Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cruz, no longer SCOTUS material

Well, it was bound to happen some time. I heard Cruz dropped out from the commenters on this very blog!

So what's next for Cruz? Freepers hate him now. They don't even want him on the Supreme Court. He has has become public enemy number 1, so for at least a while they cannot like anything about him.

proust knows a meme when he sees one:
Trump is right: Ted’s a mess.
Hedge-lawyer Amendment10 demands a justice that agrees with his own idiosyncratic jurisprudence:
Please, not another Ivy League law school-indoctrinated justice.
When asked who he might like, he later sites Roy Moore. Oy.

Cicero has decided Cruz is a power-mad liar:
I don’t think we need any more power-mad liars on the Supreme Court. Let’s pick a real conservative with principles, who can be trusted to do the right thing.

I don’t see why anyone owes Cruz anything at this point. Let him find a real job somewhere and earn himself a living.
HarleyLady27 is as enthusiastic as always:
AGREED...NO, not only NO but HELL NO!!!

And all this talk about Rubio being a V.P. the same!!!
taildragger has been testing Cruz, and found him wanting:
Cruz blew the job interview for SCOTUS with his increasing bizarre and manipulative ( or whatever it is, I am not a shrink ) behavior. No freaking way he should be on the SCOTUS. He is so over it ain’t even funny. Used Cars or Lobbyist is his future.
Red Steel is far from the only Freeper to bring up Cruz birtherism:
He would not rule correctly on NBC.
Lazamataz thinks conservative lunatic Cruz would become liberal:
NO. Cruz is a weasel and a creep. He’s part of the Globalist cabal. He’d become liberal in a minute. Besides, he’s a prick. Everyone on the SCOTUS would hate him.
napscoordinator takes it further than Laz - Cruz is like beyond liberal:
Trump’s sister is a million times more conservative then Cruz. Cruz is worse then a liberal. Liberals are jealous at how natural Cruz lies.
doug from upland us one of the few old guard remaining, though he thinks Justices are litigators:
I still want him. On the court he will be a strong voice for the issues in which I believe. I don’t want him to have a mild temperament dealing with the far leftists on the court. I want him to go for the throat and eviscerate their arguments. Ted would be an outstanding justice.
I do like Randy Larsen's phrasing:
Absolutely no freaking way!

He would stab us in the back forever or until he dies!

No way!
JudyinCanada - once you're nicknamed...
Not possible to appoint someone named Lyin’ Ted to anything.
nopardons hates them all:
I want Cruz, his extremely disfunctional family, and everyone connected to him to just disappear and never be heard from/about ever again.
jwalsh07 seems proud of how robotic Free Republic is:
It is currently impossible on FR to hold the following two thoughts: Cruz would make an excellent Justice and Trump would make an excellent POTUS. The two are mutually exclusive. Either you have to believe that Cruz is a globalist GOPe guy drenched in Goldman Sachs money and Trump is Ronald Reagan reincarnate or Cruz is Ronald Reagan reincarnate and Trump is a Manhattan liberal running the long con. No AND gates, just OR gates.
Arthur McGowan knows Justices are bribed like all the time:
A Justice Cruz would be for sale. He would join a long, long line of Republican appointees who gained a Strange New Respect by Growing in Office.
onyx graciously allows that Cruz could earn his way back into her good graces:
NOT during President Trump's FIRST TERM.

Perhaps during his SECOND TERM, depending on the 4-year actions and behavior of Senator Cruz.

IT was a STUPID/MEANT TO INCITE question to pose to Mr. Trump, but he answered it quite excellently.


  1. Is this just bad writing or do this Freeper's relative need to sleep with one eye open? lol

    "As for not voting for Trump in the General. Let me make this perfectly clear, with no ambiguity. When the Republican Convention anoints their candidate, regardless of who it is, I will vote for that candidate in November. I would just as soon murder my whole family and then drink cyanide before I allow my vote to get any Democrat elected to the White House. There is no greater threat what remains of our freedom than Hillary Clinton becoming the leader of this once great nation."

    1. It slightly amusing that I've made errors when I am criticising someone else. lol. My apologies.

    2. To answer your question, it's just bad writing. He would only kill his whole family if he was directly responsible for getting a Democrat into the White House.

      Which is totally a sane thing to say...