Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump veepstakes

Now that Trump is most likely the nominee, Freepers turn towards the future. In this case, it's figuring out how to properly handle Trump's problem with women - ignore, double down, or give them a token Vice Presidency? Now that they hate Rush, Freepers have no external authority to unify them, so things get pretty contradictory.

Buckeye McFrog does not like women in his Republican Party:
“GOP Women” are at the root of most of what’s wrong with the party IMHO.

They’re the ones who assemble voting blocks to scuttle pro-life legislation. They’re the ones who, according to Rush Limbaugh, browbeat and henpeck their GOP husbands to the point that they don’t dare actually DO anything about abortion.
Art in Idaho wants Trump to spite-pick Sarah Palin:
We are at War with the left.

The left, the MSM, pundits and the D.C. beltway would explode if Sarah Palin were Trump's VP pick. Talk about grab the popcorn. Talk about a dynamic duo. America would fall in love with them.
Buckeye McFrog eases Sarah out of contention, though:
I love Sarah, but it’s not going to be her.

The media has simply beat-up her image to a point where she would be a drag on the ticket. I think she knows this.

Besides, she has a special-needs child, and a husband who was cracked-up in an accident and is facing a long recovery. Her focus needs to be at home.
xzins has all sorts of ideas. In fact, it seems any conservative women would be great!
I don’t think Sarah wants it. She wants to be an activist. I understand that and respect it.

The women on my list who would help Trump are (in no order):

Brewer, Rice, Martinez, Blackburn, Parker, Haley, Ingraham, Hasselbeck, Cheney, Brown, Ayotte, Chao, Black

They aren’t all conservatives, in my opinion, but they would all be worth doing background analysis on in terms of WINNING in the fall.
Donglalinger doesn't want Trump to lose the bitter misogynist vote!
Hillary has already locked up the divorced men vote for Trump, don’t blow it
A few Freepers want everyone to know they disapprove: lacrew
I hate identity politics.
Then, it's back to tokenism!

Snowybear adds in some ethnic flavor:
I’d bet money on Susana Martinez from NM.

Kills two birds with one stone.
SoFloFreeper thinks the female Justice Thomas would make a great politician:
Blackburn of Tennessee would be a good conservative choice.

Janice Rogers Brown would be better, unless he wants to put her on SCOTUS.
central_va brings us back to the woman-hating:
Repeal the 19th.
Snowybear has an idea to double down on personal baggage:
As I read that all I can think of is one man.

pepsi_junkie also doesn't think women can be conservative:
In aggregate, women support bigger, more powerful government and PC feel-good policy making. The country more and more is being driven by women, either directly or indirectly via political pandering to them. And the results are gays everywhere, no more ladies rooms, and massive increases in social program spending.
PreciousLiberty has forgotten Brewer's apostasy on gay marriage and birtherism:
I personally think Jan Brewer would be a brilliant choice. We’ll see though...
Sacajaweau knows you don't need a token women when you have a daughter!
Trump doesn't need a woman card for VP. The country will get on just fine without a female VP.

Look at his family....Look at his daughter.
MichaelCorleone explains that the only people who don't like Trump are all the non-Freepers:
The premise is wrong. Mr. Trump doesn’t have a problem with women, unless those women are anti-American feminazi’s.

I suspect many of these Republican ‘women’ are of the same mindset as most of the Republican ‘men’, namely, RINO’s.

At this juncture, anyone who is stupid enough to put political correctness above saving this country can stick it.
bert also believes that there are no actually conservative women:
GOP women persist at the convention so they can flaunt their funny hats with all the pins
Fuck. Yes. wtd!
Jan Brewer .... excellent! So would Michelle Bachman.
TheNext may be joking, but at this point, I think Freepers would get on board:
Donald Trump Jr for VP.

We are beyond gender. Father Son would be historic.


  1. I have a feeling that Trump's ego is so big, and his disdain for the Republican hierarchy so great, that he might actually insist upon Trump Jr. as his running mate.

    1. And together they can rule the galaxy as father and son.

  2. At least central_va gets straight to the point and doesn't need to use code words.

    I wonder if he actually thinks there is enough people in the U.S. who would agree with that position. Or is that a "Lost Cause" for himself.

  3. Freeper women all have Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. Holy shit, Cruz dropped out.

    1. Jim is already calling for solidarity and putting all the ugliness behind them. Donate today!


    2. "solidarity" ... ain't gonna happen.
      The self-inflicted wounds are too deep this time.
      A lot of loyal old-timer "FR uber alles" JimRob sycophants have been driven off.