Friday, May 20, 2016

Hot takes on White House Shooting

Freepers dare to dream.

drypowder is still waiting on the military coup:
well, maybe someone is at least trying to fix things for this country. Not that I agree with that tactic, that is the responsibility of the US military. I wonder when they will start honoring their oaths to this country. Obviously to the military commanding brass, they no longer put the country before self or the WH tyrant but they will burn any troop who does the same.
Mr. M.J.B. thinks maybe this is the coup!
Hopefully the next bulletin begins with “A squad of Marines, supported by citizen Patriots...”
blackdog knows whatever it is, Obama deserves it:
Chicago poultry looking for their seat.
Arthur McGowan is angry, and I cannot tell why:
It is not clear who has been shot or whether they have been killed.

It’s time to declare war on this anti-human, Marxist-driven anti-language.
bgill wonders if maybe a black guy...?
Or a bunch of gangsta sons of obama.


  1. So much freeper wank material here.

    Seriously how much more fantasy land can you get than this? "A squad of Marines, supported by citizen Patriots."

    White Jesus leading the charge of the light brigade as well?

    1. Flying on the back of a giant bald eagle and the ghost of Reagan armed with his trickle-down ectoplasm.

    2. I literally almost just spit on my computer, Minorshan.

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