Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Spotlight: mjp

Alright, enough of the run-of-the-mill racists, liberal death wishers and bitter women haters. This guy is a rationalist. Prepare to be logic-bombed, libtards!

You can tell he's super rational by how he uses equations and big words all the time. But in the end his views are exactly the same as all the other Freepers - liberals bad, Muslims should die, capitalism is virtue. But he does it all fancy-like and pretends he'd used logic rather than empotion.

This leads to some rather amusing arguments about how he's completely self-sufficient AND completely honest with himself, and how he's a free-thinking Christian AND is selective about his kindness.

As a special bonus, he applies his brand of rationalization to his faith, proving Christianity is true in ways that were already discounted thousands of years ago.

Empirically, unregulated markets are the best:
Empirical historical economic data confirm the deductive proof by rationalism that the free market is the ideal economic system. But it is incompatible with the desire by statists to control it, so it must be stopped, even if it creates a hellhole.
He's super duper self sufficient:
A person who is not self-sufficient survives by gaining the unearned and undeserved. Social existence and the existence of a rational government arevassets to self-sufficient individuals in their struggle for survival. All self-sufficient individuals who participate in society gain knowledge and trade from a social existence and a rational government that they could not gain from a solitary existence.
Psychologists know that if you will it, success always happens:
Psychologists know that there is a step by step procedure for acquiring skills, accomplishing change, and developing the know-how to be more effective and successful in a particular context, such as their careers and personal lives.

The elements in the procedure are compelling futures for motivation, the belief in choice responses, flexibility of criteria to provide alternatives and choices, belief in cause-relative relationships, and relative specificity to provide the opportunity to make the operation of cause-effect relationships tangible.
He has a least favorite Founding Father:
Hamilton's curse was that he betrayed the American Revolution. His main political and economical ideas were a combination of dictatorial monarchy, centralized power, imperialism, and economic mercantilism. These were the defining characteristics of the British Empire that the American revolutionaries had waged war against.
Sick logic burn, if you assume races should always vote for their own:
White Men Should Stop Running For Office, Colorado Group Says

This idea is a confession that minorities and women are too stupid and incompetent to vote for their own kind.
A list of liberal qualities that seems a lot like a list of insults:
typical libtard mentalities

1) clueless
2) stuck on stupid
3) just doesn't get it
4) ignorance is bliss
5) emotionalist
6) concrete bound mentality
Mind control!
creating an OSU community that resists and corrects injustice”

indoctrination + propaganda = mind control:

The criterion of justice in the context of politics is fairness, which has the meaning of elimination of the results of Nature's unfairness, which means egalitarianism. The mode of thought in this type of mind control is misintegration.
FOX News: the Golden Mean of Virtue:
Stewart = statism = too extreme = vice
MSNBC = statism = too extreme = vice
anarchy/chaos = too extreme = vice
Fox’s conservatism = golden mean of virtue
Equation for liberal hellhole:
san francisco + detroit + mexico + mohammedans = libtard hellhole
Equation for libtardism:
Each branch of government should be considered an alternate option for moving the country forward + might makes right + the ends justify the means = libtardism
Double Equation!
anti-God agenda = equality = socialism + one world government
Forced Labor equation/list:
forced labor = concentration camps + gulags + collective farms + compulsory assignment to jobs + labor books + forcibly determent from changing jobs + illegal to be unemployed + black markets + workers sneaking off their jobs + breakdown in discipline + miserable service
A rational pundit he trusts:
Dick Morris says that most undecideds end up voting for the challenger. That puts the score at around Republican 60% and Hussein at 40%.
The only legitimate ethical system is Christian:
Secular humanism states that there are no divine absolutes so there are no absolute standards of right and wrong, which leads to subjectivism, which leads to ethical relativism, situation ethics, cultural relativism, new morality, experimental lifestyles, moral equivalency, and permissive morality.

Postmodernism states that there is no universal objective truth. No one knows what is right or best for another adult. There is only the truth of the particular group one belongs to, which leads to cultural and social relativism.

Christian ethics in based on moral absolutes based on God's character or moral decree, which is the final standard.
But keep your thinking independent as you subscribe to your chosen Christian sect!
The virtue of independence is one's acceptance of the responsibility of forming one's own judgments and of acting in accordance with the conclusions of one's own mind. The mind is an attribute of the individual and no person can think for another. But to be oppositional and reject authority for no objectively good reason, just because the other person is an authority and they feel like it is subjectivistic egoism and is actually a form dependence on others.
Speaking of moral absolutes and sects, what sect espouses that kindness is not an always thing:
There is something to be said for being kind, caring, and respectful.

One of the first thing one must consider when trying to be successful is whether or not one's criteria are relevant to who you are now and current to your present situation. They also must be compatible with one's desired future.
But honest? Always - with yourself.:
Honesty is the rejection of unreality and the refusal to fake reality, i.e., to pretend that facts are other than they are. Pretense is metaphysically impotent. It can neither erase an existent nor create one. The virtue of honesty requires that one face the truth on every issue one deals with: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything less would be faking.

Dishonesty is a vice when it is used to gain a value without earning or deserving it, such as by fraud or misrepresentation.
More about his personal taqiyya:
Whether or not dishonesty is a vice depends on the context. It's not a vice to lie to criminals, Nazis, or any other type of tyrannical government, when there is a treat to one's natural rights.
His Jesus is Free Market Jesus:
free market capitalism is the economic system that is compatible with God-given human nature, God-given natural rights, and the Biblical concept of justice.
And Free Market Jesus is not down with the Native Americans:
The United States was in fact stolen from the Native Americans.

The arbitrary collectivistic claims of savage tribes of hunter gatherers are not legitimate claims to economic ownership of private property
More of his theology of marketplace virtue:
The profit motive, speaking broadly, means a man's incentive to work in order to gain something for himself. In a rational society it is profoundly moral and thoroughly just.

In a specialized business context, profit is defined as the difference between sales revenues and cost. It is payment earned by moral virtue, the virtue of a specific group within an economy, the prime movers. It is payment for the thought, the imitative ,the long range vision, the courage, the efficacy of business owners.
No one is wiser than The Market. All Hail!
The fatal conceit of socialists is the belief that human conscious planning of the economic system can is better than and can replace the spontaneous unconscious self organization of the free market. Both rationalistic deduction from axiomatic principles and the empiricism of historical economic data have proven this belief false.
Pack it up, atheists, this guy proved God!
1) something from nothing
2) symmetry, order, and beauty from disorder
3) consciousness, free will, reason, wisdom from matter
4) life from inanimate chemicals
5) anthropic coincidences from accidents
6) man from pond scum
7) human knowledge and values from a universe without absolutes

these beliefs are too much of a leap of faith for me
Amazing no one has thought of this before.

Rational views on Muslims:
Rational proof that Jesus beats Muhammad:
1)Jesus - virgin born
Mohammed - not virgin born

2)Jesus - sinless
Mohammed - sinful

3)Jesus - called "Messiah"
Mohammed - not called "Messiah"

4)Jesus - called "Word of God"
Mohammed - not caled "Word of God"

5)Jesus - performed miracles
Mohammed - did not perform miracles

6)Jesus - ascended bodily into heaven
Mohammed - did not ascend bodily into heaven
Not even bothering with the fancy-talk to yell that there are no moderate Muslims:
For Petraeus, the rapid increase of ugly rhetoric against Muslims and Islam threatens to engulf even “moderate” Muslims.

It already has. They are just waiting for the right time to strike.


  1. mr logic: ("such is my name, therefore one may infer that this strip is in some way about me") a serious and humourless young man with no real empathy for other people. He uses highly technical and over-elaborate language rather than straightforward speech and takes everything people say to him literally. The strip usually ends with Logic becoming the victim of his misunderstandings with others.

    the only difference between mjp and a cartoon character is that the toon's reasoning was always tediously and relentlessly valid. not that it ever helped him.

  2. This sort of pseudo-logic isn't uncommon. It draws up what at first glance would appear to be syllogisms, but which a) includes only *very* carefully cherry-picked supporting points, and/or b) replaces deductive reasoning with emotional word-association, hidden behind technical terms.

    It's occasionally referred to as "thinking in service to feeling." The irony is that it's not often used by the more rationalistic sorts of people, but by emotionally-driven types looking to use the appearance of logic, mathematics and science as a fig leaf for their own heartfelt/intuitive beliefs. It's the same impulse that turns creationist theology into "intelligent design theory."

  3. Jesus as a Capitalist? Hilariously dishonest. Capitalism means making profits from possession and investment of capital. The Church asserted for centuries that this is usury and prohibited Christians from taking part in it.

    That's why Jews were so prominent as early bankers and why Jesus bitch slapped the moneylenders and quoted aphorisms about rich men, camels and needles. You can't be a Capitalist and a Christian any more than you can be an idol worshipping thief and a Christian. The logic is irrefutable.

    1. Freepers (or, formerly, John Birchers) didn't seem to have much use for Jews until the evangelical movement of the 1970s - 80s made them all think they needed Israel to bring Jesus back to Earth.

  4. The arbitrary collectivistic claims of savage tribes of hunter gatherers are not legitimate claims to economic ownership of private property

    So would this be an example of the "ethical relativism, situation ethics, cultural relativism" that he decries? That whole "thou shalt not steal" has a racist loophole?

    1. Naw, see, it's just inherently rationally obvious that departures from the One True Theory of Property have no legitimacy. Just like how independence of thought and self-sufficiency don't extend to foundations of moral frameworks, duh!

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  6. blessed are the smear merchants ...

    rich vera: "this is a man who is going to be used of God to bring to light a lot of dirt. For many years to come you’re going to hear him as a man who started in the forefront and in the media to expose the secrets of darkness in society and in government here in America."

    poconopundit: "Remember the parable of the fig tree? If it bears no fruit, cut it down! Well, the Donald has been bringing in the figs for decades -- creating value, hiring people, getting rich, and reinvesting in his business. And now he's cultivating a that YUGE orchard of figs, America. And he's sacrificing a lot of easy life to do that."

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