Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Creepy I want the USA back has a unique legal theory that renders all privacy laws inoperable:
The rays of light emanating from a scene belong to no one. They hit my retinas and they will hit my camera if I aim it there. By snapping a picture or recording a video I do not take them away from anyone.
Ergo, I can create a video of anything I want and no one has the right to stop me.
Similar reasoning for those vibrations of air called “voice.”
Zionist Conspirator embraces his loss of perspective:
Ain't it strange that the non-Western Left doesn't promote multiculturalism at all?

Our Left makes North Korea look like "Father Knows Best."
Extremely Extreme Extremist does not have time for those who are not Cruz birthers:
I have heard the theories based upon a Swiss philosopher who never heard of the United States and I was not persuaded by them. But, I do not castigate or even criticize people who think that those theories are persuasive.

You are delusional.
stubb is voting for the Nazi over the Commie:
The Trump phenomena is starting to look more and more like a mob. I’m a little slow so the first time it hit me was when I listened to the Trump supporters scream and yell at Cruz the other day. They weren’t interested in any exchange of ideas. They were only there to intimidate.

With the disclaimer that I don’t see any Hitler in Trump, this is starting to feel more and more like ‘30s Germany, where the choices were between two different poisons (communism and the nazi party).

I’ve already made up my mind that if Trump wins the nomination I’d vote for him over hillary (I prefer a return to our Constitution, so I’m not a big fan of Trump), but mobs are ugly so we need to somehow be ready for whatever may come next.
Right before Indiana, Freepers were at full Obama-level paranoid Internet sleuthing hatred at Cruz. dynoman is all in on the Cruz tinfoil:
Solid links found between Rafael Cruz’s employer and plot to kill JFK by Wayne Madsen Report
Vic S is also going Internet sleuth on the Canadian Usurper:
So it looks like Raphael Cruz worked for the CIA at one time.

So did Obama’s mother and her father. She was an anthropologist and would go to countries (like Indonesia) and report back on the outer villages and where their sympathies laid (in the guise of being an aid worker.) Her father’s history goes way back. It’s all spelled out in the book “Manufacturing of a President.”
Good lord. Good thing Cruz dropped out. Balding_Eagle was going full 'Cruz's real Dad was Malcolm X!'
Ted Cruz doesn’t look at all like his father.

Don’t most Cuban men look exactly like their fathers?

Or maybe I missed something, is Ted adopted?
Wilderness Conservative threaten to becomes antisemitic:
Dear Israel, you are quickly alienating the few friends you have left in this country.
Seeing they have resources, GOPJ decides anti-Trump protesters are Communist financed:
Who's buying and paying for the rent-a-mob thugs?

Who pays for their matching shirts. Who gets the signs printed up?

And who paid over $40,000 for the MayDay Trump Balloon?

It looks like money from a Communist State... The FBI needs to get involved.
tillacum works hard to align his belief that people protesting for illegals are loyal to Mexico with the fact that Mexico kinda sucks:
I’d imagine that a lot of these are 2nd generation illegals that are romanticizing their old country via the views they got from their parents. They have never experienced the poverty and corruption that their parents did, so it was, “So much better in the OLD COUNTRY.” .......................

Yep. I’ve witnessed it, first hand. That is until the couple went to visit their relatives in the town their parents came from. NO TV, NO RUNNING WATER,(had to get the water from the river, nearby), roads full of trash, NO ELECTRICITY, and NO PLACE TO BUY A HAMBURGER OR A coke.
baltimorepoet has already voted against Hillary!
I hate Hillary so much, I switched my registration to Democrat just so I could vote against her by voting for Bernie.

I will vote for Trump in the general, but were Trump to lose due to a bunch of Republicans voting for Hillary, I won’t re-register as Republican... I will leave the party permanently and go Independent.
Arrian thinks the GOP had only one purpose:
Trump is dynamically expanding the voting population to such a degree that the republicrat party will be irrelevant come November.

In fact, the reason for the GOP ceased to exist after the Civil War, w/the passage of the 14th Amendment. So we need these schmucks because....?????????????
billyboy15 parries accusations of Trump flip-flopping with a vague platitude:
Inconsistent? Really?

His over arching goal from which all else will be realized is “Make America great again”

That has never changed.
arl295 sees everything coming up Trump:
To me, Trump winning last night was the end of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton

They just don’t know that yet

Crazy Commie Bernie wants to take it to the convention, haha

Looks like Democrats have the unity problem now

Also, on a side note, Cruz has regained my respect by not taking this to the convention. Glad he saw the light.
sailor76 may not want to check how the markets did under Obama...
Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary predicts a YUGE stock market rally with a President Trump.
hal ogen hates liberals enough some spills over to eagles:
Kill those dam* eagles. They are symbolic of America...sez leftist anti-science globull-warmers.
choctaw man has a minority he wants to get special treatment:
Native American, the minority no one ever mentions or cares about.
Captainpaintball has a confusing fantasy. I think the thesis is that come the apocalypse you'd better shoot black humanoids before they spontaneously manifest guns?
I have visions. Visions of thousands of humanoids running across a bridge near me. A bridge from the city to the suburbs, basically. I see thousands running, with no food, water, no idea how to fend for themselves, or wipe their ass properly--these are the people who can not wear pants correctly, remember...

Anyway, they are running, and there are cars and trucks at the end of the bridge to barricade/slow the flow of the chamber pot. There are armed bubbas and Ned Flanders and Clint Eastwoods from Gran Torino standing there. They STILL don't do anything, and now the humanoids have guns!


  1. Freepers on Trump printing money like the Weimar Republic to pay debt.


    I guess the monetary theory course I took in college was wrong.

    A lot of the thread seems to be on trade protectionism though.

    Some seem to think inflation is already rampant.

    1. Once again you have sniped a Monday post of mine.

      I also have a post coming up on another thread about Freepers spinning Trump's...unique take on national debt.