Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday special: Bad Samaritans

With some exceptions, Freeper theology tends to be remarkably outcome-oriented - it amazingly agrees with whatever they already think!

And, since Freepers are asshole bullies (especially these days), their invocations of Jesus can make for an interesting picture of a loving god who seems always filled with righteous rage and petty resentment.

But can even Freepers spin their way out of this: A pro-Donald Trump tow truck driver saw a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on a disabled customer broken down on the interstate in South Carolina. "Something came over me, I think the Lord came to me, and he just said, 'Get in the truck and leave.' And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed."

Well, the Freeper community does their usual split when horrid crap like this happens - 20% say this was a bad move, 70% say this is exactly the dickery that will win us elections, and 10% say false flag.

usconservative advises you modulate your dickery to make it financial - then you can strawman the hell out of them!
But don't refuse him service just because he's Got The Bern.

Right, you charge him TRIPLE. That's called WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION, something the Sanders supporters should be cheering!
Blue Jays comes up with an excuse no one would bother to believe:
He likely feared for his safety knowing the leftist propensity for unpredictable violence.
dp0622 doesn't even bother with excuses - being mean to liberals is awesome!
she’s voting to make the country communist. I thought we were going to start hitting hard back at that. I don’t care at all about what he did. and if it was a family member or a friend and I would die laughing.
dp0622 laments how many Freepers seem to think being nice to strangers is a virtue:
I see from the thread we still have too many “proper” people who will go home election night and watch us lose but be comforted singing their hit song “alone in my principles” and by knowing they “didn’t sink to the other side’s level”.

Gimme a break.

She wants a communist, which means she wants camps and slaughter and the abolition of religion and even more abortion, and many more horrible things.

What he did was too kind. Would have been more funny if he towed her out to nowhere.
Mollypitcher1 uses the same rationalization that allows us to torture terrorists:
We are better than they are.

Yeah, i’ve heard that before. that is why waterboarding is “torture” but our own special forces submit to it in training. That is why the RoE Rules of Engagement are so ridiculous and are getting our troops killed.
A Freeper hearkens back to the Freeper fantasy land of the 1950s. Mollypitcher1 has this cryptic response:
Fifty or seventy-five years ago, if your job was towing motorists, how likely were you to leave somebody by the side of the road because he or she voted for Roosevelt or Stevenson or Kennedy, rather than Dewey, Eisenhower or Nixon (or vice versa)? Wouldn't behavior that partisan have raised eyebrows and provoked disapproval back then?

As I remember there was even worse going on.
Mollypitcher1 elaborates, I think? But seems to have forgotten the whole tow-truck guy situation that got us here...
Roosevelt was elected because he promised to keep us out of the war. When reelected, he barred any information on the planned entry of America into the European Theater of Operations being passed to the State Department. In November of ‘42, Operation Torch, we landed in North Africa to the complete surprise of the State Department. Roosevelt claimed “The place was like a sieve.” (speaking of the state Dept.)

Another time, he went on a fishing trip on his yacht. A double for Roosevelt had a nice fishing trip while Roosevelt was in Nova Scotia talking to Churchill on the Augusta. The Augusta was Patton’s lead ship of Task Force 34 which landed at Casablanca.

Washington was as full of in fighting then as it is now.
ichabod1 fears hypothetical liberals screwing with his car, so he takes it out on random real liberals:
Well, I’ve stopped putting political messages on my vehicle for fear of backlash, so I can’t say it bothers me THAT much to hear about a wretched communist getting what they deserve. Hope to hear about a lot more of it, as far as that goes. You got to get in their faces and punch back hard.
fr_freak is sure liberals do this all the time, but alas is light on specifics:
If somebody needs help, you help them. Regardless of whom they support politically.

Great. Unfortunately, those people on the other side will not do the same, so we will have more of the same situation where regular Americans are nice to leftwing nutbags while leftwing nutbags routinely kick regular Americans in the huevos. 
I refuse to condemn this guy for doing what he did while the Left continues their regular nastiness. In a sane,decent country I would condemn this, but that is not where we live now.
fr_freak learned one lesson from World War II - revenge is awesome:
I am becoming more and more confused about what it means to be a conservative. But am learning fast that it has become all about getting even.

Yup, just like it was all about "getting even" when we attacked Japan in WWII. Or maybe we should have just tried harder to understand what we did to make them hate us. Hmmm.
PJBankard draws a line in the sand that makes it clear he didn't read the article, since the driver was in fact disabled:
We don’t have to BAN something for it not be right.

Sorry, unless she herself was physically disabled or in need of medical attention, the Tow Truck driver did nothing wrong.
rockvillem has him covered, though - all new details that make this look bad are media bias!
So this story has now morphed into a “pro Trump” tow truck driver and a “disabled” motorist. Gives an idea of just how hardcore the media is working to attempt to control the narrative. Previous article I’d seen about this situation simply said the small-business tow truck driver declined to tow a car with a Sanders sticker. Now the driver has become “disabled” and the tow truck driver has become “pro Trump”.
Brookhaven hauls out the false flag:
Then he drew a poop swastika on the car.

Smells like a hoax.

My guess is there is more to the story.
Gay State Conservative preemptively makes the driver a liar about other stuff too:
I hope he’s ready for a lawsuit because you can be *damn* sure that this pig will claim to be “gay”...or black (no proof required,of course)...”transgendered”...or whatever.
The uncomplicated ridesthemiles doesn't bother with logic - he loves him some petty payback:
Reminds me of the MANY stories here about business owners who had to severely downsize in the 2008 recession.

They walked their parking lots & laid off the people with Obama bumper stickers!!!

Payback is a bitch——and I like that kind of payback.
Noted religious subforum pedant Elsie appears to have never read the Bible:
Good grief. Even Jesus reached out to help sinners.

Or did they reach out to Him first?

Resettozero is a bit unclear on what the Golden Rule is:
The Golden Rule is apparently not a New York value. 
Yep. As you judged the tow-truck driver, you are hereby judged.
Resettozero takes the good Samaritan story and, as expected, misses the entire point:
33 But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. 34 He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. 35 The next day he took out two denarii[e] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’

36 “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.”

Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”

You feel that this Scripture vindicates this “Samaritan’s” publicly and loudly causing damage to the tow-truck driver while he did her no harm?

You know if the tow-truck driver was Jewish or a Christian?
Resettozero adds this short post, for good measure:
Resettozero further explains that everything in the Bible is open to interpretation:
Jesus speaks for himself pretty clearly and his words cut B.S. like a knife.

Andy, His Word is a two-edged Sword. TWO-edged.
Elsie again, complaining that liberals seem never to have to worry about acting like crazy assholes for some reason!
But if the desire is to win election, then, no, you do actually need to convince the general public you are not whackos. 
The Dem's never seem to have this 'need'! 
It's like one of my favorite Simpsons lines "Why do things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?!"


  1. My RED BALLET SLIPPERS still have not
    arrived! It looks like I am trapped &
    I see ya'll are still branding "Freepers"
    with a hot liberal branding iron! With a
    red "F" for FREEPER.

    Ya'll are the ones who act like NAZIS.
    JUST WAIT UNTIL MY red ballet slippers
    ARRIVE! I am outta here when they do!

    HITLER-Y would NOT spit on ya'll if ya'll
    were on fire. A true "Freeper" would help
    you, even though you vote for abortion on
    demand. IF we get stuck with President
    HITLER-Y Clinton & her Little First
    Laddie Wannabe Billery Clinton, TWINKIE
    will lay it all at YOUR doorstep.

    OK. That's it! There is no reasoning
    with ya'll. Not that I'm excited about
    the TRUMPSTER! Butt, I would not vote for
    over him on a bet!

    After this current yahoo, HUSSEIN; the
    TRUMPSTER looks better all the time.


    P.S. A POCKS on ya'll if ya'll keep on
    pushing the ORANGE PANTSUIT!

    1. Twinkie, a lot of Freepers are a lot less nice than you are:

      I dunno if we're Nazis here; I think we'd help you as well. Plus we're not the ones discussing how to genocide all the Muslims...

      But yeah, neither you nor I are going to reason about this stuff - we evolved as tribes; it's in our blood. And we've picked our tribes. I mean, I think I'm the reasonable one, but I also know that reason comes second to tribalism.

      But I do find observing your tribe to be so, so interesting!

  2. Assholes. Assholes, one and all, except for the very very few who actually condemned this horrid deed.

    This is what it has come down to. Like one Freeper said, conservatism nowadays is all about "getting even." The way I see it, the three main principles of Free Republic are:
    1. Always live in fear
    2. Get "them" before "they" get you
    3. Delight in the suffering of those who disagree with you politically.

    After all, it's what Jesus would want for 21st-century America.

    1. And yet they want the 10 Commandments plastered everywhere to make sure that people act "good."

    2. Under Sharia, you WILL behave or be
      beheaded. You WILL wear the burkha &
      cover your face & head.

      "Do unto others as YOU would have
      them do unto you." Sums up all the
      Law & the Prophets. Most of us can't
      even name all the Ten Commandments.
      We CANNOT keep the Law; that is why
      Yeshua HaMaschiach - Jesus Christ
      died on the cross for us. IF we could
      have kept the whole Law, He would not
      have had to die on the cross. That's
      it, all I really know.

      Me & Fang aren't going to be married
      in eternity. At least Christ said we
      wouldn't. That we would be like the
      angels, with new bodies, not female
      nor male I reckon.

      I'll admit that the Rapture sort of
      scares me. The idea of flying up
      through the air is scary to me; I am
      sort of dizzy with heights. I reckon,
      though, that maybe I'll just wake up
      one morning in Heaven with the Lord.
      IF I'm gonna ride one of the white
      horses back to earth with Christ &
      the angels when He descends, I'm
      gonna have to practice some on the
      horse I'll be riding back with Him.
      I used to ride some on the farm years
      ago; but they were unruly & almost
      took the top of my head off running
      back to the barn to get to their
      dinner & the water trough.

      "All things whatsoever you would that
      men should do unto you, do ye even so
      unto them."

      I don't live in fear; but, if a
      person comes crawling through our
      woods bent on killing us - I will
      first ask for the Lord Yahweh to
      deal with them. - I don't want to
      shoot nobody; but these Jihadist
      training camps in the U.S. are a
      poke in the eye.

      Politics are quickly coming to an
      end. We are at the End of the Age.
      Yeshua HaMaschiach IS returning very
      soon, this time not as a meek &
      gentle Lamb; but as King of Kings &
      Lord of Lords. We will be given a
      white stone with our new name on it;
      and I don't think mine will be
      "Twinkie" - but, I guess it might be.

      Love, TWINKIE KING

    3. TWINKIE ... I am glad that you have found a forum where you can spout things even too crazy for FR. Please come back even after you get your new slippers.

      But I really do recommend you wear your panties under your mumu.
      With your fast food diet, and your constant stress about jihad, and your "size", that poor mumu probably gets pretty unsanitary, and it can only be bleached so many times before it falls apart.

    4. Before you start lecturing other people about Sharia and the Ten Commandments, Twinkie, you need to open your eyes as to what your friends on Free Republic talk about daily doing to their political opponents, or anybody they disagree with. Some of them want to mete out the death penalty to just about everyone who bothers them. So before you start complaining about the mote in someone else's eye, please take the beam out of your own. I know you're kind of sheltered, but Y'ALL NEED TO READ WHAT your friends on Free Republic say and stop being so sanctimonious. (I thought speaking in your vernacular might get y'all's attention.)

    5. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan ...all Muslim majority (yes) all enforcing Hijabs, Burqas and so forth (err

      Y'see twinkles, that's what you get by being a homebody, too scared to travel anywhere without a gun (and preferably tanks) to hand. You probably couldn't even point to half of those countries on a map, let alone discuss typical dress codes.

      Your (typically Freeper) talking points make as much sense as defining Americans based on Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

  3. I do NOT have "a fast food diet", although
    like many on both FR & FM, I enjoy a Subway
    sandwich occasionally, a Wendy's salad, or
    a sit-down meal at an Italian restaurant.

    Yeah. I can point to countries on a map or
    a globe; IF my globe isn't too outdated.
    FANG was stationed in Turkey on the Russian
    border during the cold war, so I'm not quite
    as STUPID as you might imagine.

    Dress codes in Muslim countries have changed
    to the burkha in many cases.

    . . And your (typically Liberal Fruit-Loop)
    talking points make as much sense as defining
    "Freeprs" based on Sarah Palin, Bob Dole,
    Mr. Robinson, Archie Bunker or George
    Washington; although I find them all to have
    admirable qualities.

    I do not have time to read ALL the stuff on
    FR any more than I do FM. I've travelled
    enough for me - Nova Scotia, Holland, Germany, Canada, just about every state in
    the U.S. Whether or not I was LOCKED &
    LOADED I shall leave to the imagination of
    FM'ers. And it's Ya'll's friends on FR; or
    even Yoreunse's as my grandmother used to say.

    I don't think I'm sanctimonious just because
    I mention Yeshua HaMaschiach. I could do


    1. Oh! I am CLEAN enough by the way, as
      human beings go. (This "thing" insists
      on testing me for "robotness" at every
      turn.) I guess that's why I post on
      FR. On FM, picking out the juice & the
      mountains in those teeny little
      photos & checking that little robutt
      checkbox is a pain in the derriere.

      Love, TK

    2. Gosh! You've been to various parts of North America, Holland, Germany and Turkey! That makes you something of an authority on the Muslim World (by Freeper standards).

      A cynic might presume that you were mostly hanging out on US military bases, rather than actually visiting the country to broaden the mind, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      So: Turkey (before 1990) is the source of your expertise on and terror regarding Sharia, Jihadis, Takfiris. Personally I've been to five of the countries I listed (plus Pakistan) since 2000 and I bizarrely don't share your paranoia.

      But of course, I'm the deluded liberal. I only have facts and experience. You have the Gospel of Rim. You don't need (and can't afford) facts when you've got a paper tiger, wheelchair general coward to publically fellate on a daily basis.

    3. AnonB is right.

      The only difference between what ISIS does and what Freepers WANT to do is that at least ISIS had the balls to do it.

      That, and the whole Muslim/Christian thing. But the example isn't a far stretch.

  4. WHO in hell is RIM? Sounds like he's one of
    YOUR deities rather than mine. No. I did not
    "hang out" on military bases.

    IF you are over 40 & still a liberal, YOU are
    the one with less BRAIN than Twinkie.

    Going to other countries does not make you
    an authority on them. I'm OLD. I can't help
    that. One day, YOU will be OLD, too. Sooner
    than you now think.


    1. You're arguing a theory of political history based angels and messiahs. Whatever else, you probably shouldn't be trying to claim "brain" as a basis for your positions.

      As for the "over 40" quote, the original (19th century) version was:
      "Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart;
      to be one at thirty is proof of want of head." (Francois Guisot) it's not the sort of aphorism you should use to attempt to bolster an argument. Pithy quotes, of any variety or any political leaning, aren't evidence of a damned thing.

    2. No. Winston Churchill made that
      remark that if you're 20 and not a
      Liberal, then you have no HEART.
      If you're over 40 & still a LIBERAL
      then you have no brain. - Now, I
      suppose he may well have read that
      saying quoted and repeated it
      sort of verbatim.

      Aye; there's the rub - you guys
      really do actually LIKE ISIS!
      Having the guts to behead with all
      that BLOOD & gore appears to seem
      admirable to you.

      It's Sunday & no hope of me getting
      my BALLET SLIPPERS today! It is
      DEPRESSING! Trapped on FM with an
      AM mind!

      Oh! The HUMANITY!!!! TK

    3. RIM would be a Tartar, Terrier, Standard etc. I thought you were into missiles and rocketry?

      I said "Rim" however (proper case, not ALL CAPS). That's a reference to the notorious grifter, bigot and omniphobe who dictates Freeper ideology and siphons cash from the gullible to the Olive Garden.

    4. Not "into" missiles & rocketry, not
      since I was 18 yrs. old & working
      on the Valve Unit of the Saturn V
      rocket in Huntsville, AL. So, over
      50 yrs. ago. Saturn V was a huge

      I'm watching "Wallander" on PBS right
      now. Those PBS fru-fru shows are sort
      of pretentious & hard to follow. I'm
      just enjoying watching him drive
      around all over the countryside &
      viewing the cloudy, depressing
      scenery. Pretty, but not much sun.

      I don't know Mr. Robinson, except
      that he's in a wheelchair & I hope
      he's able to make a living with FR
      above & beyond just keeping it up &

      OK. Goodnight. TWINKIE KING THE
      BALLERINA (when red shoes arrive!)

  5. I went ahead and set up a profile.

    That way I can comment on goofballs like Twinkie and people know I'm an authority on goofballs because I worked w/ GOP!

    1. That's assuming we believe your
      profile. You *could* still be working
      with GOP rather than Bernie Sanders
      or Hitler-y Clinton. TK p.s. oh poop!
      I hate those little pictures where I
      have to pick out salads & stuff. :o(

  6. Even worse than Bad Samaritans: Freepers rationalize assaulting a Muslim woman on airplanes. Because that's Constitutional Conservatism.

    1. Actually, I'm surprised at the number of Freepers saying this wasn't cool (and I don't mean in a "it didn't go far enough" way). That doesn't excuse the apologists, and I don't like Freepers, but I'm seriously surprised by the rational response in this case.

    2. PS: Yeah, there is a lot of hateful garbage in that thread. And it sucks.

    3. Well, it fits the freeper ideal of what a big tough conservative man would do ...
      sneak up behind a woman and physically attack her for racial/religious reasons.

      Freeper men are the biggest bitches of conservatism.

    4. "Freeper men are the biggest bitches of conservatism."

      No wonder they support Trump so much.


      unixfox is a douchebag.

  7. However I'm sure they're against Iranians beating a woman who ISN'T wearing a hijab, right?

    1. I'm pretty sure if said woman was in Iran Freepers would say she would deserve it and bomb all Moslems anyways