Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

ColdOne knows why Obama really went to Cuba:
I think his main reson to visit there was just for that Che photo-op. He has it all over the WH I bet right now. In his private residence and in his wallet. It will be the first thing you see at his prez library.
Grampa Dave has kept a roster of everyone who fell in the Cruz Purge:
dforest toes the party line:
Cruz has really become enemy #1.

Just deplorable.
winoneforthegipper has come around on hating Cruz as well:
but honestly when he says miserable son of a b...before I would have sided with Cruz. Now? I kinda see it myself.
blackdog totally blew the mind of a liberal by noting how Republican Presidents haven't been full Freeper:
I was in the checkout line at the Kroger yesterday and got to chatting with the gal behind me. She is a young lawyer. She was talking about the upcoming election and lousy candidates. She then proceeded to dump on Reagan for some odd reason? I reminded her that he carried on with many liberal ideas worthy of their admiration. Amnesty. The unified budget act. I even mentioned Nixon formed the EPA!

She knew none of those things and didn't know what the unified budget act was? I suppose just as many stupid males were in the Kroger lines, but I found the stupidity of the woman to be discouraging, being a lawyer.

Point being I wish we could all wish for smarter voters period.
Conversely, ColdOne is amazed to hear that there are those on the left who think everyone is conservative, even as he thinks everyone is liberal:
West Side liberals think Clinton is center right.

No a female last night on Cnn complain about that on her.
iontheball is ready to surrender on social issues, but spitefully:
I have news for the sleep at the switch conservatives and Republicans who believe there is still time to win this war. The social issue war has been lost a long time ago.

Take the bathroom issue. No one seems to recognize that the liberal 4th Circuit drove a nail in the separate bathroom by gender debate the other day.

Furthermore, abortion has been legalized by the liberal courts years ago. Religious freedom has been done in.

The debate is no longer a right versus wrong debate, it is rabid Fascism against rational sanity and I'm sorry to say insanity has won. It is getting weirder and crazier by the day. The crazies are in our colleges, the courts, political halls and in the streets running amok and their behavior has now become the new norm. I do not see how this snake can ever be driven back into its basket.
BobL explains how conservatives kept appeasing liberals:
Our side figured that if we just leave them alone in their bedrooms, all would be fine...if we just let them marry, all would be fine...if we just let them in girls’ locker rooms, all would be fine, if we just (in the future) let them have ‘access’ to our little boys, all will be fine...

We didn’t fight them when it counted, now they smell blood.
MayflowerMadam tells of how she and her friend made sick burns at some guy with a Bernie bumper sticker:
My friend and I were picking up a truckload of flowers at a local nursery and we noticed a dweeby little car next to us with a “Bernie” bumper sticker. We made fun of it, made our purchases, and drove away.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and the self-same deweby little car with the Bernie sticker pulled in next to us. (What are the odds?) Then my friend decided we needed to pull up closer to the window so we could watch the truck, because “the Bernie guy will probably steal our flowers”. I said, “Yeah; because we have some and he has none.” Then we watched the old hippy get out of the car, looking like a dandelion gone to seed. You just knew he stank.
cherry would like to make up some stats on pot:
weed is NEVER enough...crime does not stop nor decrease when pot is does every societal problem....

nothing good comes from people living in a state of intoxication either from booze or drugs...
Wolfie focuses on tactics rather than truth:
Ceding that there is such a thing as “climate change” is a big mistake.
Farmer Dean knows the best sexism comes from women:
My wife said this about Hillary a long time ago,”Women know a bitch when they see one.”
doc maverick packs a lot of crazy into a few words:
The Obamatollah doesn’t want Trump thwarting his plans to rule the world under sharia from Dubai as UN Sec Gen. He would nuke the US in a second as long as he’s not living here.

Did he try to save anyone in Bengazi? Did Hillarita Clintonista? NO! He hates Americans and their Christian- based culture. That is why he’s flooding us with ISIS operatives.

He’s an enemy combatant.
If IamConservative worries about the impression Obama leaves, what does he think about Trump?
His “Pompous Ass” European tour. I listened to his press conference in the UK last Friday. I reflexively looked away I was so embarrassed for the country.
tanknetter explains that Nazis are European Right Wing, not America Right Wing:
In Europe “Right Wing” has a very different meaning than it does in the US.

The US Right Wing is Conservative. The Euro Right Wing is the Fascist/Nationalist flavor of Statist/Socialist.
pepsionice seems to be confused about whether or not to praise mass murderer Anders Breivik:
Regardless of what one thinks of his crimes, it’s OBVIOUS that the government there is SCARED TO DEATH of what he might say and, no doubt, would love to see him dead - so they do the next best thing, which is to isolate him so badly that even judges in Texas would wince.

If you read over his writings, his strategy, and discussions...he’s not stupid. He is extremely knowledgeable on control extends out over different classes of people....and believes in a Sweden with Knights of Templar slant on things. With all the mass killing that he’s done...he’s absolutely proud of the outcome, and I think the government is worried that he might say enough to pass on his wisdom to dozens of others.
After the latest white perpetrated shooting, Fightin Whitey is adding some nuance to his racist take on media stories:
You can tell the race of the perp by the title. It was an 18 year old gunman, as opposed to “Teen”

That is a fine observation.

Of course when it’s a ‘teen’ we know the race.

But I have been to thick to execute the principle backwadds, as they say.
Today's coup hope comes from Old Retired Army Guy:
It is time to return to the Turkey “Good Old Days” when the Military staged Coups and took over the Government.


  1. "Cruz has really become enemy #1"

    it's official -- the gay muslim marxist usurper's become a lame duck.

  2. Yak. Yak. Yak. (After all is said & done;
    more is SAID than DONE!) TWINKIE's head is
    now swimming after skim-reading this thread!

    My head is swimming even though I am wearing
    my BALLET SLIPPERS! - Ya'll are too caught
    up in this "Freeper" obsession!


    Ya'll are losing ya'lls grip on reality!!


    1. Add an orange to your breakfast (don't
      guzzle orange juice - too much sugar &
      shocks the system - you need the fiber
      from the whole fruit).

      Also, scramble, boil or fry yourself
      an egg or two, add a slice of bacon or
      a sausage pattie & a slice of whole
      grain BUTTERED toast with a little
      local honey, & of course, coffee.

      No matter how FAT you might THINK you

      In your BALLET SLIPPERS, or street
      shoes if you're going out. Work at a
      job you really like & produce things
      worthwhile. Read a chapter a day out
      of your Bible. Do unto others as you
      would have them do unto you.
      Love, TWINKIE KING

    2. P.S. Local honey; because you need
      the local POLLENS they collect in
      order to deal with your ALLERGIES!
      - Leave off the "imported" honey.
      Some of it is contaminated & doesn't
      give you what you need anyway. The
      stuff from China is not advisable.
      (I know. Ya'll think the Commies give
      a flip if they poison ya'll? Not
      saying they are; butt BSTS!)
      Our neighbor keeps several hives of
      bees out here. Fang tried to keep
      bees several years ago; but was very
      allergic to their stings. Love,

    3. Oh yeah, BSTS is "Better Safe
      Than Sorry". TWINKIE seems to be
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      stuff I hope. - Well; I'm off.
      Love, TWINKIE KING

    4. No one will speak to me! I've even
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      Hope ya'll are off doing stuff &

    5. My Twinkie Subject of the Hour is:
      TRUE CINNAMON! - We have been being
      ripped off for years with FAKE
      cinnamon (a tree bark that sort of
      smells like TRUE CINNAMON, but is
      actually rather caustic to the gut.

      SO, order yourself some TRUE CINNAMON
      on ebay or elsewhere - TRUE CEYLON

      I learned this when I started trying
      to give Fang cinnamon for his pre-
      diabetic condition. (I give him
      of B vitamin that we don't usually

      So far, Fang's blood sugar stays down
      to reasonable levels since he began
      cooperating with Twinkie about his
      diet & supplement.

      I hope ya'll are out doing stuff
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      there is to life.

      Fang is gone into the city to pick
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      Like the Autobahn. When we visited
      Fang's brother in Germany, they stuck
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      the car. - I'd been used to the 55
      mph speed limit here. His brother
      took off like a house afire, it was
      after dark & Twinkie almost threw
      up on his fancy seat covers.

      Daddy had only ever seen Germany
      when the whole country was a
      bombed-out shell after WWII; so he
      did not want me to go over there.

      OK. Just keep in mind about the
      CINNAMON scam! - And don't forget,

      Love, TWINKIE KING

    6. Ya'll are SCARING me! - No one will
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      I despair of ya'll; allowing a mere
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      OK. I will leave ya'll alone to
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      Twinkie *could* have given ya'll
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      just the BALLET SLIPPERS if ya'll
      weren't so OBSTINATE!

      OK. I will go now so ya'll can
      continue bashing all those alleged
      "Freepers" that I do not recognize
      from the names & your descriptions.

      I am GOBSMACKED! - I think I shall
      consider ordering myself a pair of
      WHITE BALLET SLIPPERS for summer as
      a consolation prize for the naughty
      way ya'll have treated me.


    7. Awww. Rest assured, Twinkie, I get an e-mail with everything you write to this blog :-P

      Thing is, you're posting on the post for Monday. So much has happened since then! We're talking about Trump's odds in November, and what's gonna happen to the Cruz Freepers, and bathrooms...

      I'm glad you have managed to shield yourself from the awful Freepers I post.

      If you like real cinnamon, might I recommend smoke paprika?

    8. Smoke Paprika. Sounds
      awfully suspicious to me as well
      as somehow not normal. :o)

      Try plain paprika on dressed eggs.
      Very good. Maybe smoked paprika
      would also be good on dressed eggs
      (as opposed to naked eggs).

      (I've become turned around on this
      blog as I am old & misguided.) :o)


    9. OK. Well. At least, Ozymandias spoke
      to me in a post above. I'll try the
      smoked paprika when I can get to the
      grocery store in town to get it.

      Love to all of ya'll young whipper-

  3. I'm feeling very lonely & discarded by most
    everyone on this blog. - A skunk kept coming
    into our dog's gated area & eating Dub's
    food last night. Dub barked all night off &
    on & I am exhausted! At one point, Fang
    shined the flashlight on the doghouse. The
    little skunk (Odie) was standing right in
    front of the doghouse rubbing noses with
    Dub. (It got scared & sprayed a little; but
    it doesn't take much spray.)

    I'd take Odie to the vet & have her stink
    sac removed; but it's her only natural
    protection from predators - so I can't do

    I moved Dubs bowl of food to the other side
    of the house & put less food in it. Maybe
    that will stop Odie from eating all her food.

    Odie can find plenty of natural stuff out
    here to eat that will be better for her than
    Dub's dog food.

    Boo-Boo hasn't brought another mouse, vole
    or flying lizard in the house the past couple
    of nights. I don't reckon she has. :o(

    I almost fell asleep in church this morning,
    I was so sleepy & tired from no sleep last

    We ate out at Rafael's today. I had lasagna.

    Anyway, I'm going to go watch "Call the
    Midwife". Fang is back watching his fluff
    stuff on tv. I think he gets crushes on all
    those bimbos on those shows & doesn't realize
    that the ones he's watching now on the shows
    that are 30 or 40 yrs. old are either as old
    as Twinkie is now - or else dead.

    Fang is not realistic.

    Gotta go. The midwife is on her way!