Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

Kit cat does not believe the polls:
These poll # are pure BS!!! Trump has thousands upon thousands of people attending his rallies watching on live stream this IS MSM propaganda which we all have become accustomed to!!! With social media WE are able to SEE the truth!!! So let them Babble on!!! ONLY believe what you SEE and NEVER let these numbers bring you away from our goal of getting MR. T to the POTUS!!!!
TomGuy us trying to get some new nicknames going
The Screech was in screech mode again as she tried to talk over Freebie [based on newsclips from their debate last evening].
Recovering Ex-hippie thinks Hillary was drunk during the debate:
Wow, she’s drunk too I think.

Sooo out of control..I’m loving nice anchor person on Meet the Depressed to give her snowball questions. ha.
newfreep shows how Freepers know a lot of words, but keep their functional vocabulary small by having so many of them just mean guilt by association:
A Marxist Socialist vs an Alinsky Communist
combat_boots has contempt for a government run on money. So all of them.
This government of ours is the worst possible crack-addled heroin junkie ever. It’s drug is $$$$$.
GraceG laments that the right is conditioned against civil disobedience:
We will always LOSE because civil disobedience is just not in our nature as we have been conditioned TOO WELL....

We are in for another generation or two of CHAINS until our future progeny finally have nothing left to LOSE....
sport seriously thinks the US government is disappearing people:
Everyone initially involved in the initial Bundy standoff will eventually disappear, never o be heard from again. Reminiscent of Hitler's "Fog and Night" handling of his political enemies.

The only question remaining is, after Bundy, who is next? One can rest well assured that there will be nexts. All on the Conservative side of the fence.
Clearly not a Navy vet, DH spares no hyperbole regarding the recent Russian flyby of an American ship:
This will go down as the greatest embarrassment in the history of the Navy. We have shown the enemy just what cowards we are and worse yet, we are so afraid of making an international spectacle that we don’t even utilize the military rule books at all! Our military leaders have been neutered by politicians.

The rules of war are written and to let enemy aircraft so close to ANY military assets is ordered to be met with deadly responses. It is in the “rule book.”

Pearl Harbor was a perfect example where lax military rules of engagement were the cause of the disaster. ASSUMPTIONS were made by the radar analysts and the result is history.

The ASSUMPTION by the captain of that ship that these Russian aircraft were simply taunting them could have been disastrous. We should have shot them down as soon as they came into the “forbidden” area around the ship to show that the U.S. Navy actually utilizes military professionalism and will not waver from military tactics and regulations.
Nothing says professionalism like starting a shooting war over nothing!

x_plus_one? Come on, Putin, we know it's you:
The propagandists ignore that this event was on the front door step of russia - the baltic is their home base. Why we are deploying nukes to europe and carting them around in ships on the baltic is an insane mystery.

The answer is that the new world order is sure they can and will ‘take over’ russia, one country that has survived communism and would rather die than go back there again.

Hillary is not a democrat - she is the vanguard of the new world order of unelected bureaucrats, plutocrats and propagandists who want to own russia.
SZonian is so close to realizing Sanders' Democratic Socialism isn't the cartoonish version Freepers think it is:
I would think a true commie would call for the abolishment of all wages.

From each according to their ability. To each according to their NEED.
Vic S wants us to tax the end the Fed:
She was right about one thing though. The people at the top, the Rockefellers, Waltons, du Ponts, Rothschilds, etc, hide their wealth in tax exempt foundations. It accounts for trillions of dollars that are removed from the system and not taxed.

But that money should not be spent, as I’m sure she would advocate, but be used to pay off the debt or create a new financial system less dependent on the federal reserve.

The only person running that would dare touch that money is Trump.
LeoWindhorse heard about anti-Trump protests in NY, and is ready with an anti-personel Rube Goldberg device:
You take numerous cans of bear/pepper spray , a bunch of sturdy balloons , and some jugs of water , up into the heights above where the riots will be staged . A bit of water in to the balloons , a good shot of pepper spray in to the balloons as well , tie them off and over they go.

Multiple points of launch.
Via Sanders' visit, detective goes off on the evil Catholic Church:
So now Pope Francis and the Vatican hierarchy are inviting communist Sanders to help formulate church policy.

Sanders favors partial birth abortion, totalitarianism and governments that persecute and imprison Catholics and deny religious freedom to their people.

The hierarchy are no longer men of God. They are evil. The hierarchy has been infiltrated and taken over by evil men.
PATRIOT1876 has decided Sanders and the Pope are mustache-twirling villains, like everyone who believes in global warming:
Pope : “Hey Bernie, I’m glad to see you’re on board with the whole destruction of the Western World thing.”

Sanders : “Oh yes Pontiff, I’m trying to fool the ignorant masses with the Global Warming Hoax just like you are. The dummies don’t expect a pope to lie.”

Pope : “Call me ‘Frankie’. You know, Bernie, my grade school nun used to say, ‘Once you start lying it becomes easier and easier!’

She was right! I can lie about Climate “science” all day long and I don’t feel guilty about it at all anymore.

Sanders : “Frankie, when are you gonna tell ‘em you’re an atheist?”

Pope : “If they’re too stupid to figure that out after all my lies and promoting godless Communist, WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK!!!”

[ both laughing maniacally ]
MaxistheBest seems to think JFK never served in the military:
Him and his brother Bobby, 2 non military men running a military operation. You go to war to win.
Bobby was also in the Navy, BTW.

Byron_the_Aussie projects a bit describing the average anti-Trump Freeper:
Remember what you're dealing with, Aria. Mean and lonely posters who have no friends, no family, and no hope. They clock onto FR the way Ralph the sheep dog used to, in the old cartoons. Pouring out their hate and resentment for hours. When you scroll down their posts you see an unbroken stream of negativity.

And really, negativity is un American.


  1. Oh boy, they're buying into the "unskewed polls" nonsense again! I can't wait for election day...the schadenfraude will be delicious.

  2. I like that they think that the attendance at Trump rallies means all those people are voting for Trump.

    No, many if not most are just going for the experience, to see a celebrity for free. Plus, no matter how many 1000s go to see him, 10s of 1000s have absolutely NO desire to see him.

  3. Lol at that old dork's pepper spray water balloon idea. Not only will this guy never do that (or leave his house for any reason besides Wal Mart runs) but that wouldn't even work. There is a reason pepper spray is aerosolized. If you managed to score some direct hits you might be lucky and get some in people's eyes. Even then a "shot" of pepper spray in a water balloon is diluted as hell and will be only a minor annoyance. In short, his plan would be laughably ineffective.

  4. I read these posts and all I basically see are "tough guys" and "manly macho men" screaming in horror:

    "The boogeyman is out to get me! The monsters are everywhere! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

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