Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Freep Caucus, concluded

A request from Romney Guy, who I hope has the detachment to be bemused more than horrified by his party's current...situation.

Unscientific, but it is interesting to see how an ideological regime works.

It has these cycles of occasional Trump spikes, but a general stability. But then you can see the effect of the April 20th purge, and how the effect continues afterwards, as the stubborn slowly concede, leave, or get zotted over the next week.

About what you would expect, but it's neat to see Free Republic's ideological purity being enforced in graphical form.


  1. How in the Holy Hell did IronJack escape a spotlight?!?!!

    The guy is a goldmine of projection!

  2. I love your tales, Romney Guy. Any stories you have or just thoughts are pretty neat insights into today's political atmosphere

  3. Interesting to compare the first day of the freep caucus (as far as I can tell : january 20th, http://www.hotr.us/fr/caucush160120.html) and the last (april 28th, http://www.hotr.us/fr/caucush160428.html). First one : Cruy 177, Trump 189. Last : Cruz 19, Trump 206. People aren't getting convinced, or falling in line : they are gone.

    1. Where are ya'll coming up with all
      these "Freeper's" names? Most times I
      don't recognize the names you quote.
      Perhaps ya'll are being GASLIGHTED!

      I know what ya'll need! BALLET
      SLIPPERS! In black, or white, or red,
      or pink, or most any color of the
      rainbow (Hee Hee). Only, don't wear
      them outside in the gravel. OUCH! OW!

      My feet are beginning to adjust to
      flat-footedness & almost being

      Ya'll should ZOT! I've never been
      ZOTTED; but some on FR know how it
      feels! I WAS suspended for a few
      days once for getting ticked off at
      some guy who was using his position
      on a religious thread to sort of
      harass & proselytyze "Freepers". He
      seemed to me a bully & I don't like
      that. I actually enjoyed the time
      off; don't know what ever happened to
      the bully director of that thread.

      OK. Remember to keep on your toes in

    2. Some of us have trouble with Freeper names. We know who RimJob, StumbleBummer, Oinks and the rest are of course, but they often use weird "comedy" aliases on FR.

      Even a solid log cabin Republican such as yourself may use a sensible name like "TWINKIE" here but turn into something like "Mr Muzakfan" over there. That's OK. Matt. 7:16.

  4. Romney guy here...

    Thanks for the kind words Pacman.

    Things have been crazy around here at work. Now instead of pushing numbers for campaigns, I'm analyzing logistical numbers for a petroleum company.

    I did like the results from this less-than-scientific poll. If your results look like that, why even poll?!

    I mean, what's the graph for? He could have just put a percentage for Cruz and Trump and been done with it!