Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trump can get in bed with big banks and Soros, so long as he doesn't marry them.

One of Trump's big marketing appeals was that he was not going to need to depend on fundraising because he was so rich. 'You accept their money, they own you' he said.
But, I guess he doesn't want to bother spending 10% of his supposed 11 billion fortune on defeating Hillary, so post-primary he's jumped into fundraising with both feet. He's hired a former Goldman Sacks partner, after Freepers demonized it to get at Cruz through his wide.
AND this guy worked for SOROS as well!

The Trump folks don't care, or even seem to notice that Trump has changed his mind yet again. But there was more dissent than I expected - the Cruz purge does not seem to have taken!

baxtelf knows evil is just fine if you pay it!
I guess he wasn’t lying when he said “He knows the guys at Goldman Sacs”. Put these people to work for us for a change.
butlerweave is also newly of the 'ends justify the means' camp.
When you have to raise MONEY , you need a Scum Bag
goldstategop predicts Trump-bankrupting levels of spending:
Trump is rich... but not that rich.

A ton of money is going to be spent in the general election.

It will shatter long-standing records.
Long standing? You mean four years ago?

dead dings his fellows for flipping after their Cruz assault:
Lol! I can remember back in the day, about 17 minutes ago, when many people here thought aligning yourself with somebody from Goldman Sachs was an unforgivable sin and proof that you were under the thumb of the globalist cabal.

Boy the world sure has changed a lot since those days. Kids today don't know.
The best part of this has been the Cruz folks suddenly having the usual Freeper illogic and emotion turned upon them and realizing how shallow and ridiculous it is.

Williams explains that marriage is much worse than employment. Trump is totally in control!
Hillary and Ted’s wife took money from GS.

Trump is paying a former GS guy to work for him.

Both equal control but GS controlled Heidi and Hillary.

Trump is the one controlling his own finance chairman.
Resolute Conservative explains how dumb this idea is better than I could:
So let’s make this easy by previous memes.

Goldman Sachs = the devil
Married to a devil’s minion = bad
Hiring a devil’s lieutenant = good

Yeah I got it.
But the best is johnsmom, who just refuses to believe:
My sources say:

Supposedly Corey Lewandowski hired Mnuchin, not Trump.

This is a Koch/Soros attempt to take over the Trump campaign.

An investigation as to why Mnuchin was appointed is now underway and there is set to be a major shake-up within the Trump campaign starting today.
Congrats, Cruz, for Mollypitcher1 you've reached the level of villain she cannot let go of!
Cruz is just laying low. He may have “suspended” his campaign, but you can bet the farm he is not out of the game. He’s just gone “underground.” I don’t trust Cruz, his wife, or any of the Cruzers who continue to stamp and snort like babies. It’s all part of the Establishment’s game right along with the Bush refusal to back Trump.
fortheDeclaration also continues to yell about Cruz well after he's gone:
Pool Cruz voters, getting kicked around by the Trump supporters!

You mean your guys was crushed and had to crawl back to Texas with his tail between his legs!

So much about 'fighting to the end'!

Trump is doing quite well, he is the nominee and is bringing the Party together to crush Hillary in Nov.

Cruz is going to disappear from history.


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