Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Jim Robinson explains how Free Republic doesn't mean Free Speech:
FR has never been a “free speech” forum. You can find those on liberal campuses. We are and always have been heavily biased toward God, family, country and we are looking for like-minded patriots. Liberals and disrutive naysayers get the zot.

NeverTrump=OkWithHillary, a godless America-hating treasonous communist bitch!

To hell with that nonsense.

FR was founded over 20 years ago specifically at that time to fight against the Clinton crime family. And you think I’m going to give up that fight and allow another Clinton to waltz into the WH to appease a bunch of sore losers?

The hell you say.
These days he's spiking anything that looks bad for Trump. That's not fighting for Trump; that's desperation.

SMARTY does not like Trump, and blames the usual Freeper suspects:
In our unending search for the most efficient, experienced and unobjectionable candidate... for some reason we have come up with the MOST objectionable candidate... Still he purports to be ‘conservative’ and we are once again in the position where we elect him, because the alternative is so much more objectionable.

I blame the MSM... which has ceased to report on the process because they SO want to make themselves PART of the process

AND... I also blame the NEA... whose systematic dumbing down of generation after generation of Americans has made us all prey to the unavoidable consequences of a stupid and gullible voting public which, thanks to MSM lies, has an influence out of all proportion to its actual numbers.

Thanks, guys!
GilGil doesn't care what Azealia Banks thinks, she's a celebrity who endorsed Trump!
She also supports reparations.

So what! It is all about perceptions. She is publically endorsing Trump. this is a huge departure from going democrat!
444Flyer cites scripture to prove God hates open borders:
"Borderless world?" Where have we seen that before?...

"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded."
It's a long one, but I like how detective explains the bad faith of all the conservatives who don't like Trump. Props on the alliteration!
The “self described” principled conservatives” who oppose Trump are not conservatives at all. They represent an establishment group that sees the average conservative Americans as nothing but saps to be lied to and manipulated.

They fall into five groups. I call them the five B's. There is some overlap between the groups and some of the NEVER TRUMP people fall into more than one of these groups. I challenge anyone to find any who are not included in at least one of the groups.

1. THE BRIBED - These are the people paid by groups whose interest is directly contradictory to interest of the average American. They depend on the globalists to fund their campaigns. Then they go before the voters and pretend to care about them but hide their try intentions. The American people are sick of these people. They don't trust them. The high paid consultants can create some emotional appeal for them but it gets more difficult. They promise all kinds of things and then when it counts go along with whatever leftist policies are proposed.

2. THE BEHOLDEN - There is some overlap with the BRIBED but these are primarily New York and Washington commentators who have no real audience and whose very existence and career depend on a small network of supporters. They don't care about the American people and the American people don't care about them. But their small network of supporters provides them with media access and employment often with large publications and institutions.

3. THE BLACKMAILED - Ever since the Clintons got hold of the FBI files many Washington politicians have been afraid to challenge them or tell the truth. It is said that the Obama administration has also blackmailed many Republicans into unexpected compliance. While these politicians and pundits are afraid to attack liberal Democrats on important issues they see no problems with attacking Republicans.

4 THE BUSHES - Many of the instigators of the stop Trump movement appear to be associated with the Bush family interests. When Bush was still running the idea was to attack Trump but not his supporters. Once Bush left the race it was time to destroy Trump. Candidates were told to go after Trump and personally ridicule him. Candidates were told to gang up against Trump. Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney attacked Trump continually in public speeches. The Bushes represent open borders, globalism and alliances with liberals. The big dollar PAC’s attacking Trump with negative ads were primarily supported by Bush and Romney donors.

5. THE BLIND - There are some people unfamiliar with the political scene who think the open borders, pro Muslim globalists actually represent their interests. They are confused when they hear people say they are “principled conservatives” and that Trump is a liberal or reality show host or that Trump will ruin America. The Trump is a racist and Trump is a hater theme has been repeated continually. Some people have believed it.

I think all of these groups would prefer a Clinton victory to a Trump victory.
SamAdams76 gloats at Paul Ryan fearing Trump's bullies:
Manafort: "Get that Ryan on the phone, I need to have a word or two with that boy."

Ryan: "(Gulp)...Y-Y-You say Manafort is on the phone and he wants to speak with me? Holy crap...well stall him dammit! T-T-Tell him I'm in the bathroom and I can't come to the phone right now...and get M-M-Mitt on the phone and ask him how I s-s-should handle this!!"
I seriously can't get over how happy playground bullying makes them.

edie1960 is just really excited:
GOD, it’s awesome to have two dynamic new sheriffs in town taking charge!! God Bless and protect our next president Donald Trump and the incomparable Paul Manafort!!
newfreep cannot let go of hating Cruz in that crazy Freep way.
Lyin’ Ted still has not produced documentation of being a US citizen - i.e. CRBC.

Perhaps because his mother was a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth and was legally not able to obtain a CRBC for Lyin’ Ted from US government?

Seems a pretty easy thing to do...if he was a US citizen.

Lyin’ Ted...a man without a country.

SCOTUS? Not just no....but HELL NO!!!
Candor7 thinks Cruz is Breitbarting bloggers now!
The Indiana blogger, Gary Walsh, was found dead by apparent gunshot to the head in a stairwell outside his office in Indianapolis. Next to his body was a gun.

Gary Walsh exposed a great many corrupt politicians in Indiana, who were shredding official documents. Too, he exposed the photo of Raphael Cruz, Sr., handing out leaflets while accompanying Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, from 1963.

Another successful hit by the political class?

he must have been on to the TRUTH.

Who will pick up where he left off.

The CIA and the Cuban mob have yet again jumped the shark.
And the senile Bush Senior makes the cut across the neck sign when it comes to Trump ?

Looks like a nerve os being touched, and the elitist hegemony ruling US politics has now declared war on America.

Lets take it to them at the ballot box and send them to the dust bin of history.

patriot08 is also not letting go of Cruz - he was just putting on his tin foil!
Someone brought up a very good point; Why did Cruz drop out suddenly (after vowing to stay in to the end) AND SHUT UP after the possibility that his father was caught passing out leaflets with Oswald?

Very suspicious for the narcissist to just disappear and clam up.
GBA, also cannot stop with the Obama-style speculation about Cruz's past. I expect Bill Ayers to turn up any day now:
Whatever Family Cruz might actually be, they are not as they wish to appear.

While that's the norm for politics these days, and is almost expected with political candidates running for any office, theirs is an illusion of another kind.

When Family Cruz and their entourage took their shtick on an evangelical tour, with flattering lips and deception in their hearts, their appearance eventually became clear enough to make voters say, "Trump!".

"Tower, this is Ghost Liar requesting POTUS."
"Negative, Ghost Liar, your closet is full."
And now, in a "never saw that coming" kind of way, thanks to young Felito and his ego and ambitions, Rafael "Papa" Cruz appears to be a loose thread of another kind.

A loose thread that, when given a good, steady tug, will perhaps begin to unravel this unholy tapestry our truth's long been tightly wrapped in.
Diogenesis delivers, though he's too crazy to go for the tin-foil conspiracy theory I'm looking for.
Ayers, Soros, Romney, Bush, Goldman Sachs, and
the supports of ObamaTRADE LOVE Ted-the-dirtyTRICKSTER.
SERKIT is also a conspiracy fan, but his target is another group of non-Trump Republicans...
Are there linkages to the theory that the Bush family has/had interest in the Kennedy assassination theories? Does that sub-conspiracy-theory add to the speculation as to why the Bush family is rapidly #neverTrump? Would the release of date harm the Bush dynasty?
Racism means you always bat for the plutocrats. GOPJ wants to privatize police:
I’m tired of citizens being taxed for police protection equally WHILE 90% of Police Department cost are spent babysitting the ‘black community’.

We don’t ‘average out’ our water bills or property taxes, why the hell should we average out what we pay for police protection.
scrabblehack, of course, calls false flag on this story:
Economist questioned after differential equations mistaken for Arabic.

The time to develop the equations is before the conference.
On the way to the conference, at least I rehearse the talk.
I have my talk on powerpoint slides printed out on 8.5 x 11 paper, along with the title page.

If your talk is nothing but hairy equations, especially ones hastily thrown together at the last minute, conference organizers will tell you that your talk is boring.

Yes, I think the guy was trying to start an incident. At the very least he was unprepared.
They go the the false flag immediately these days.

dowcaet feels Trump is gonna Reagan the election:
It’s the 1980 election all over again. I was in Connecticut at the time and labor leaders were warning Democratic bigwigs that a good many of their rank and file members were going to support Ronald Reagan instead of Jimmy Carter. The same thing is happening today. Labor leaders are warning the DNC behind the scenes that Trump is popular with their rank and file, and there is no enthusiasm for Shrillary.
BenLurkin loves him some assassination:
I was following politics by 1968. And was glad when Bobby got whacked.
Vaquero tells of how Carter turned him into a Freeper:
I stayed home in 1980. I bought the MSM’s BS, at the time about Ronaldus Magnus. I couldn’t vote for Jimmy 444 days/long gas lines Carter. But the MSM did a good job of convincing me that Reagan was dangerous.

In 1984 I was first in line at the polls to vote for Reagan. And I stopped believing the news media after 1980, too.

I believe we will get the same kind of pleasant surprise with a Trump presidency.
kiryandil is pretty optimistic about Trump's mind games:
Anyone who's ever played golf for money will recognize Trump's tactics.

You work on your opponent until his/her mind begins to work for you.

Then, your opponent yanks one into the woods at a critical moment...

Trump is going to club hillary like a baby Harp seal.
HiTech RedNeck explains that the key to be both pro-Trump and a Christian is losing all perspective:
A gentleman at my church yesterday told us that we should be careful whom we criticize in public and how. He had been at a prayer breakfast opining how this election was about the lesser of 2 evils and some gal overheard and came over and started boosting Hillary to him.

If we call Hillary evil, Trump is a little naughtiness.
Speaking of lack of perspective...Gay State Conservative
I would vote for Charles Manson over Hillary.

That's a strange way to put it.Hillary *is* Charles Manson.

And Stalin...and Mao...and Pol Pot...and Saul Alinsky...and Bill Ayers....
And another one lacking perspective, twister881 decides Democrats want to turn us into worse than North Korea:
Kim Jong Un > Obama > Pelosi > de Blasio > Sanders > Hillary...all hard core Communists, no accident. The DPRK is paradise to these spawn of Satan.
aMorePerfectUnion keeps his economics super simple:
What causes this systemic inflation?

Lack of confidence in government.
Then Free Republic is inflationary!


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