Thursday, May 12, 2016

White Knighting Assad

There is an argument that strongmen like Assad provide stability in the Middle East that is good for America, and that therefore we should leave them in power.

We tried this strategy in Latin America. It did not turn out so great.

But such nuance is not for Freepers. They know only good guys and bad guys. And all bad guys work together.
Obama, who is bad, doesn't like Assad. Freepers therefore like Assad.

And thus when there seems to be evidence that Assad was working with ISIS to maintain his hold on power, Freepers would rather believe the evidence is false than tarnish the shining figure of Assad.

GraceG keeps things simple, and helpfully lists all the bad guys:

Because it is in it’s freeking NAME!

I see this “leak” as disinformation by those who want to remove Assad. (primarily Obozo, the Iranians, Saudi Arabia, and Erdogan )
Democrats hate too much presents all the evidence he needs:
I dont believe it. Obama does not like assad. Dont believe it.
PAR35 assumes ISIS is a rational actor:
So, if ISIS and Assad are in cohoots, and Russia is an ally of Assad, why did ISIS plant a bomb on the Russian passenger plane that was flying out of Egypt? This is getting all too complicated for me.

That’s why I’m suggesting the documents are forgeries.
WENDLE is as amazing as always:
I assure you that this is total BS. Beyon. mere propaganda . Does anyone have a brain?
Mr. M.J.B. has a new level of tin foil conspiracy, where only Russia is good, and the US military are evil and inept:
The CIA RUNS ISIS and their multi-year effort to kill Assad and overthrow Syria as part of their Operation Arab Spring is thankfully miserably failing. The very recent introduction of additional Special Farces, including Delta, is also thankfully a major failure and embarrassment.

This ridiculous “leak” is evidence of how badly the CIA’s covert war in Syria is going. See also Kerry and the KSA in Geneva today.

Putin may have to resurface and deliver another spanking.


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  2. Assad is today's Saddam Hussein. Eventually, when ISIL is marginalised, some GOP adminstration or Congress will decide it's time to regime change Syria due to Assad committing atrocities. They love him now because President Obama recognises that Assad is evil, and they can't be seen to be in agreement with President Obama

    1. Freepers love him because he's tight with Putin.

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