Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Freep mods are pretty active these days - lots of threads about Trump's flip-flops being deleted as I read them! But with Trump, there's always another headline. Expect this week to be pretty Trump-heavy.

Angry white geeky-type ghosthost is pretty sure the new Star Wars is a failure because the cast wasn't all white:
I remember an article before Force Awakens came out, where the Disney fellows were saying the new movie could top 5 billion dollars. It barely made 2 billion dollars, and if you take out the money spent on advertising, it made about a billion dollars. Gee, I wonder if casting had anything to do with that?

I go to Comic Cons, and all sorts of nerdy SCiFI gatherings, and let me tell you, there are no black people there. I don’t go to Snoop Dogg concerts, and black folk don’t camp or watch Star Trek. So effectively, Disney is catering to 10% of the population who won’t watch it, and who have no money. Tasty Pick!
TomasUSMC is all for preemptively nuking Iran:
A nuke strike ain’t gonna end life on this planet in 6 minutes unless your the target, then it will be even quicker.

Concern yourself with nukes smuggled into our Country...a very possible situation....and how do you stop that. YOU NUKE IRAN FIRST, ASAP.

Don’t wait for the next Pearl Harbor.
kearnyirish2 has a helluva reaction to a story of feminists railroading someone with trumped up assault charges:
That’s a horrible story; at that point, if you lost everything and have a felony record, you may as well OJ her and spent the rest of your life in prison. Plenty of time to repent and ask forgiveness...
miss marmelstein does not like women much, methinks:
Doesn't Carly Fiorina have any self-respect? Why would she take part in such a charade?

She’s power-mad like Hillary.
Amazing. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra in 2 words manages to be racist and then accuse the maligned race of being racist:
Taco Nazis!
jimjohn has a long post about all the ways they'll try to go after and assassinate Trump:
Here are the options for the RNC/GOPe/RINOs or whatever you call them:

1. Pass a new rule to an open ballot at the GOP convention, then threaten every delegate with campaign fund freeze out if they cast a vote for Trump on the floor. [pretty much trying this BEFORE the convention]

2. Start packing GOP caucuses with democrats (I suspect they’ll try this anyway) [didn’t have to. Dems are converting]

3. IRS audit of Trump or his family’s holdings. [only after they can’t stop him before Cleveland]

4. Swating of the Trump offices (if you don’t know what ‘swating is’, google it)

5. Someone or something represented by Gloria Alred (they always whip this card out when they are desperate. No doubt she’s on the bench waiting)

6. Deny Secret Service protection, drop itinerary details to your Central american or tango from team jihad currently climbing a southern fence. [checked your southern border recently?]

7. Give Secret Service protection, and insert “contractors-for-hire” within. Lookup “Plausible Deniability”.

8. Cause a mass causality incident; blame Trump’s rhetoric. [do I need to elaborate here?]

9. Come up with a reason he can’t get a security clearance, then run with it.

10. If none of the above works and Trump wins the nomination, either run a RINO as 3rd party, or the whole GOPe endorses the democrat nominee. [that’s been floated as well]

Oh, and BTW: To the enemies of America who are no doubt reading this and may be getting ideas, the way the political and economic climate is these days, ANY of these scenarios happening would probably ignite a 2nd civil war.

just my $02.
jimjohn - out.
At this late date, MayflowerMadam is still on the martial law train:
Obama probably will give the go-ahead to indict/prosecute Hillary at the most convenient time to create maximum chaos for the November election. He’ll use that chaos as an excuse to decree martial law and cancel the election.

He and Wookie will continue squatting in our White House, using our Air Force One for exotic vacations, and living off of us taxpayers for who knows how long.
patriot08 - the Alamo must not have been in vain!
We MUST stop the flood of criminal invaders from Mexico over our borders- who have committed thousands and thousands of crimes of murder, rape and robbery against Texans alone.

They have literally taken Texas back. The heroes of the Alamo’s sacrifices MUST not have all beem in vain.
Before Cruz dropped out, Mr. M.J.B. wondered if Cruz would hire suicide bomber:
I fear greatly for Trump’s safety.

There is little or no protection against a suicide vest bomber.

The fact eliminated Cruz is still running is extremely disturbing. Any time the opposition (Uniparty) has a man all ready to go if Trump is assassinated is a time to be very, very cautious.

There’s also the “messianic/end of days” factor - his close association with Stabby the Clown and his preacher father.

Danger, danger, danger.
Glenn Beck is melting down over Trump. Lots of Freepers have had to discuss how they were ever fans over such a loon. exDemMom's excuse is my favorite:
I think Beck was originally a good man with a vision.

However, some people are very sensitive to the pressure of public attention. It breaks them; they become parodies of their former selves. There is no shortage of broken people in show business: Rosie O’Donnell, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, etc. Adults are usually more resistant to the toxic effects of publicity, but they break, as well.

I think Beck just plain broke.
Bravo to whoever made that 'flash of light when egg meets sperm' experiment. Your next couple of grants are assured! Romulus has an interesting take:
What we’re seeing here, as soon as the sperm penetrated the egg, is an instantaneous hardening of the egg’s outer layer, to prevent penetration by another sperm cell. The first act at the first moment of life is an act of self-defense.
London has a Muslim mayor. montag813 knows where this is going:
Britain did great evil to the Jews and Israel, and God is punishing them greatly for it. The next mayor of London will be Muslim, and their nation will inevitably be an Islamic Republic.
sdpatriot is prayerwanking:
Dear Father, we humbly ask that You put Your mighty arms of protection around Mr. Trump and his family .. if it be Thy will.. we humbly ask, in Your Son’s blessed Name - Yahveh..
Proving nothing is a stretch for the Trump folks, RushIsMyTeddyBear compares Trump to Oskar Schindler:
i’ve never prayed for protection for a public figure like i have Mr. Trump... some gut instinct is leading me..... I feel he is leading the charge against the princapalities of this time. I don’t care what his beliefs are - Father uses whom He may...

He used Oskar Schindler as well. And we know he was far from perfect.
mabelkitty has a new name for Iraq:
Hillary’s Vietnam
Evincing some lovely conclusive logic, FlipWilson explains that the media is only reporting on how Trump is unpopular because Trump is secretly super popular:

Media says we should not choose Trump because everyone hate him.

If Media is liberal, wouldn’t they want us to choose Trump If he is a sure fired loser?

Something does not compute.

I smell fear.
Can't say I have, grey_whiskers!
Ever notice how many private...admit that their conversion to homosexuality was a non-consenual experience with a much older man?

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  1. Why is grey_whiskers admitting to talking to homosexuals in private? And then admitting (Not that I believe he has) to doing so on Free Republic?

    As long as it proves the gays are wrong that's all that matters I guess.

    If someone they didn't like admitted to being alone with a homosexual in private they'd fly off the handle with how they probably getting in on.