Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Freepers solve the drug war

Freepers are the demographic suffering from the greatest increase of drug abuse. But individual Freepers haven't personally seen it, and so their horrifying lack of empathy comes into play.

In response to a think piece about giving heroin users a room to shoot up under medical supervision, Freepers respond with increasingly ghoulish counterproposals.

little jeremiah starts by advocating mere negligence:
Just let the freaks die, that’s what they want. So I and other taxpayers are supposedly going to have to pay for addicits’ drugs and doctors to keep them alive and the buildings to do it in.

This is so disgusting I can hardly stand it.
E. Pluribus Unum just adds them to the purge list for when Civil War 2 comes:
Get them gathered all in one place so we can deal with them efficiently when TSHTF.
West Texas Chuck reminds us all Obama's super gay!
Rehab is for quitters.

I’d like to see Obamalamadingdong in a rehab for pole smokers. Little wiggler that he is.
edh knows the problem is that liberals don't let us execute drug dealers:
You need to execute dealers. Anyone caught dealing heroin needs to die. Maybe give them a pass the first time since anyone is capable of doing something stupid once. That’s the liberal side of me talking I guess. However, the second time you are caught dealing that garbage, you die. I’d lump meth dealers in with that group.

We coddle our criminals. They push “rehabilitation for criminals” on us since it gets liberals money to perform social experiments. It also gets them political power since they can play on people’s emotions and make you out to be “heartless” if you don’t care for this breed of scum even if they tend to get out of jail and go right back to doing what they do best. Maybe if a couple thousand were executed, word might spread that no amount of money is worth dealing opiates.

As for the addicts, I’d blame liberalism for them. I almost feel dirty for saying that since I’m one who is pretty heavily into personal responsibility. Sure, the addict made the initial choice to use said drug, but there are millions of shades of grey as to why that decision was made. Many times it was a foolish, reckless decision made when the person was very young. However, had liberals not had so much compassion for hardened criminals dealing a drug that turns your average person into a zombie, we might not be in a situation where we are even considering “shooting up safehouses”.
qaz123 seems positively giddy about the gruesome deaths he envisions denying medical care for:
How about this. Everyone gets one free ambulance ride and treatment at their local hospital for illegal drug related issues. After that, they’re on their own. No reason the taxpayer should have to fork over $200k or more to fix their gunshot wounds, burns, or anything else that happens to them.

They blow themselves up cooking meth, oh effin’ well.
They get shot slinging dope, sorry my friend. Find yourself a ghetto doctor to fix you for free.
Stick a needle in your arm and start doing the funky chicken, hope you told your momma you loved her.
DIRTYSECRET quotes a horrible person:
Dr. Laura Schlessinger: “Give them dirty needles so they can die.”
ClearCase_guy has a plan for mass murder that some folks are too lame to allow:
Another idea — which I suggest merely as a thought experiment — is for the police to seize drugs whenever possible, adulterate the drugs with slow-acting fatal poison, and then sell the supply back on the street. If 5% of your addict population dies every week, then you are (roughly) 20 weeks away from being a drug-free city. And, of course, no new users are likely, because the life expectancy of a junkie just became less than 20 weeks.

It would fix the problem. But, of course, some folks would rather live with the problem than adopt this solution.
ClearCase_guy shows how you can be a misanthrope and be horrible rather than loveable:
I have thought that with Virtual Reality coming on, including Virtual Sex, we could set up a membership for people (random length — 2 years? 3? 5? 7? no one ever knows). If you sign up, you get transported to a special place. You get all the video games you want, all the virtual sex, all the alcohol, all the drugs. It’s anything goes for — 2 years? 3? 5? 7?

But one day when you’re enjoying the VR, someone blows your head off.

People would sign up for this. A lot of people.


  1. I'm surprised the resident crack connoisseur laz actually had something worthwhile to add to the discussion rather then the typical "let's kill brown people ".

    1. That's only because Laz is personally affected by it, so now he actually cares.

      Otherwise, absolutely brown people can and should FOAD as far as he's concerned.

  2. cat's outta the bag, folks ...

    CIB-173RDABN: "Even FreeRepubulic makes no claim of being neutral."

    nor spelling champs, either. i'm double shocked.

  3. "little jeremiah", by her own tales about her life, is the biggest hypocrite on FR (at least one of the biggest).

    She's had her many lesbian affairs, but now in her twilight years nobody else can have any.

    She's had her many abortions, but now in her twilight menopausal years nobody else can have any.

    She's taken so much LSD and dope in her youth that she claims she now has trouble telling reality from hallucination, but now all drug-users must die.

    Yep, little jeremiah is the living epitome of "GMFY".

    1. little jeremiah is an "ex"-lesbian? How did I miss this?
      And abortions?
      Another baby boomer who freaked out in her youth and now has to go overboard to repent before she's on her deathbed.

    2. Yeah, in order to "fit in" and claim "expertise" on a variety of subjects, she tells all sorts of stories about her life.

      Maybe she's just full of crap, but major drug abuse, abortions, and lesbian lovers just begins to scratch the surface of her tales of woe on FR.