Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

5th MEB's granddad caught black lung and LOVED IT! Why does Obama hate black lung?!
My grandfather was a West (by GOD) Virginia coal miner; forcibly retired at 70 because of black lung, just pissed him off that the company made him retire.

The OBASTARDS, CROOKED CLINTOONS, and all the rest of the ENVIRONAZIS can kiss my REDNECK ASS.
Ohioan explains that Trump is the most conserative, so long as you ignore the issues:
And people need to understand that Donald Trump is probably the most conservative Republican who has campaigned for the nomination over the past year. He may not be there yet on all issues. That depends upon what he has focused on--as does everyone's positions of every sort. It all starts with perspective & then specific focus, for all of us as we develop any ideology--or sort out our rudimentary ideologies.

What is the primary--the most important Conservative issues for an American? Surely it comes down to how best to preserve the liberty, values and interests of a specific people, the American people. Who has clearly made putting America first, first?! Donald Trump!
Grampa Dave wonders about a fellow Freeper's purity:
From your bio: A long time Long Islander who lives and works here in the IT industry!

How many foreign born ITs have you hired or do you recruit them for other companies?

Most Trump haters like you probably depend on illegals or foreign workers.
CivilWarBrewing seriously thinks Obama and ISIS are working hand-in-hand:
ISIS did this by WH request to make us THINK he’s their enemy. We know better. Nice try, Obongo/ISIS.
thoughtomator knows who has a personality cult!
Maybe, just maybe there’s a “mole” inside her camp and is going to take her down. God is great, God is good!

Unlikely given that she runs a loyalty cult.
JayAr36 cleverly edits a Hillary add to show that blacks are the real racists:
In a new, minute-long ad, Clinton begins by telling voters of what she calls “systemic racism” BY BLACKS in the United States.

“We have to face up to the hard truths of justice and systemic racism BY BLACKS,” she says, recalling the wrongs SUPPOSEDLY suffered by AFRICAN Americans THAT PERVERT the justice system and BLAME police officers.

Corrected the errors in that statement.
castlegreyskull is just asking questions - was Congresswoman Gabby Giffords really shot?
Do you know her? Were you there? I am not asking these questions to mock you. I think we been lied to a lot in recent years. This Giffords story has some large holes that just as glaring as many of the other so called tragedies in recent years.

Maybe she did get shot, but I fail to believe it. It is funny that every 6 months or so, we have mass shootings ever since Obama has been president. They were a lot more uncommon before then.
MichaelCorleone follows up by sorta asking someone to shoot Gabby Giffords:
Gabby Giffords: Universal Background Checks Not Enough, Legalize Confiscation

Will someone shut this ninny up?
Liz an always get the most amazing stuff. Here she explains Chelsea Clinton's husband fell for a Nigerian scam about a chemical that made $100 bills?
The Mezvinskys were close to Bill and Hillary Clinton and were frequent guests at the White House. Prosecutors say Mezvinsky exploited his ties to the Clintons, including his son's relationship with Chelsea, to woo investors to contribute more money to the Nigerian schemes.

In an interview with Des Moines Register from prison in 2003, Mezvinsky said he found the notoriously fraudulent Nigerian Black Ink scam "convincing."

"The Nigerian man came out with a chemical, threw it on the money, and it all turned to $100 bills. He gave me 10 to have them tested back home. And they were real," Mezvinsky told a reporter.
Even the Tea Party lunatics in Congress are insufficiently pure for grania:
There wouldn’t be a “Speaker Ryan” if the so-called Freedom Caucus didn’t cave. They also didn’t fight the budget. You think maybe they’ve been getting some phone calls from back home?
Original Lurker...She-male Ryan?
Hey, hey! Ho, ho!
She-male Ryan has got to go!

Hey, hey! Ho, ho!
She-male Ryan has got to go!

(I couldn’t hep ma’sef)
gigster knows negroes always count as armed:
Trayvon Martin WAS armed. he was using both of them to slam Zimmerman’s head to the concrete.
mouse1 knows the best way to help Trump is not more criticism of Trump:
ExGeeEye, I know Trump wasn’t your pick. I know you said you would vote for him. But must every post have some dig about him ....drifting to the left....holding hands with Hillary. That crap isn’t helping. Maybe if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.
Rome2000 yearns for a manly army:
The Russian army is a military organization, with no queers allowed.

The American army under the MOOSELIMB HUSSEIN BARAKA appears to be chock full of faggots, morons, women everywhere they are not supposed to be, and diversity cases.

The fact is that no normal self respecting American has joined the American military in at least 6 years.

The Trump purge is going to be a beautiful thing.
factoryrat tells soldiers to stay in the army until the coming Civil War:
All that I ask is that those brave souls currently in the military just hold out until the end of this year. If Trump is elected, we have someone who will side with you. If that socialist bitch somehow steals the election, I won’t blame anyone in the military the least for jumping ship.

Your services maybe required in the next CW if that comes to pass.
Does TribalPrincess2U knows her clever acronym comes from Communism?
Why do these ETTP (Enemy To The People) look like aliens?
detective knows if it makes Democrats look bad, proving causality is not needed:
Murder Rates Jump in Many Major U.S. Cities, New Data Shows

All of these cities are run by Democrats.

Americans are literally dying because of the policies of the democrat Party.
arthurus thinks all diseases are hoaxes that can be cured with Vitamin D. But I'll bet he thinks the Ebola hoax was that it hasn't killed us all:
Swine Flu
Bird Flu

I wonder what they will come up with next.

All of the first three of those can be prevented with daily sunshine in the summer and Vitamin D-3 supplement in the winter. I suspect zika is the same.
Logical me knows only Trump can save is from Obama's omnipresent terrorists:
King Obama has planted the terrorists all over America. And it is continuing. Trump wants to stop the migration until proper vetting and the legal way will be enforced.
StCloudMoose tells about how a loitering crime wave cause him to ask around, and no blacks are in prison!
Ya know, this reminds me of the time of lived in Phoenix Arizona. I moved there in 2009 and out of there in 2012.

When I moved there, if you drove by a public park during the day, you would see 100’s of Hispanic’s hanging out. You would see a black person about 4 or 5 times a month.

In April 2010 Arizona pass their immigration law and the parks emptied out. Then the streets started filling up with blacks. No kidding, a whole new crime wave. They were robbing white people every where. Mostly grabbing cell phones or lap tops and running off.

As the immigration debate grew, I was able to see the stats prison population stats; it was 54% Hispanic’s, 44% white, and the rest were other race. In digging into it, less than 1% of the prison population was black. The arrest of black people was never ending.

In asking around, they claimed that in southern California they have a big problem with racial tension between blacks and Hispanic’s. Hispanics were recruiting the crazy from the MS13 gangs. The blacks were fleeing California.

In addition, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club lost control of central and southern California to Hispanic biker gangs who hired MS13 gang members. They did not require them to own a motorcycle, just be violent. Some of this was on that TV show, Gangland.
Just mythoughts declares showing your tax forms to be a liberal plot!
Trump needs to release his tax returns in order the make meaningful his demand that Clinton release the records of the Clinton Foundation.

BS Only liberals would demand a private citizen release their tax returns.
pfony1 thinks Trump isn't releasing his taxes is super smart because of all the embarrassing crap in them he needs to hide:
I’d bet that the IRS has already “leaked” those tax returns to Hillary’s goons and I’d bet that those goons have already written their “smear-attacks” to damage Trump.

The only problem is THEY CAN’T USE THOSE HIT-PIECES until Trump “officially” releases his tax returns.

Harry Reid used every trick he had to push Romney into releasing his tax returns so Romney’s legal OFF-SHORE bank accounts could be twisted into a weapon Obama could use against Romney.

Trump doesn’t need to play the Democrats’ game.

meatloaf has a plan for how Trump can avoid releasing his tax returns:
All Trump has to do is ask Obama to release his college transcripts and he’ll respond afterwards. Start that drumbeat and Obama will slink away with his tail between his legs.  
Safrguns has the same plan! Plus some complaining about how Democrats never release anything:
Trump’s response should be Obama’s records first.

They always demand EVERYTHING which is considered private from republicans, but NOTHING from democrats that should be public.


  1. Y'know... I know they shouldn't let them get to me, but those Gabby Giffords comments sure did. I'm a Tucsonan, and spent the night of Obama's first election in the same room with her. She seemed a genuinely nice person, and certainly didn’t deserve the near assassination. What kind of crazy land do these people live in that someone would go through all that trouble to fake being shot in the head?

    Oh. Right. Freeperville.

    1. Present day Freep has become the bastard child of Stormfront and InfoWars ... open racism mixed with open support for every crazy conspiracy theory out there.

      Only the truly sick are left posting on FR.

    2. Freepers are to humanity what sewage is to food. Yes, sewage stinks and can turn the stomach, but it is an unavoidable by-product of existence.

      FR is just an intellectual toilet, carrying away the waste products after all sanity, logic, reason and morality has been extracted.

      You shouldn't let it get to you for the same reason you shouldn't fear bathrooms, but always remember to wash your hands and regularly bleach under the Rim.


    TWINKIE can hardly contain herself! Her
    RED BALLET SLIPPERS & her new blue HOUSE

    While TWINKIE slept, the magical delivery
    people delivered those two packages directly
    to TWINKIE!

    I'm wearing the RED BALLET SLIPPERS at this
    very moment!!

    My Shungite WOO-WOO Stones did not; however,
    make it. Butt - TWINKIE CANNOT COMPLAIN; she
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    around on her sore toes to celebrate.

    ALASS, though, TWINKIE promised she would
    depart from FM when her RED BALLET SLIPPERS

    TWINKIE cannot tell a lie. - TWINKIE is;
    however, bummed out at the liberal do-gooders
    who calf-napped the baby bison & the park
    rangers were not able to reunite it with its
    herd. So, they had to put it down as it was
    causing traffic problems running around alone
    on the road. - I'm sure they meant well; so
    I won't comment on them being Democrats.

    OK. Well, BYE!!!!!

    1. See ya, Twink, it's been weird!

      Unlike a lot of Freepers, you don't seem to hate us for not being conservative.

      And you have embraced your eccentricity well; it seems to keep you happier than many.

    2. Indeed ... and TWINKIE, please don't let your new blue house dress suffer the same disgusting fate as your mumu. Please wear your panties under!

    3. Byeee twinkles. It's been an odd experience meeting a Freeper who comes over as merely eccentric rather than completely psychotic.

      Try and keep your head down back in the sewer though. Eccentric (or merely "alternate") viewpoints are ZOT tolerated remember. Only unswerving devotion to the thoughts of Chairman Rim and dead muskrat headgear will save you!