Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Spotlight: ghosthost

A recent Freeper - since last year.

He acts young too. One might be suspicious that he's trolling, but his unblinking white rage rings true to me.

Big fan of Whiteness. Thinks all immigrants are dumb and violent. Also Muslims. And Hollywood for putting in nonwhite characters. In fact, he's got this whole Hollywood anti-white conspiracy thing he's super into. Also Greatly fears the Chinese. Though he doesn't hate the Chinese that BobL last week, he's a big fan of Asian women. Though in his case it seems more about their looks than their submissiveness. And his name is distinctive enough a bit of googling found a profile on a meme website. His memes check out as resentful enough for a younger Freeper-type "Favorite Tags: the (3) | You (3) | and (2) | game (2) | niggers (2)"

He also briefly dips into some weird theology about diversity being Satan's trick.

Hate is good
I hate Islam, I hate illegal immigration, I hate our filthy political class, I hate George Soros and all the other "elites" who push policies like illegal immigration/communism against the will of the people. I hate the direction our country is going. All sorts of things to hate. Hate is good. For the record, I also hate lava, bats and the sound of two pieces of Styrofoam being rubbed together.
Diverse societies are Satan's tool to start World Wars and dilute white's genetic smartness:
The oldest satanic trick in the book. It started both World Wars. Take people who don’t belong near one another and smash them all together. If you put an eagle, a bear, a tyrannosaur, a cougar, 3 flamingos, another bear, wombats, a squirrel, a humpback whale and 4 hyaena into a small container, don’t be surprised if you come back in 10 minutes to find blood, claws and sinew splattered all over the walls.

Satan only has a few years to take control of the earth. He has to manipulate the gene pool asap to water down the national iq and take care of the rebels. The US and Europe are his primary target because the original Europeans and early colonists pose the biggest threat. This is the reason for our frantic replacement.

Satan wants to rule a world of liberal 80 iq EBT users, not spacefaring Scotsmen. Scots would put his head on a stake, the people left will kneel and lick his boots.
Abortion is also part of the conspiracy:
one of the reasons why we are being flooded with low-iq savages is because we were fed a load of crap about a woman’s right to choose. Of course it should be punishable. Having babies should be rewarded
But I thought it was shite to be Scottish!
I’m proud to be White and Scottish. We actually have a lot to be proud of
Only Whites could get to the Moon
All this diversity and squalor as we fall off into a pit is so much better than what we had before- a bunch of monolithic white Europeans who went to the moon and invented computers. But hey, rapping and keeping it reeeeeal is just as Bueno, si?
But these new white Dot-com guys? They all suck.
over educated? not hardly. I wouldn’t call any of them “clever.” Mostly just right place at the right time. zuckerberg is no genius. soros in Wikipedia is called “ currency manipulator,” that’s his job. he’s no genius, just dishonest. no, no brain surgeons, no Thomas Edison’s in the bunch. bunch of lucky queers
This makes sense, because going to the Moon was America's peak.
Rome didn't end in a day. I slowly chocked to death for hundreds of years. We reached our peak at the moon landing, and it's been downhill ever since.

Someday, scientists will be studying the remains of America, and will talk about our going to the moon, and they will dig up millions of Incan Mexican indian bones and put the two together-- that 3-foot-tall American Mexicans went to the moon.
3 foot tall?

But maybe if we founded a new all-white country, we could become great again!
Yes, great civilizations have a short life of a few hundred years, and then they rot from inside. We had a good run. I say we should colonize Antarctica— we are strong and can survive the cold. We could turn it into a wonderful place to live. Just filter who you allow in. No muslim filth, for starters. No low-wage immigrants
Ben Franklin: White Supremacist.
it just goes to show who is in charge of the DOJ. You take care of your own, which is common to man. --

[T]he Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably [sic] very small… . I could wish their Numbers were increased…. But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.-- Benjamin Franklin
Mexicans are basically dumb Aztec human sacrificers.
The gang in Hollywood/the Media would have us believe we're being visited by Antonio Banderas and Ricardo Montalban lookalikes, when in actuality, we are getting the 70 IQ Azteca Indians that Mexico doesn't even want.
He's pretty into this 70-IQ thing:
Look, when he said "I'm going to build a wall." and- "They'll be out of here so fast your head will spin."-- He had me. He has my vote.

Can he actually do these things? Who knows. I sure hope so. With the other candidates you just get a guarantee of more of the same, so he's our only hope.

I think even Trump underestimates how pissed off many folks are. We like the harsh talk, the name-calling, the strength. We're done with the metrosexuals and the PC nonsense.

The muslims (lower-case) are our enemies. Every. Last. One. We don't need a single 75 IQ illegal. They bring NOTHING to the table. We don't need to funnel trillions of dollars to the "crazy countries" for oil. We have plenty here. And on and on and on
Finnish anti-immigrant vigilantes, yay!
the soldiers of Odin guys are good guys
Asian girls! Well, mostly their bodies.
I don’t think any of us should be forced to live in a world without Chinese girls in sexually suggestive clothing
The Muslim mayor of London has taken over:
Wow, just like Obama, this muslim POS wates no time. Once they get a foot in the door, they just bust in and take over.
The Muslims that aren't violent must be dumb and lazy:
Mainstream muslims are the ones that just haven’t bombed anything yet. They probably just like the air conditioning and the Doritos too much. But when the chips are down, they’ll bomb.
I really worry at night what the fags think of me. I wake up in a cold sweat.
I want Trump to put mexicans in cages and I’m still here
We need more racist Chinese caricatures on TV like Ming the Merciless:
It's a bit late, but kill all the Bin Ladens and bomb their buildings:
Every building that this family has ever built should be blasted to bits. Their family made it big in construction, so let the world know that if you set foot inside a Bin Laden building you’re at risk of being torn to bits. Their popularity will not be so high. Don’t let people like this walk the Earth as playboys. Let them hide in caves in their filthy underwear, unable to sleep.
I liked them better when they were portrayed they way they should be. China is never going to come to anyone's rescue. They are never going to do the right thing for the rest of human history. They can always be counted on to do evil.
Star Wars just had a black main character. No geek wants to see a black main character! That's why The Force Awakened was actually a failure.
I remember an article before Force Awakens came out, where the Disney fellows were saying the new movie could top 5 billion dollars. It barely made 2 billion dollars, and if you take out the money spent on advertising, it made about a billion dollars. Gee, I wonder if casting had anything to do with that? I go to Comic Cons, and all sorts of nerdy SCiFI gatherings, and let me tell you, there are no black people there. I don’t go to Snoop Dogg concerts, and black folk don’t camp or watch Star Trek. So effectively, Disney is catering to 10% of the population who won’t watch it, and who have no money. Tasty Pick!
Too many black superheroes!
I wonder who these characters would vote for?

Sandra Bullock was blackmailed into adopting a black child:

I love Hollywood. Sandra Bullock's boyfriend was photographed doing this, and in order to keep working, weeks later we saw this--
My point being, you have to watch what you say and do in Hollywoodland. 
They got to Dr. Who, too!
Time to start boycotting the PC UK, or is it too late to even give a damn about anyone left in that PC hellhole.

Doctor Who's latest companion
But porn too white:
Not to mention, since White women/girls are the gold standard of porn, the hoardes of the world watch it and think they can come over here, or to Europe and rape at will. The pornographers should be rounded up and burned alive. make a video out of it and I’ll watch. Over and over and over
*Patriotically only watches Asian porn*


  1. I wonder if this guy is a fan of true capitalist radio?


  2. "Satan only has a few years to take control of the earth."

    Huh. I didn't realize Satan's powers came with an expiration date. Good to know!

    1. I would think Satan's plan wouldn't involve the use of a calendar.

      A few would imply 36 or more months. Seems silly that a supreme deity like Beelzebub wouldn't be all too concerned with time personified.

      Then again, he has waited this long and is probably tired of waiting eons and just wants to start when a black guy is in office.

  3. "one of the reasons why we are being flooded with low-iq savages is because we were fed a load of crap about a woman’s right to choose"

    Just for the sake of logic, wouldn't abortion be better for eliminating lower-IQ people? I mean, he should be supportive of abortion as it would imply that those who make the poorest decisions about sexual intercourse (i.e.: lower-IQ folks) would more likely to eliminate their addition to the gene pool.

    Then again, he's a Freeper so logic doesn't apply.

  4. "I remember an article before Force Awakens came out, where the Disney fellows were saying the new movie could top 5 billion dollars. It barely made 2 billion dollars, and if you take out the money spent on advertising, it made about a billion dollars."

    This guy is retarded.

    First off, there's no way they spent $1B in advertising. In fact, they had to advertise LESS than many other movies just because it's the Star Wars franchise.

    I digress..

    The cost of production was about $275M. The movie made about 10Xs their production costs not including merchandising and etc.

    That's pretty awesome and successful.

  5. "Satan wants to rule a world of liberal 80 iq EBT users, not spacefaring Scotsmen. Scots would put his head on a stake, the people left will kneel and lick his boots."

    I read this in Groundskeeper Willie's voice in my head.

  6. My post, & others' posts in all fairness,
    has been taken down. I told the truth about
    Hitlery & Billious Clinton.

    I chose the name "TWINKIE" on FR because she
    was my dear, loyal, faithful dog who lived
    well over 16 yrs. She had been dumped at a
    garbage dumpster & I picked her up. Had mange. Did not know for sure she actually was a dog; looked more like a big rat. A
    good girl.

    I AM 69, almost 70. I do live in the sticks
    behind a sinkhole inhabited with snakes.
    FANG & TWINKIE are real.


    However, I am outta here. When LIBS start
    flinging the "F" word around like confetti,
    like Elizabeth Montgomery said on "This
    Awakening Land" - "When a man starts spittin'
    in my fireplace next to where I'm cookin',
    he's done WORE OUT HIS WELCOME!" Flinging the
    "F" word is like spitting near my cooking.
    Flinging the "F" word denotes a parsimonious
    vocabulary. I hate it on DU; & I hate it on

    So. I am gone. Still without my SHUNGITE
    STONES - but; I do have my RED BALLET
    SLIPPERS - such as they are.

    here! Misspelled words & all &, like
    Obama's pet transsexuals, missing my STONES!


    1. See you tomorrow twinkie

    2. Given the regularity with which FR flings around: "FUBO", "FUMR", "FUPR" and the rest, it is pretty much impossible to avoid the "F" word on here. It would be like trying to study slugs and never encounter slime.