Thursday, May 12, 2016

Insufficient enthusiasim

Chaos continues to reign among Freepers. Cruz may be gone, and his advocates zotted, but the scars and paranoia remain. And things are not better one tier up the crazy ladder to the right wing bloggers. The obscure ones make their money via clicks, and so tend Trump. But the fancy salaried bloggers for National Review and the like are in a more complicated position - they ave the luxury of resenting Trump for demagoguing away the folks they were demagoguing.

Or do they have that luxury? Because like any good cult of personality, Freepers is demanding that Trump not just get your vote, but your love.
Townhall tries to come around to Trump while maintaining a fig leaf of self respect, "I Am Going To Vote For Trump Though It Makes Me Want To Projectile Vomit." No doubt the strange new respect comes later. But Freepers do not allow dignity for those who bend knee too late, and attack just as if he were voting for Hillary.

In his eagerness to test his neologisn, SERKIT implies that Townhall are all disaffected Obama supporters:
Vomiting, diarrhea, the shakes, and chills are all part of Hopium withdrawal. Trump might be the crass plumber needed to clean out the sewer.
grania looks forward to the journey to full asshole:
This author is just starting down the path to sanity in an insane world. Trump will grow on him. Soon, he’ll be appreciating Trump’s playful humor and thinking about nasty adjectives to describe Paul Ryan. <^..^>
Fresh Wind is probably a twitter bully elsewhere:
SkyPilot doesn't want to hear it!
Kurt Schlichter, attention whore.
Not to be confused with SkyDancer doesn't even want his vote:
So then don’t, you know, for health reasons. Vote for Hillary, maybe you can get on Hillarycare or something.
Albion Wilde also dismisses this silly townhall blog thing:
Kurt is feeling a bit emotional.

Who cares?
Straight from the 1920s, Lent - "Kurt, you mutt"
Kurt you mutt. When you can negotiate through the cut-throat New York real estate market and come out a billionaire then you can call him a clown.Otherwise shut up and take your medicine you mutt.
He said mutt twice. Must really like mutts.

Objective Scrutator - anyone who reads townhall sucks!
This loser writes as though he has a halfway respectable audience, both in quantity and in quality. He has neither.
tbpiper supports the process, so long as it doesn't result in Hillary:
I didn’t support Trump. However, I will vote for him without all of the infantile dyspepsia that seems to have infected GOP ‘leadership’. Trump is the result of the process and I support the process. (disclaimer: this absolutely does not apply to hillery.)
winner3000 tries to inject some pragmatism, but there is no pragmatism to be had:
Trump supporters, you keep shooting yourselves in the foot. Here’s someone who doesn’t like Trump, who wrote an article detailing why he will vote for him anyway. This type of article, especially coming from someone who doesn’t like Trump, is Yuuge in getting others to support Trump.

Yet, what do you do? You blast the guy for writing about it. You make fun of him, belittle him, and just continue to act your obnoxious selves. It feels great doesn’t it? Well, if your goal were worthy enough (win the election for Trump), you would skip what feels good and concentrate on what’s effective.

So stop acting like children and don’t make it even more difficult for people to get in their car, drive to a polling place, wait in line, and vote for someone they dislike. Because if you don’t, more of these people will stay home and you’ll get Hillary.

Do you want to then feel good at that time and bitch and moan about it knowing you’ll find the culprit when you look in the mirror?

Byron_the_Aussie counts personal pronouns, and declares the author a capital-c-Cuck:
I intend to vote for .. makes me throw up .. Yeah, I know Trump .. see my Trump-slamming .. you can Google my CNN appearances .. I was the go-to conservative .. I haven't changed my mind .. anything I said .. It's just that I believe ..

Nine personal pronouns, in his first seven sentences.

Kanye-levels of self obsession is the true mark, of the Cuck.
higgmeister has never heard of Stephen King, and so considers him in bad taste.
I had to Google Pennywise. How does a Conservative Army Colonel even know about a meme like that? I feel sick from reading his putrid article. Projectile Vomit in your face.
Robert DeLong embraces the vomit.
I Am Going To Vote For Trump Though It Makes Me Want To Projectile Vomit

I hope you do Kurt Schlichter, right after you vote and get into your car to head home from the place you cast your vote at. Make sure you eat a really big breakfast before you go. Also please keep it in your car. Do not open your door or roll down your window.
On a site where demands for barf alerts are common, Tax-chick hilariously tries to take the high road:
Oh, get over yourself, Kurt. Everyone should grow out of talking about vomit by the time they’re 12 or so (unless they’re medical personnel with a professional requirement).
Not for the first time this election, COBOL2Java crows that at last the shoe is on the other foot!
I intend to vote for Donald Trump, and just typing those words makes me throw up a little. Make that a lot, and for distance.

Hey, Many of us voted for Romney and felt the same nausea in our gut that you're feeling right now!

So what can I say, pal! Now it's YOUR turn! Feel the burn, baby! Feel the burn! We put up with it in 2012 - can you now?


  1. Barf alerts? That could be seen as...

    ...trigger warnings?

    1. TRIGGER warnings? TRIGGER was Roy
      Rogers' faithful steed! Whoever
      smears TRIGGER smears TWINKIE!!

      TWINKIE is looking for her
      BALLET SLIPPERS to arrive in the
      mail any day now.

      These new RED BALLET SLIPPERS do not
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      These old outdated black ones I've
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      from the band stay on TWINKIE'S feet

      That is NOT glamourous, not the image
      which BALLERINA TWINKIE wishes to

      DUB got half my slice of bacon this
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      of toasted EUREKA organic bread.

      IF you do try EUREKA bread, be aware
      that half a slice has as many calories
      as does a whole piece of Wonder white
      bread. So you can slice a piece of
      EUREKA! bread in two & make a sandwich
      out of it. I REALLY like EUREKA! bread, although it does have a picture
      of a dirty hippie that favors Bernie
      Sanders on it. FANG also likes EUREKA!
      bread a lot.

      Well, wish me luck on my BALLET
      SLIPPERS, muu-muu, church shoes &
      Woo-Woo stone pendants arriving today!
      If they do, ya'll will be that much
      closer to being rid of TWINKIE KING

      TWINKIE will be off to bigger &
      better things. Your loss will be

      Love, TWINKIE KING
      P.S. This thing makes me prove I'm
      not a robutt every time. Sometimes
      adds pictures (teeny pictures) asking
      me to find grass in them. - Sick!!

    2. Correction in the interest of not
      lying; although it was an honest

      DUB actually got about a third of
      TWINKIE'S slice of bacon this
      morning. The HEIFER!!


    3. Barf alerts and trigger warnings... I cannot for the life of me see any difference between the two. Well done, pacman jon. That's the funniest thing I have seen all day.

    4. Sad news. TWINKIE'S new RED BALLET
      SLIPPERS did not arrive today. So,
      it's back to old BLACK BALLET
      SLIPPERS with the tight elastic
      straps that are worse & worse every
      day on poor old TWINKIE'S feet!

      I'm eating a Klondike bar right now;
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      My magical Woo-Woo stone pendants
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      seen on tv) got here. I can't wait
      to mix it up and pour it in the
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      Me & FAG went over to Arby's at the
      interstate & got lunch at the drive
      thru. DUBBERS did get most of my
      curly fries & the bottom half of the
      bun. (I ate the sesame seed top.) I
      am also sipping on my half-cut ice

      On the way back home, FANG saw a
      camper parked just past the river
      bridge that matched the description
      of the camper that had the red alert
      for the kidnapped girl & her uncle.
      I told FANG that the guy wouldn't
      have been likely to have kept the hot
      license tag - probably changed that
      out. The camper had been pretty much
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      Eh Lordy! The girl HAD been in that
      same uncle's custody; but was now
      supposedly in her father's custody.
      WHAT A MESS! Selfish people who just
      want to divorce & remarry multiple
      times & screw around with any hole
      out there. People; even those with
      all sorts of deadly sexually trans-
      mitted diseases may LOOK okay; even
      "sexy" & "hot".

      I'm READY for Yeshua HaMaschiach to
      return any time! I hope I just simply
      wake up somewhere else & soon.

      No reflection on FANG; He'll most
      likely be looking for another cook,
      maid & bottle washer to replace old
      TWINKIE when she kicks the bucket.

      I've got news for him. Good luck
      finding your paragon. Most of the
      "young" women out there are after
      your dwindling bank account & when
      they get that; they're off to the
      next unlucky schmuck.

      TWINKIE is 69; NOT 80. That isn't
      probably all that much difference;
      but ya'll would not want TWINKING
      calling ya'll 40 when ya'll are
      really 29!

      OK. I'm off to try the new
      organic cleaner & see if it works
      any better than the stifling oven
      cleaner I've always had to use in
      the past.

      Be good. Be wise. Trust in the Lord
      with all thine heart. Be not wise in
      thine own eyes. Fear the Lord.

      Go to DU & critique them; but don't
      pick up their filthy language.


  2. It is so strange watching FR get behind a non-conservative. What has it all been for? What have they been doing all these years?

    It doesn't matter now, I guess. Maybe it never did.

    1. They've never been conservative.
      Try starting a thread about getting rid of Social Security, Medicare, or any other government benefits they love.
      You'll see the Old Ones come teetering out of the woodwork, denouncing you.
      Freepers **love** their "gibsmedats", as they are so fond of accusing others.

  3. time to man the bilge pump! (the first of many, i expect ...)

    "Trump: Muslim Ban 'Just A Suggestion'"

    Jim Robinson: "Lack of principles? Placing a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration until we figure out what’s going on would indeed be a highly principled commonsense act, but I don’t think this was ever part of Trump’s original plan. And it was no part of anyone’s plan. If I remember correctly, Trump just kind of threw it out there during a campaign rally a day or two after the San Bernardino Muslim terrorist attack. It caught in like wildfire amongst his supporters, but the entire ruling class (other than possibly Jeff Sessions) and all fellow candidates and “conservative” pundits immediately pooh-pooed the idea as being unconstitutional.

    We’ll see. I hope he gets it done, but it would be a Herculean task.

    This is not the hill to die on."

    1. "trump just kind of threw it out there during a campaign rally ..."


      "(New York, NY) December 7th, 2015, -- Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. According to Pew Research, among others, there is great hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population.

      ... Mr. Trump stated, "Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. ..."

    2. So Freepers are not going to stand their ground? Jimmeny Christmas, this is such a disappointment. Whatever happened to all that "true conservative" bullshit?

    3. "true conservatives" do what their daddy tells 'em ... until a bigger daddy tells 'em different.

  4. Romney guy here...

    I've never heard of anyone winning a presidential campaign when the reason why people are voting for them is because they're NOT someone else!

    You can't win running as an alternative to someone else. That doesn't inspire turnout.

    Don't believe me? Ask President Dole or Kerry.

    1. Sadly as left-winging pacifist, Hillery is not Trump, but that indeed is not enough to vote for her.

      What happens when both choices are "anything but the other guy"?

  5. The hilarious after effect to the primary season will be when Drumpf loses Yuuuge in November, in States that he "dominated" during the primaries, they won't understand that winning the Rethuglican primary is not the same thing as trying to win when there are Dems and Reps voting in the same election. "But, he won New York by 30 points in the could he lose by 20 points in the election?!??? Vote fraud!!!!"