Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Civil Wars have consequences. 5th MEB urges a pro-Cruz Freeper to stay.
I hope your kidding; who the hell am I going to talk to about my four footed boys and girls if you leave?
Who am I going to talk to about about my crops and weed problems, who am I going to talk to about casting and finishing jewelry, who am I going to talk to about kudzu for crying out loud?
This has all been politics, when people talk politics or religion they all have a tendency to get crazy and stupid.
They say things that otherwise they wouldn’t even have considered; when politics enters the arena people get stupid and emotional, that shouldn’t impact the friendships that have developed over years of common interest.

I humbly beseech you SALAMANDER; don’t leave, politics is a seasonal sport. Kind of like good dogs, true friends are hard to find.
higgmeister gets all fancy explaining he doesn't care for Stephen King:
Do you remember that poem that became popular in the early Seventies, Desiderata, with the phrase "vexatious to the spirit?"

I have avoided Stephen King in all his forms like the plague that he is, for that reason. He is "vexatious to the spirit" and I will not submit to his beguiling filth.
rockinqsranch intimates that having a gay kid means you molested them:
"Portman, who came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2013 after his son revealed he was gay,"

I feel sorry for him. The shame he must feel for having a gay son.

I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I’m curious how the kid got gay.
stephenjohnbanker is super excited about Trump acting like a mobster, only with less honor:
I suspect Trump told Ryan he would DESTROY him if he didn’t knock it off. .

Trump should do it anyway, as Ryan is evil to the bone!
stilloftyhenight wonders...
There is an article claiming Ryan is now a Muslim. True or not, I wouldn’t put anything past this putz.
Dirt for sale vows to stay single...for Freedom!
Married men make better slaves = FACT.

Married men will do whatever it takes for their family, even if that means cheating others outside their clan. Thus, they are also more unscrupulous.

Third wave feminism means that odds are great that your prospective woman will not accept your headship. The law will back her all the way. Thus, you are not the man in the relationship - the government is the man and you are the third wheel that keeps them on their path, wherever it leads.

Be very careful with American women. If they have a face book account and a smart phone, which all of them do, then they are toxic. And the boys aren’t far behind...
papertyger explains why he hates marriage. Turns out he has...issues.

"Once upon a time a Prince asked a beautiful Princess to marry him... 

The Princess said NO and the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and f***ed skinny big titted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to nudie bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey and beer and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and ass f****ed cheerleaders and kept his house and guns and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was fuarking cool as hell and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up. The end."

And he died alone, lost and lonely.

That would be funny if I didn't know you really believe it.

My dad passed last year after 45 years of marriage when his "beloved wife" pulled the plug on him on a pretense.

Prior to that she spent two years trying to convince us kids we needed to help her have him declared incompetent from Alzheimer's, so she could get control of the money. Every one of us told her she was crazier than hell.

In the year since his passing, she's managed to get thrown out of the home of every living relative she has, including her own children, despite bringing over a million dollars of inheritance to the table with her.

The truly satisfying thing about the whole situation is I've ALWAYS known what she was like, because I'm the son of the first wife so she never bothered to hide her true self from me. And now that dad's not around to run interference for her the rest of the family sees it too.
ameribbean expat looks forwards to Congress being petty as hell to ex-President Obama:
Obama’s staying in DC until his daughter graduates high school. Coincides with midterms. This is actually where a Republican congress with a pair could have a lot of fun. As !long as he’s going to be in town, he might as well be under subpoena. Weekly.
DarthVader joins the ranks of Freepers whose purity makes them reject everyone since The Myth:
We have had nothing but NWO globalists since Reagan.
dainbramaged may be mixing up fiction and reality:
I’ve read that there are 21 security levels above the president.
Proving fear can be addictive, dowcaet is willing to strap on some tin foil if it will let him make terrorists marginally more dangerous.
We know the old Soviet Union had a huge biological weapons operation back in the day. When they broke up their scientists and their weaponized viruses scattered all over the place. Don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that some of this stuff fell into the hands of Middle Eastern countries and regimes not friendly to us. Some of the created viruses included Marburg virus, Bubonic plague and Ebola. Scary stuff and not out of the realm of possibility that some of our sleeper cell terrorists who are in our country now have it!
Helicondelta is so optimistic about Trump he cites a West Virginia poll as though it's national.
The Dems will have a contested convention.

Bernie is not getting out.

Meanwhile, the GOP base is united. Trump will carry WV with over 80% of the vote.

On a side note, the exit polls are showing that 33% of the democrats are planning to vote for Trump in November. He is blowing Hillary out of the water.
That they're unskewing so hard now makes me feel that they're worried. More on this sometime next week. meatloaf
If you’ve been keeping track you should know by now her chances of making it to the convention are dropping fast. She lost the FBI primary. There’s a couple of billion reasons she’ll have to drop out. so far the media has been confusing the public over the emails.

Once the FBI dumps the evidence on Hillary’s racketeering, bribery, tax evasion and money laundering, which is the other part of the investigation her approval rating which is already declining will plummet. That leaves Sanders as the last man standing.

Do you think the Democrat party will accept Sanders as their nominee. That mean Biden gets the nod and Sanders may run as an independent since he’s not having problems raising money.

In a three race of Trump, Biden and Sanders who do you think will come out on top?
Trying to be complementary, HarleyLady27 extols Trump's virtues as a Real American Lunatic:
We have a Full Blooded American running for POTUS that has NO political background, is as mouthy as all get out; will tell you go hump yourself in a NY minute; is as unpredictable as anyone has ever seen; will make you laugh one minute and cry the next; and he's all OURS!!!

I don't want that as a boss or a girlfriend, much less a President...

Apparently unfamiliar with the concept of shame, Iron Munro sees the rise of gays and transgenders coming out of the closet and concludes liberals must be manufacturing them:
Notice that there are probably around 10,000 times as many children being presented as sexual deviates today as in previous generations?

And probably 99.999% of them are from liberal families?

But it is to be expected when the president is a known homosexual pansy and the first lady looks more like an ugly man on steroids than a lady.

It's the latest fad among libtards.

If you don't raise one of your kids to be a cross dresser or openly homosexual you just aren't doing your part for the "Progressive" movement and you lose your Barack Obama sex decoder diaphragm nose ring.
redfreedom - Real Soldiers support Trump:
Really? 2 - 1 favoring Trump?

If a uniformed member gives a rats rectum about our nations defense, it should be 99 - 1. With that 1% being the homos and other deranged hanging out in the armed forces for political reasons.
who_would_fardels_bear only worries about the dilution of American Patriot genes:
I really don't think we have to worry about genocide. Unless of course you mean the diluting of the American Patriot gene pool with genes from inferior cultures.
Fhios lays out the liberal one world conspiracy:
Unilateral globalization.
Carbon credits pushed as global currency.
Population subjugation and control through eventual Islamification.
The destruction of male and female sovereignty.
Re-education for Global Warming critics.

Nope, no conspiracy here. /s
GraceG is so committed to the idea of liberals being as petty and destructive as Freepers want to be, she concocts a plan that relies on it:
I think we should put “Dems for Donald” stickers on our cars just to encourage the Dims out there that are bit skitterish to feel better about voting for trump...
chasio649 REALLY didn't like his sub captain:
West Point won’t punish cadets who posed with raised fists

you know GD well what their intentions are.... little bitches know EXACTLTy what they are doing...Whoa be to the white E-1 through E-9 who has to endure their insufferable shit. I am so glad i did my duty back in the 80’s.....Had black radicals in the military then....small number....I could go on a filthy rapapge over this.... Eff all the Officers in the military now...You wimpy, ass kissing, sycophantic SOB”S!

One of my Captains on my sub was a PC worthless douche...DANA ROBERTS this is for you.... I despise the ground you walk on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put me on google so his kids and grandkids can see the spineless asshat he was on my boat...The rest of my Commanding Officers....Outstanding!!!!!!
tophat9000 disses Hillary by speculating that she masturbates:
“Trick Dick” is the name of Hillary’s best friend... he battery operated and lives in her nightstand
nopardons - ALL MUST KNEEL!
I will be casting my vote for Cruz today in the WA state primary.

Is this your OPUS?

If not it should count as such.



  1. Alass, I did not get my nap; except for
    the tiny nap when I fell asleep in the
    recliner & woke up to some horror film
    that had taken over the tv out back. I
    quickly changed channels & hit one where
    some girl was in court suing another
    girl, so I just turned tv off.

    stones still have not arrived. They are

    WOO-WOO STONES are also called "Shungite
    Stones". They absorb the harmful near-
    death rays from the computer. It's called
    I forget what; but you put them beside &
    under your monitor. Then you have to put
    the stones out on the grass where they
    can get cleaned out of the harmful death
    rays. I wish I could remember what
    they're called. It's G-Something. I'm
    not selling Shungite stones. They are
    ancient meteorite stones & are mined in
    Russia. - I guess they're Commie stones.

    OK. Well. Wish me luck on getting my
    RED BALLET SLIPPERS today. It's the only
    way ya'll are gonna get shed of me.

    P.S. Honestly, the prettiest I ever felt
    when I was a kid was in grade school &
    got to wear a blue tutu in a play & dance
    around. Only I was wearing a pair of
    brown & white saddle oxfords. That's all
    I ever had, even when the black & white
    ones - rock n' roll shoes - came into
    style. (I can just imagine how awkward
    the saddle oxfords looked along with the
    little blue tutu outfit.) Oh the HUMANITY!

  2. Anyone else wonder if Trump's Butler is a Freeper? The things he's posted on his FB page are all Freeperspeak - Zero/Sasquatch/White Mosque/Hitlery/Killery/etc.

    1. I've been trying to guess his FR handle ever since.

  3. For me, this whole presidential election will be a win-win.

    In June, in Cleveland, if Trump is not awarded the nomination for some reason, freepers' heads will explode.
    In November, if the Democrat wins. freepers' heads will explode.
    In January, if Trump has won the nomination and election, Trump will start an administration even more to the social-left than Hillary or Sanders ever could, and freeper heads will once again explode.


    1. Same here. If Trump is elected president, I'll just sit back and watch the complete destruction of the conservative movement happen at breakneck speed. If Hillary is elected, the destruction will just happen more slowly.

    2. Odds of what a Trump Presidency will be:

      50% Mainstream Republican President
      20% Failed nativist President - Freep's Jimmy Carter. (Whose our Reagan tho?)
      15% Surprise liberal
      5% Unconstitutional fascist horrorshow.

    3. 1) So what would be the other 10%?

      2) I think you overestimate the Donald's ability to be mainstream.

    4. 1) No idea.

      2) It's the path of least resistance, and I think Trump is likely going to be a very uninterested policy maker.

    5. Yes, but he'd still be saying the same sort of things he's been saying during the campaign. He'd tweet insults to other world leaders, try to renegotiate the national debt and more. That's about as far from mainstream as you can get.

    6. I'll put 50 bucks on 'surprise' liberal.

  4. ...f***ed skinny big titted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to nudie bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey and beer and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and ass f****ed cheerleaders

    . . .

    Welcome to Free Republic!
    Pro-God, pro-family, pro-America!
    Est. 1996

    1. Easy one. The right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" comes straight from God (says the Constitution, which trumps[sic] anything else) so if the guy is alive, free of obligations/responsibility and having a good time then he's gold.

      Stipulating the foregoing, families and women exist to do whatever the f*** they're told and America exists to support the entire edifice.

      No contradiction. You just need a viewpoint founded on intense narcissism and psychopathic self-absorption.

    2. Wow -- This God of theirs sounds like hanging out with Motley Crüe! Maybe I need to rethink religion.