Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump vs. Obama

Other than the wall, the main thing that drew Freepers in to Trump's cult of personality is that he will be as mean and spiteful as they are. The right wing long ago convinced themselves that the sort of personally hurtful tactics they enjoy are political genius and it is yet more proof of a conspiracy that the GOP doesn't jump on this clear awesomeness.

Thus do Trump's childish insults and constant peevishness become assets.

But there is also a whiff of fear in Freepers' stridency, in how determined and hyperbolic they are crowing about Trump's political acumen. I saw this in late 2012, and it presaged the fall of Their Sarah. It may not be conscious, but Freepers are definitely worried.

That won't stop them from fantasizing bout how Trump would dominate Obama politically, physically, and...every other way.

Biggirl is always excited for some bikers to beat up liberals:
Those rent-a-mob and and felons are going to be in for a BIG SUPRISE when those bikers for Trump are challenged. Do not mess with them.
SkyPilot explains how Trump's pure truth would destroy Obama:
For all Barry Hussein Soetoro's bluster, deep down he is a sniveling coward.

He knows he is illegitimate. He is a liar. He is lawless. He is a poser.

Trump's leverging of the truth infuriates Barry. Obama knows he would wilt like a picked flower in the heat during a face-to-face showdown with Trump.
CIB-173RDABN still thinks that all of Obama's success is because he was too black for anyone to stand in his way.
Obama has never been in a real political fight.

Being “BLACK” has provided him a shield and accusing his opponents of being racist his sword.

They have already played the race card against Trump and now he is immune.

I hope Obama jumps with both feet into this contest as I see the best thing Trump can do is to run not against Hillary, but Obama in general and the Democrat party in specific.

This way if/when Hillary drops out it does not matter who they replace her with he can just assure the people they will be following Obama’s policies.
Amazing we don't just have black Presidents from hear on out, then!

HamiltonJay explains that Obama's last two opponents were nice old white guys. Unlike nasty old orange guy Trump!
HAHAHAHAHA... Barry pretty much got a pass, because he had to go against 2 old white guys who wouldn’t go into the gutter with him... Trump has no issues going there to bitchslap Barry.
mrs. a - Obama gay lol!
What’s Obama going to do? Hit Trump with his purse? Give him SUCH a pinch?
akalinin is just here for the name calling:
Trump will beat him like the jug-eared homosexual, muslim, communist, racist baby seal that he is.
Eric in the Ozarks thinks this is a great time to bring up Bush, and classiness:
No class.
W had class.
IronJack conveniently forgets the other two 2012 debates.
Remember the first debate in the 2012 election? Mitt "Milquetoast" Romney, of all people, beat him down like a rented mule. And he thinks he can stand up to Donald Trump????

I don't care how dense the Praetorian Guard is around him, they couldn't protect him from that.
silverleaf is convinced Trump has no skeletons left in his closet:
Ok so what are they going to pull out against trump?

That he committed adultery and had 3 wives? Been there who doesn’t know that

That his wife posed nude and maybe worse 25 years ago? Thanks to cruz been there who doesnt know that

That he is very very rich and pays tax at the lowest legal rate? Been there Donald talks about that and says he’s been audited 12 years running

Donald rich enough smart enough and connected enough to do his own oppo research - and brash enough to use the results against anyone who attacks first

Just wait until he goes after the clinton foundation and bills sex life - and hillarys ineptitude on Benghazi and every responsibility she’s been handed

Hey I hope he reads out loud from her senior thesis praising Saul Alinsky and quotes from her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs
IronJack brings in the inevitable bully in the playground metaphor. And it is inevitably from the bully's point of view:
Reminds me of the scrawny kid talking to his buddies after the playground bully just humiliated him. "Man, if he does that again I'm gonna wipe the floor with him."

Uh huh. Sure.

Donald Trump would turn Barack Obama inside out, then hang him in the sun to dry.
dp0622 is still on the Obama martial law train:
he’s a COMMUNIST!! they dont give up power peacefully ever.

he’s a danger.
It's hard to take spokeshave's comment other than that he really wants Trump's junk:
Trump should release a few pics of him in the Gym....

My best guess is that he exercises 30 mins a week with the "Super Slow Routine"

and can leg press 400lbs.


  1. When your support of a presidential candidate boils down to "I like him because he's a bully and I like bullies because I'm a bully too", you've got problems.

  2. Interesting silverleaf. What about the first two parts of the free republic motto pro God, pro family?

    I didn't know adultery and nude magazines were part of that./s

    But what's really funny is in the same post talking about going after Bill Clinton's sordid past. Seriously? (Side note: just think, if Trump picks Gingrich the party of "family values" will have a ticket of men six ex-wives between them.)

    And what's wrong with Goldman Sachs? Aren't they the captains of free enterprise?

    1. Sachs is where Ted Cruz got all his money from. Thus they become the enemy.

  3. remember when having a narcissist in office was an impending disaster?

  4. I was totally unaware that Obama is running against Trump for a third term!

  5. "and can leg press 400lbs." That is an interesting qualification for President.

    1. It's in the Constitution.

    2. Trump can't leg press himself out of the spray tan booth

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