Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

The increase in suicide makes fruser1 want other people to go out in a blaze of glory:
Suicide rates are usually pretty high in communist countries. Just another indicator of where the U.S. is going.

If you’re going to off yourself, I’d recommend going on a rampage, taking out commies, socialists, eco-nazi’s, etc., that you know.

Cops will take you out somewhere along the way, but hopefully you’ll improve the country more than hurting it by the loss of a good conservative patriot.
It's H1-B visas that make Snowybear contemplate mass murder:
This crap cost me my last job. These bastards better hope I never get cancer because if I do I’m going out in a blaze of glory like nobody has EVER seen before.
LeoWindhorse wishes the Queen hated Obama like he does:
why she even allows this Honolulu hapa papolo lowlife to visit her domain I cannot understand
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper seems to think that only the poor should want to help the poor:
Rich, white Marxists. Talk about hypocrisy.

These guys should be living in paper boxes, eating only oatmeal and quiche, wearing Salvation Army clothes, and pretending to be sane.

However, they are dangerous reds and should not be taken lightly.

Take names. We need to know who the enemy is and where they are getting their money.

Post here at FR if you find out anything.
Bonus kill list at the end! Does he think FR is a private forum?

faithhopecharity focuses on the real evil in this country - teleprompters!
a very well-delivered speech OK but PLEASE Mr trump ditch the idea of using teleprompters

you have no idea just how SICK we are of having TOTUS read to us

just give your speeches like a real human being please (bring a few notes if you need them, no harm that)

thank you
Ouderkirk wants some extreme methods to fight the eggheads:
And what have those last three presidents had in common?

Harvard and Yale.

These two schools should be burned to the ground.
blueyon counters another Freepers' paternalistic sexism with more hateful sexism:
Dear God, I hate what this country has become. Sending women to death? Women that are supposed to be bearing and nurturing the next generation? It’s evil, pure evil.

As much as I am against drafting women, you do understand those being drafted (not all of them) support ripping babies up in the womb which to me should be the most honored place in the they are not totaling into “bearing and nurturing”, like they should be
dp0622 loves how Freepers accept his rants:
the WORST nominee in the history of nominees EVERYWHERE is running :)

babbling about equal pay for women as if that is even (if it were true) in the top 1000 of what people are concerned about)

filthy backwoods piece of @#@#$ dyke.

I love FR. You get to ACTUALLY SAY what you’re thinking, unlike the rest of the time when you’d be thrown in jail or attacked by a mob :)
dp0622 manages to shock even his fellow Freepers with his callousnes towards the Indians:
I hope you’re kidding about the Indians.

no, couldn’t give a ####. sorry. they got suckered into helping the settlers alot then massacred.

life’s a #####. Anyone told you differnt they’re lying.
Brooklyn Attitude has hit on a metaphor for how far the American white male has fallen:
Ironically the Bison is an appropriate symbol for what is happening to the US. A once strong species almost driven to extinction. Also works for white males in America.
armydawg505 - corpse of Reagan for Prez!
I would vote for Reagan with dementia before I would vote for Obama or Hillary.
Really? Romans Nine? What about Carter. Chappaquiddick. Lincoln.
Liberals never never never stop. They still want to trash Reagan 30 years later.

We conservatives trash each other. Go figure?
fwdude totally heard all about the hot sluttery in gay movies from gay former friends:
I was close enough friends with several homosexuals (before Lawrence made them into monsters) that they confided in me the content of their homo-themed movie collections. They had extensive porn, but also "serious" movies with "gay" themes. Now even the movie-streaming services offer entire categories of these propaganda flicks. Anyway, the movies almost ALWAYS involved extensive sluttiness, understood and accepted as an amoral and integral part of the homosexual lifestyle. There was no question, and no attempt to paint them as illegitimate or wrong.

Even the well known, fairly mainstream movie Philadelphia feature the main character (Tom Hanks) fighting against "discrimination" because his law firm wanted to fire him after he was diagnosed with AIDS, acquired, not surprisingly, during a public sexual tryst with another anonymous queer IN a movie theater while being in a "committed" relationship with another man (Antonio Banderas.)

All of the other homo-movies are the same, or much much worse.
ShivaFan Hillary is unelectable!
Hillary has no chance of winning the general, everyone in the street knows it, feels it, says it, engage in her defeat. She will not win, period, facing Trump. The Democrats fear Trump and so he is their enemy number one. Gone are the “I hope Trump wins the nomination, he will lose in the general” line which was actually an attempt to talk some Republican voters into believing it and voting for some loser instead of Trump... but now it will be instead that Trump is a monster stuff. However the GOPe and worms sucg as Rich Lowry will continue the false narrative about “Trump’s overwhelming negatives” nonsense coming from the scum that now tells us “conservative” means you must be for amnesty and open borders.

However, the one ticket that would lose to Hillary is the Cruz-Carly idiocy, that is a total loser even if Hillary gets indicted.
henkster is writing some Baltimore fan fiction:
All big city police departments are going to do what Baltimore did last year. They will de facto recognize “no go” zones for public safety. The locals get free rein to go “Escape From New York” with each other, and the cops, EMTs and Fire Departments just stay out.

Of course, the murder rate in Baltimore skyrocketed as a result. The police weren’t killing any unarmed black men. Other black men were killing armed and unarmed black men. Black lives only matter to blacks who take black lives.

That’s what they wanted, they shouldn’t complain.
euram knows Trump never makes personal attacks:
So, men are supposed to be on a reservation, and not allowed to speak their minds, is that it?

I haven’t heard Trump make any personal attacks against her, just stated the truth about how horrible a secretary of state she was.

Trump should also start saying that the only reason Hillary got to be in the senate or picked as Secretary of State was because she is Bill Clinton’s wife, not on her merits at all. Matter of fact, if she hadn’t been married to a former president, she would be an ambulance chaser in Chicago.
Poor Tzimisce keeps getting laughed at when he explains to liberals that the Communist revolution they want will end badly for them:
The sad thing is that middle class Marxists think they’ll be at the top of the food chain if ‘glorious people’s revolution’ occurs.

Little do they know they’ll be among the first thrown into the mass graves once Marxists seize power. They don’t want useless eaters living among the scared, yet productive people that generate their, sorry, ‘glorious state’s’ wealth. Moreover, they’ll be the biggest threat to their power once they figure out that communism isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I’ve tried explaining this to them.

And I get laughed at, mocked, made fun of, talked down too and called a racist.

So what do you want me to say?

When the butchering begins, I’ll just remind these people that they’re racists to complain....
Might want to check your assumptions about what liberals want before you rant about Marxism to them....


  1. "I love FR. You get to ACTUALLY SAY what you’re thinking, unlike the rest of the time when you’d be thrown in jail or attacked by a mob :)"

    Provided you only say what the mob wants to hear.....

    1. dp0622's user page is sort of an insight.

      It's just one line statements. The grammar fascist in me dislikes the fact that their are no capitalized first words in the sentences.

      dp0622 mentions a head injury. If that's true he may have some legitimate issues from it.

      dp0622's been engaged twice and lost his father at a young age. So I can see why he'd want to rage at things a little. Coupled with a head injury that changes his personality/removes inhibitions, then it makes even more sense.

      I'd rather they rant online than in society. I think anyway...

    2. That's some pretty good insight. I noticed he was in his 40s, and was a bit surprised at his general bitterness for someone so young.

      I was gonna spotlight him this week, but his comments have too high a density of boring Trump cheerleading at the moment.

  2. My longish observations on today's potpourri...

    These guys should be living in paper boxes, eating only oatmeal and quiche

    Is “quiche” poor people food? Last time I made some, it was a lot of work.

    you have no idea just how SICK we are of having TOTUS read to us

    What’s a TOTUS?

    These two schools should be burned to the ground.

    With all their talk of blazes of glory and burning things down, these guys don’t realize how much they’re starting to sound like the Khmer Rouge.

    babbling about equal pay for women as if that is even (if it were true) in the top 1000 of what people are concerned about)

    Stupid libs. Women aren’t “people.” As if.

    Ironically the Bison is an appropriate symbol for what is happening to the US.

    Ironically, it was mainly white males who destroyed all of the bison merely for sport and left them to rot. I don’t think he thought through his metaphor all the way to the end.

    fwdude… All I’m saying is, he reminds me of Scott Thompson in the movie Brain Candy.

    1. TOTUS = Teleprompter Of The US

      just another obama slur, coz using teleprompters means yer stoopid (at least for the last seven years)