as they do unto you”; because if you “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and they, in turn, treat you badly, it goes against human nature to continue to treat them with consideration. You should do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but if your courtesy is not returned, they should be treated with the wrath they deserve.
b4me hates Cruz like he hates liberals:
Cruz gives me the same ucky feeling I got seeing bill, hillary and the gores on stage that election night - and also again with obamas. (I didn’t catch on with GWB)

they reminded me of college kids celebrating pulling off a prank, with no concern for people hurt or damage done.
I hope Cruz pulls it out at this point, just to see Freepers try to reverse.

Well, I guess raybbr should turn gay!
Masculinity=reason. Femininity=chaos.
Fred Hayek does not like punching up:
I’ve since dismissed the phrase “truth to power” as Marxist propaganda gibberish.
MayflowerMadam - with Satan, all is possible:
A congress that would not impeach Obama would never impeach anyone!

It’s difficult to predict what could happen in a country that God has turned over to Satan. As Ruth Graham said, if God doesn’t destroy America, He has some apologies to make to Sodom and Gomorrah.
If he thinks this, what is AmericanInTokyo doing on this website?
The mental confines of FR are so narrow and subjective you have to remove yourself completely from this limitation, go talk to average people on the street everywhere, and gauge more clearly where this is truly going. It is a mistake to believe one's own narrow jingoistic propaganda.
Cicero on the real problem on college campuses:
Actually, it’s too bad American universities can’t ban ear piercing, instead of white privilege and gay criticism.
albie tells a totally true fable:
I have 2 New England lib brothers in law. One has a 25 year old son who graduated from college with a degree in French. He works as an “on call” bus boy in a restaurant and lives with his girl friend. Mostly he skateboards.

The other NE nephew is 26 and majored in “Shakespeare Theatre”. He’s worked at Starbucks for the past 3 years and lives with his parents.

My conservative brother in law has a 27 year old son who just served 4 years in the Army and went to Iraq with his Army wife. He now works for the Department of Defense, owns a 4,000sf home and has a 1 year old daughter.
DAC21 is pretty sure Black Lives Matter is going to turn us into Chaves's Venezuela somehow:
Pay attention to how the Venezuela government is holding on to power by empower criminals and disarming the populace. The left will eventually do the same here

Already started, BLM movement.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper doesn't care if a story is false, anything to keep America afraid!!
Shhh! ExNewsExSpook: I want the Iranians to scare the shit out of any of our sane military and foreign policy leaders (if there are any).

I want the American people to crap in their pants knowing that Iran is building its’ own “WALL” of protection behind which it can launch nuclear missiles of varying distances with impunity.
Before this week's purge announcement, Spirit of Liberty still thought Free Republic could be a safe space for Cruz supporters:
Jim Robinson laid it down on a Trump rally thread. Since you won't listen to us, maybe he can explain it to you to QUIT POSTING DEROGATORY STUFF ABOUT CRUZ ON A MARKED CRUZ RALLY THREAD! Does not all the deleted comments give you a clue??

It's ‘supporters’ like you that give Trump supporters a bad name.

Sorry, guys, I don't think I've ever seen this doofus on one of nikos’ Trump rally threads.
Piranha is pretty sure fear of Obama is why Israel is trying one of it's soldiers for murder:
I suspect that Netanyahu is keeping a low profile and biding his time until Obama can’t do any major harm to Israel.
Caipirabob sees only bad things in mental downloading technology:
Lol..can you see it? Now they don’t have to recruit children to socialism. One upload session and liberal indoctrination is complete.

And yeah, this is what it will be used for. Except it will be a side effect. Oh, you got a traffic citation? You need driving re-education, oh and voting for a demoncrat will be a side effect...
DesertRhino to American woman - all of you are SO FAT:
there aren’t enough slender American women who care about their appearance to fill those jobs. Just look at Sports Illustrated this year.

There was an immense one that loves the water. Helps her support her immense weight.
pburgh01 wants more purge!
Why is 2ndDiviosion still around here? He’s one of the most insufferable of Cruz sycophants and he definitely is way over the threshold for TDS\ABT of buttholery. They just don’t want to do what what’s right, they want to pout, suck their thumb, and babble incoherently like Mark Levin.
mjp straight up worships capitalism:
The profit motive, speaking broadly, means a man's incentive to work in order to gain something for himself. In a rational society it is profoundly moral and thoroughly just. In a specialized business context, profit is defined as the difference between sales revenues and cost. It is payment earned by moral virtue, the virtue of a specific group within an economy, the prime movers. It is payment for the thought, the imitative ,the long range vision, the courage, the efficacy of business owners.

Profit is exploitation only in a mystic viewpoint of emotionalists.


  1. "I hope Cruz pulls it out at this point, just to see Freepers try to reverse."

    Ozy, that is truly funny. lol

    1. It's going to be amazing to see Jim have to live up to his vow of supporting who ever the nominee is after the brokered convention.

    2. My hope is that the "brokered convention" chooses somebody really GOPe, a real establishment insider.

      But that won't bother JimRob ... he rallied behind the "coke sniffing punk" (his exact words) George W Bush, made FR McCain country and Romney country, and zotted plenty of freepers who didn't go with the republican flow.

  2. mjp rule of acquisition #18: "a freeper without profit is no freeper at all."

    #261: "a freeper can afford everything except a conscience."