Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Freepers' rejection of Limbaugh begins to show. As HomerBohn demonstrates, hate has beaten creativity as the bitch has become the default name for Hillary:
President Trump: TEAR DOWN THIS BITCH!
Stentor has retconned Hillary's tour de force at the Benghazi hearings into some kind of fairy tail villain performance:
That is a nightmare for HilLIARy

Anxiously awaiting her Rumpelstiltskin moment. She did a preview at the Benghazi hearings.
Looking for something else, I found this from Mia T in 2007:
with Rudy’s crossover appeal, there is a very real possibility of an electoral vote rout. The fear on the Left extends beyond simply a clinton loss.
dontgivein doesn't believe in Trump alone. Zot:
Lol the Bernie thugs are gonna hand Trump the election.
Laissez-faire capitalist got zotted for pointing out that birthright citizenship means we can't deport children of illegals:
One can say “The Constitution needs to be amended and we need a change in the 14th amendment.”

That is the RIGHT way to say it.

Or one can act like “Build a wall. Raise the ramparts. Deport them all. Arrrrrgh...”
Guess who ronnie raygun blames for military budget cuts due to Congress' sequestration:
cloward piven, this is all the a##clowns doing and we allowed it because we are afraid to be called racist, how rediculous
Gen.Blather explains that liberals just don't get Arabic sociology:
Bill had struck a deal but made a cultural mistake. He continued to have Yasser Arafat as a guest, the White House’s most frequent one, as a matter of fact. So in Arafat’s culture, he believed he had the favor of the king and therefore didn’t have to settle for the deal he had agreed to. He was looking for a better one, based on what his many visits implied in his world view. Clinton was an idiot not to realize this. (Liberals believe they are so subtle and nuanced and knowledgeable that they never even try to learn more or learn from mistakes.)

There was a video clip of Ehud Barak, Arafat and Clinton in the Rose Garden. In middle eastern culture, the one who enters the door last is the important one. Not knowing this Clinton simply went in first, making him the least important. Arafat motions for Barak to go in next and Barak shakes his finger no. They wrestle and Barak, a beefy guy, throws Arafat through the door. Clinton turns around shocked and the Secret Service guy obviously doesn’t know what to do. Understanding what happened as far as they were concerned makes the clip hilarious. More subtle, nuanced diplomacy from idiots.
USCG SimTech has a great plan:
5 seconds after being sworn in an the applause quells. Trump turns to the mike and says, “Secret service arrest former president Obama and everyone in the Obama executive branch immediately. Use hand cuffs. Tazers are preferred.”
Ohioan was conservative back when that just meant segregationist:
The New York Times has been deliberately distorting the news for as long as I can remember. And as a Conservative since 1950, that is a long time.
EternalHope is STILL hating on Cruz:
Cruz has become disgusting.

I can’t tell if he cracked, or if he always was and just did a better job hiding it. Maybe Glen Beck is contagious.
Lazamataz as well:
Cruz is a lot worse than that.

Look. He’s the AntiChrist, Satan himself. Even his colleagues call him Lucifer in the flesh. He has ZERO redeeming features. Not ONE.
DesertRhino thinks Trump's constant insults are actually a message to Hillary that he's super tough:
From his feud with Megyn Kelly to his “Pocahontas” comment about Liawatha Warren, Trump has been telegraphing a message to the Clinton camp:

“I am coming for you in a way you won’t like, cannot defend, and you cannot stop me from doing it. I don’t give a damn if you’re a woman. The gloves are off and for the first time in your life, you are going to get a righteous ass-kicking.”
DesertRhino predicts a UK-US war by 2036:
It isn’t here yet, but the day is fast approaching, inside 20 years, that the UK will be a threat to the USA.
It is being islamicized on a rocket sled.
Islamicized on a rocket sled does sound pretty badass tho.

Methinks Jon Stewart got into ksm1's head:
Trump knows how to get in someone’s head and mess with them like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Now the media is begging John Stewart to come out of retirement as the “big guns” to bring against Trump since nothing else seemed to work. Lol.
dfwgator has a favorite Scandinavian problem solver:
OK we’ll send the Vikings to Ferguson.

Or Anders Breivik.
Cementjungle is trying to spin those US sailors drifting into Iran as a big plot:
We probably gave them money, enriched uranium, nuke design plans and a complete list of sensitive targets in the US. 
Iran are the good guys... they're going to help in the massive attack on the US Obama and his pals are planning for next year after he leaves office.
There are lots of little reasons to dislike Hillary. But the right will never see them because it can only swing for the fences. 4Liberty is an example:
Hillary has no managerial skills. None. She is a paper tiger. Trump beats her on media and even more managing large organizations.

And, Trump never killed anyone.
Unlike Hillary.
GrandJediMasterYoda happily imagines how unhappy Bill Clinton surely is:
I was talking about Bill last week, that personally I think he is utterly freaking out about Hill running against Trump, that he knows Trump is going to go full out about Bills past which is why he hinted that he wished Hill wasn’t running and that he even wished he wasn’t married to her LOL!

That wall of protection they had for so many decades, the MSM protecting them, the politicians is about to all be stripped away for everyone to see the kind of lowlife grifters they really are.

I mean just think: Trump is going to go after them for the next 6 MONTHS. They are absolute toast! I can definitely see Trump wheeling out every single sexual assault victim of Bills and he must be going absolutely crazy about it especially when he see someone like Bill Cosby now getting prosecuted. All I can say is FINALLY.!!!
Is there anything more crazy than when Freepers like Reverend Wright write out these weird hate-chants?
if it hurts or humiliates America, I am never surprised when Obama does it.

If America had a real President, who had a credible military plan to deal with Iran’s nuclear program, this incident should have been used as a pretext to take out Iran’s nuclear program once and for all.

Bow down Obama !
Bow down in front of your Iranian masters !
Bow down in front of your muslim masters !

Barack Obama, your Iranian muslim masters are telling you to bow down !

Bow down Obama !
Bow down Obama !
Your Iranian overlords are telling you to bow down !
Bow down before your muslim masters !


  1. "with Rudy’s crossover appeal, there is a very real possibility of an electoral vote rout"

    president giuliani got a whooping one (1, uno) delegate -- and blew $50M on 'em:

    "Giuliani's $50-million delegate"

  2. Some more fantasies have come out it seems.

    "5 seconds after being sworn in an the applause quells. Trump turns to the mike and says, “Secret service arrest former president Obama and everyone in the Obama executive branch immediately. Use hand cuffs. Tazers are preferred.”

    Misspelling of the word Taser aside, for strict constitutionalist they sure love a strongman with the powers of a sovereign.

    Part of me wonders why this brand of "conservatism" even bothers to call themselves conservatives. That's not conservative in either the actual usage of the word or the U.S. version of it's meaning.

    Why don't authoritarians just say they are? I know there's enough people who want a strong power above them to make them feel safer out there in all societies.

    To me it seems the cloak of "freedom/liberty" is just lying all the time and would get annoying.

    1. authoritarians have yet to convince webster's to change the definition to mean "jesus, mommie and apple pie". self-delusion is much easier.

    2. It's not just conservatives. I remember back in 2008 some liberals had dreams of Obama being sworn in, then pointing to President Bush and saying, "Arrest that man."

    3. Even allowing for the bizarre misuse of the term in American political discourse, calling a socialist who approves of dictatorial authoritarianism (Stalin?) a "liberal" is an insane instance of newspeak.

    4. I'm just saying that I saw comments like that on lefty sites with approval of the moderators.

  3. "He’s the AntiChrist, Satan himself."

    poor rafael -- freepers' binary thinking and lack of nuance means cruz can only be superhero or supervillain. luckily for everyone, their well-timed therapeutic amnesia is scheduled for a relapse come 2020.

    1. If the majority of Freepers are still alive then.

  4. "5 seconds after being sworn in an the applause quells. Trump turns to the mike and says, “Secret service arrest former president Obama and everyone in the Obama executive branch immediately. Use hand cuffs. Tazers are preferred.”

    Worst. Fanfiction. Ever.

    ...and probably turns R rated once Trump gets Obama into his dungeon. *shudder*

  5. First Model Melania drops her trenchcoat, revealing a thong bikini and pulls twin Glocks from her thigh holsters' one aimed at Barack and the other at Michelle....