Thursday, May 26, 2016

President Obama One Eye Open One Eye Shut!

In this era of nonstop Trump landslide predictions, I found this little thread off the beaten window into Freeper culture that just tickled me.

Freeper The_Media_never_lie had a great thing going. He had discovered some videos of Obama looking kinda squinty, and no one else had managed to turn this into a conspiracy yet! This could make him as a Freeper.

But he screwed up. His seminal post on this molehill didn't mention the squinty bit, it just said: "What is wrong with President Obama?"

This short-circuted Freepers' conspiracy matrix and opened a direct line into well-worn but gleeful condemnations of Obama (is it just me, or is Freep getting even more repetitive than usual lately?)

The_Media_never_lie is a trooper, though, and not realizing his failure is assured, keeps trying to corral Freepers back on message.

MarvinStinson starts with the overwhelming favorite the paint on this blank canvas - Obama's on drugs:
Valerie Jarrett feeds him his drugs.
Clever mulligan goes for the meta-insult:
There is not enough space to list all that is wrong with Obama.
Forty-Niner also with the meta:
What’s wrong with Obama?

Error on the side of brevity. Let’s list what’s right with him.......

Robert DeLong has an old favorite:
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
The_Media_never_lie - "great insults guys, but what about the eyes?!!"
Agreed, but specifically his eyes which are obvious and why was this never discussed? Why will a google search turn up so little?
RummyChick manages to pivot from the theme to Antichrist:
One eyed Antichrist whose number came up in the lottery when he was elected.

If you ever wanted a sign that Freepers don't actually care about Christianity, their devaluing of Antichrist would be a good one.

Ouderkirk thinks having AIDS is an insult:
He’s got “the Slims”
The_Media_never_lie - "So what if I made it into an Internet coverup? You guys love media persecution stories, right?"
Google “president obama one eye open and one eye half shut” and you will see exactly what I mean. Maybe it was automatic, but this query has been cleansed.
drypowder mixes old timey tyrant talk with racism:
since obozo is clearly immune from any legal recourse, he does and says what he wants, spends as much as he wants and where he wants, abuses the people of this country in every imaginable way, just like the kings of old, commonly referred to today as a thug tyrant. And that's just addresses the surface of that POS.
Poor The_Media_never_lie - "Suck burns, but guuuys, what about the eyes??"
Agreed, but what is wrong with his eyes? Why does Google list so few hits? Automatic deletion, or manual deletion?
arthurus has no idea how open for hilariously mockable his name for Muslims is:
He is a calculating and fanatic Mussulman. What more do we need?
The_Media_never_lie - "Another great insult, but come on, THE EYES!"
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.....he fits it to a T

Agreed, but what is with his eyes? Why did the press corpse ignore his eyes?

I am the most oblivious person. I can totally miss the most obvious things, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when I watched his press conference.

Why no mention? Why no Google hits? Am I losing it?
Qiviut goes with Obama gay and Michelle is a man:
“Mike” Obama slugged him in the eye for using the “Ladies” in the WH. /sarc
The_Media_never_lie - "Hey! hey! Only crazy sites talk about the eyes, why is that?"
Don’t you think it odd that when “Obama one eye open one eye half shut” is googled, only fanatic sites respond, and there are only three of them.

I know I saw a press conference when one eye was shut and the remaining eye half open. Yet, never any discussion of this fact.
Now people are posting dog memes. The_Media_never_lie - "Um, trying to remain positive. So the eyes, tho?"
I liked the doggie foto.

See, I am half blind and oblivious, but I noticed Obama’s weird eyes and the media did not mention or discuss it
The_Media_never_lie - "Love how your repeated our attacks from 2008, but EYES!"
Considering His upbringing, mentoring, social and religious beliefs, supporters and advisers, there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s just as any observant, logical person would expect him to be. He’s just as many FReepers expected.

I am a FReader nd therefore not surprised. But there is video evidence something is wrong with his eyes. The mental and political are subjective, but the video of the eyes clearly shows something wrong, and no discussion.
tiki manages to work in the eyes to use smoking as an insult. What an age we live in.
If he sits around with a cigarette in his mouth most of the time he probably closes the one eye where the smoke goes up and squints the other. IOWs, he’s chain smoking. I used to know an old guy that was like that.
polymuser also pivots off of the eyes into an Obama is doomed narrative:
OK. Probably high stress as their carefully crafted stage play falls apart all around them, before the final act is done, knowing they’ll become the ass class of the world. And the $$$ losses that will accompany that.
vpintheak keeps it current with the latest right wing outrage:
There is no way in Gods green earth that small town America is going to put in “gender friendly” bathrooms in their schools.
Owebowma is an evil man and knows what he is trying to force down upon us.
sheik yerbouty loves him some big words:
Fulminating, grabasstic, jihadism..
USCG SimTech goes with the drugs:
It is a medical FACT that just one use of cocaine permanently re-wires the brain. Often and extreme use over a long time destroys it. Obama = Exhibit A
YogicCowboy has a considered opinion:
In my considered opinion, Obama is both psychologically and physiologically insane, from the combination of totalitarian indoctrination (both Marxist and Muslim) coupled with the prolonged and extensive drug abuse.
(Look at the rising automobile accidents in marijuana-legal states! Harmless? Yeah, right.)
Trod Upon - Obama gay!
Boned in the butt one time too many would be my guess.
AmericanMermaid goes metaphysical:

The really disturbing part of that picture is that it fits him too well. There’s something spiritually wrong with this guy.
And finally, on the last post, after 7.5 hours of trying to get Freepers on message, right before the thread dies, AmericanMermaid takes pity on poor  The_Media_never_lie:
Why won't the media discuss it? This is what is hitting me like a ton of bricks. The media is apparently fearful of discussing that which is not on the approved MSM agenda.

No, FR is not a fanatic site. :)

I agree with you, because if it was a lazy eye, that’s not something that would incapacitate him or something. On the other hand, the media tolerates NO criticism of him whatsoever—as if they have to keep perpertrating (spelling?) the myth that he’s perfect. 

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