Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Spotlight: BobL

A crochety old Texan, this Freeper is a father. I shudder for his sons. He forbids his kids from dating American women, or joining the new gay military. He hates women, minorities (except Nigerians), kids these days, gays, Muslims, the American voter, and joy.

Well, he sort of hates Muslims. Remember how he hates women? Well more than once he says he kinda understands Muslims and the Talaban's treatment of women. He also has daughters, though they don't come up much.

He totally loves Trump, in the full projection, 'everything Trump says I disagree with is just a lie to get elected' style.

Another big obsession is voting demographics. And by demographics I mean the white vote. His profile rambles through a bit of moderation, arguing for outreach to Hispanics and Blacks by taking advantage of their secret love of pandering to whites.

Scrolling down his profile, you get to his maxims for life. These digest down to: live frugally, don't care about what other people think, treat your children like dogs, and American women are bitches. It's worth a gander for those that enjoy Freeper 'wisdom.'

Also, he sees gay advisers behind everything the GOP does he disagrees with. Handy villain, the gay Illuminati.

Rush delegitimized conservatives. What did he think would happen?
this is beginning to look like a pattern for Rush, sadly. In this case he gets us all worked up and informed as to what the GOPe thinks of us and what they do behind our backs to lock out our concerns. Then Trump comes along and threatens to smash the GOPe to pieces...and who does Rush side with: The ONLY PERSON alive that can stop Trump from getting to 1237.

It reminds me of the Sandra Fluk deal. Rush rightly warned us to look out for the gender card, and sure enough it came. But then Rush dug into Sandra Fluk, calling her a slut - and guess what, HE STEPPED RIGHT INTO IT, losing listeners and many, many, advertisers, and also hurt the GOP effort in that year.
If you just ignore women and liberal whites, Trump's landslide is assures!
It’s not so bad when you look at it coming from another planet. Here’s what you see:

12% Black Vote: The Dems do whatever they need to lock up 90% of that vote, and most of that is taken care of by simply convincing blacks that Republicans are racist - so end of story.

12% Hispanic Vote: While Hispanics are now significantly more numerous than blacks, their voting percentages are about the same. However, most Hispanics in this country live in states that don’t affect the presidential outcome (i.e., they are givens to one party or the other)...which are California and New York (and Illinois, to a lesser extent). The only states that they really matter in are Florida and Colorado (something like 7% of the total Electoral Votes). And they are a wild card, as many have voted and likely will continue to vote Republican, as the legal ones are not so hot on open borders either.

6% Others: Who knows, but put them in the Democrat camp. The Republicans still haven’t found anyone that speaks “Asian” (as they see it). No one seems to respond to their ads calling for an “Asian Language Speaker” to address those communities, so the Dems have it all to themselves.

The Rest: Add up the above, and you get 30%. The other 70% are WHITES, and except for some fringe groups (such as gays), both parties have told whites they can go to hell as far as their issues are concerned. The Dems have gotten a lot of them simply because if neither party gives a damn about you, then you go to the one that might give you more crumbs (handouts).

But things are different now. Trump does give them something to vote for - jobs and country. That is why the Dems are scared like hell of him. The Dems know that all they can provide to whites is lip service (since things like quotas are zero will have losers, all white, regarding quotas). Similar for Open Borders, as the number of well-paying jobs is limited - if we have Open Borders, they move overseas or lower paid immigrants take them here. If we have secure borders, whites can get them, and with good pay.

In 2014 whites in the South voted between 75% (Texas) and 84% (Georgia) Republican. Whites are as much of an identity group as blacks are now, at least in the South, which means that ANY CANDIDATE that actually targets them can get huge, insurmountable, numbers, considering that they’re also 70% of the electorate. Hispanics and Blacks, for a Republican who targets whites, will not decide the election outcome for this cycle, and probably several more. But they will help with the margin of victory.

So, barring a screw-up by Trump, he’s looking at 350 Electoral Votes, easily.
Indeed, the GOP must double down on white identity politics!
The thing is, once the other side starts playing identity politics - our side (i.e., the Republicans) SURE AS HELL better start playing the same game, or we’ll get CRUSHED non-stop - with them getting 90% of the black vote and pushing 80% of Hispanic vote (in areas like California)...and then more or less splitting the white vote since the Republicans don’t give a damn about white working class voters.

...but we can play the same game. For the Dems to be all things to all people, means that they can’t do jack for one Identity Group - whites. While the Republican IDIOTS spent their time trying to figure out how to get a few crumbs from Democrat Identity Groups, Trump figured out that if you actually address the needs of WHITE VOTERS, who are still 70% of the electorate, you have the opportunity to win and win big.
Still denying Hillary run against Trump:
I agree that Hillary will NEVER be president...but can Trump defeat her replacement in November?
The plan to replace Hillary:
They’ll pull Hillary after the convention (i.e., after Bernie is disposed of). They need a STRONG CANDIDATE to run against Trump, and Hillary is far from strong.

Their plan had been to take out Trump in the Primaries, in which case they’d be running against a typical Republican ‘gentleman’, meaning that Hillary’s weaknesses wouldn’t get exploited and that the Republican would, once again ‘lose, but at least lose with dignity’.

Trump didn’t go along with the plan...
I don't disagree with his policy on cell phones:
I understand giving your kid a cell phone...

But why do these kids NEED camera phones or whatever they have that can kick these file around?

I blame the parents...and no, my kids have simple cell phones that they can talk on AND NOTHING MORE.
Marriage advice:
I’ve told my boys not to even think of marrying a girl born or educated in this country (and most of the West). Many, maybe most, are brainwashed to make life miserable for you - and you only find out after you’re married, as they’re as sweet as can be, until that day. Sure, there are plenty of really good American women, but it’s a crapshoot now. You have a 50/50 chance of finding one that knows how to be a wife if you go American, whereas it’s closer to 90/10 if you go Asian.
The key to a good woman is crippling fear of displeasing you:
Great job on the wife. In her culture, she would be considered a complete failure if she leaves you without a really good cause (as in being beaten or equivalent). You not doing the dishes or picking up your socks doesn’t cut it. And should you wonder off with another woman, they will look at her to try figure out what she did wrong to lose you - but then that doesn’t happen, because she knows what it takes to keep her guy happy.

TOTALLY DIFFERENT than when an American woman gets with her feminist friends or even her family (in most cases).
Sharia law, maybe Muslim women asked for it?
When you see women acting this way, it starts getting easier to understand why Muslim men treat them like crap, almost to the point of slavery.

Don’t forget, it wasn’t always that way in their culture. Look at pictures from Egypt and Iran in the 1960s, BEFORE FEMINISM, and you had women dressed in Western clothing.
American Taliban:
I’m not exactly an apologist for the Taliban, but they have a point regarding the damage done to society by ‘liberated’ women, like Sandra Fluke.
Industrious Nigerian immigrants. Lazy, joyful Americans.
Where I work there’s a Nigerian who sometimes tells me about people at his church - so for fun, I ask him what that person does. He’s either an executive, brain surgeon, or something similar. Needless to say one of his daughters will be a doctor, the other a nurse practitioner. Then I walk by the desk of an American, who proudly displays a picture of her son decked out in a football uniform and not even knowing how to smile. The kid will likely go nowhere, either in football, or in academics, but will need new knees by age 50, but won’t be able to afford the flight to Costa Rica to get the surgery (obviously, the days of insurance-paid knee replacements are numbered in the states).
Think you son's teacher is good? Nope - all teachers are evil.
That nice lady teaching your little Johnny is why the NEA continues to support DEMOCRATS who are wrecking this country.

I’m done giving those nice ladies a pass...until they elect representatives that support this country.

TEACHERS are the main problem in education.
His liberal university oppressed him long after he graduated
I wonder if any Duke students will protest [a Muslim call to prayer?]

Not if they want to stay enrolled. Most likely they could also have their degrees pulled from them for up to 5 years after they graduate. That was the case at ESU, where I went, at least. The rule was mainly to give them a way to get at you after your graduate, if they later figure out that you cheated your way through.

But I don’t see why the same rule couldn’t be used for committing a hate crime soon after graduation (the “hate crime”, of course, is supporting something that the faculty doesn’t approve of).
Yet another Freeper eagerly predicting Europe going Nazi again:
The BEST THING about 2034 is that the Baby Boomers will be almost all dead or retired (present company excepted, of course), so they won’t be able to tear up what’s left of the country. I once heard someone compare them to a bad meal, you just have to pass it through your system.

The problems facing this country and especially Europe will be huge. For Europe, I expect Nazi-style round-ups of their Muslims by then. They simply will have to make a choice, either eliminate the problem, or live (maybe) under ISIS-type rule. And they will figure out that they have to act BEFORE the numbers are stacked too badly against them. So expect another purging over there...they may look like cowards today, but their history suggests that they can act when required.
*innocently* what's the big deal?
I can’t think a better way for Virginians to CELEBRATE Dr. King than by creating a black-majority district.

What’s the big deal?
Remember when conservatives kept giving ground on gay rights?
I blame the voters.

I blame OUR SIDE. They were (and are) RELENTLESS. Our side figured that if we just leave them alone in their bedrooms, all would be fine...if we just let them marry, all would be fine...if we just let them in girls’ locker rooms, all would be fine, if we just (in the future) let them have ‘access’ to our little boys, all will be fine...

We didn’t fight them when it counted, now they smell blood.
Believe every single conspiracy you read about Smart Meters.
There are PLENTY of articles on it. Some are very frightening...nearly all are true, and what these meters can do is even beyond what most people can imagine. Do you homework - we’re not replacing meters en-masse for the hell of it.
Joseph McCarthy stymied the liberal conspiracy for decades!
Because he OUTED them. They had their nice little plan to ‘transform’ American and they got nailed. They had to go back to drawing board and it took decades to recover.
2009 - His plan to deport 11 million people:
There are 480,000 school buses in the United States. That is enough to move all 11,000,000 people, including guards, requiring only ONE TRIP EACH.

So send pack them up with illegals from around the country in June and simply send them to Mexico - and let Mexico take it from there (for the non-Mexicans)...maybe give them some wall-credit if they help out.
Voters don't read the right economist, so Trump has to lie to them about the minimum wage:
I suppose running to eliminate the minimum wage would be a winning strategy!! /s

If one reads an economics book by Samulson, one would understand that the Minimum Wage is TOTALLY UNNEEDED and should be deleted.

OBVIOUSLY if you think that most voters read his books, you won’t get many votes - as Romney learned the hard way.

So Trump is not falling into that trap.
It's not a flip-flop, it's another Trump masterstroke!
It’s just Trump playing mind games again. I LOVE IT.
Yet another Trump masterstroke:
EXCELLENT political move. No upside in coming out against women in combat. He can always ‘reconsider’ once in office, after the generals explain the situation.
Not just strong, STRONG:
I almost forgot - they predicted HUGE race riots if Reagan won. Didn’t happen, of course. Never does with STRONG leaders.
As of March, the only Freepers against Trump were paid operatives:
I’m thinking at this point that most of the Trump-bashers left are simply paid operatives of other campaigns, who know their only chance now is to block Trump from getting the nomination and thus have a brokered convention (i.e., handing it to Romney, Linda, or Jeb).
Boehner and his gay advisers
The Republicans had a majority of about 225-210 in the House under Hastert - yet they voted CONSERVATIVE every time. Hastert, as far as I can remember, NEVER had a problem getting good votes out of those guys.

Boener and his ‘advisers’ (most of them gay, by the way) have to go. It is PAST DUE.
Michelle Bachmann has an aide. Probably gay, like all pollsters.
The aide, Peter Waldron...

That’s what she gets for hiring a gay guy. Well, actually, I don’t know if he’s gay, but all of the Republican pollsters seem to be gay now, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t have a wife and kids.
2009 - soon all the gay FDR voters are going to be replaced with younger, straight Democrats who love Barney Frank...?
Sure does look like a split in the Democratic Party. There is no way that they can maintain their majority if they are controlled by the extreme left. The FDR Democrats (i.e., White retirees with campers) who would vote Democrat even if it were required that they throw their kids into volcanoes first are now dying off and being replaced by independent Gen Xers,Yers, etc. - many of them straight.

I think that it’s time that the Democratic Party have a summit, led by Barney Frank, to plot their new path to maintain majority status.
2009 - Flamers on the Court:
Maybe he’s thinking what I’m thinking...we elect Obama, we WILL get flamers on the court. Considering Soto’s health, her term may be relatively short, so that’s the best we can hope for.
Of course, Obama's super gay.
So when is he going to come out of the closet?

Ever see him throw a baseball - he is out of the closet.
Only gays like electric cars:
Until they can convince NON-GAY people that electric cars make sense, they will see very little customer interest.
What, every single Republican staffer isn't enough?


  1. For 5% of the population gays sure do seem to crop up on his mind.

    Combined with his attitude toward women (perhaps because he wants to be attracted to them but isn't, so naturally it's their fault) I really do wonder if BobL is closeted.

    Even though that's a usual refrain when someone always see's gays everywhere. At least that's from the sampling I'm getting here.

    As for the Stormfront lite stuff. Why marry an Asian?

    That's enough quasi psych analyzing from me this morning. Maybe I'm just assigning logic where there is none.

    1. Listen. QUEERS have become steadily
      will soon bust you in your face if you
      don't NOTICE them.

      I have to WORK for a living. I cannot
      treat anyone as a CELEBRITY for acting
      would not do any good if I did tell
      them I find their behavior unsanitary
      (literally) and repulsive; just as I
      am sure, they find my sexual
      preferences repulsive. Tit for Tat.

      They can just shut up & get bizzy
      doing what they do & quit trying to
      ram it down TWINKIE'S throat.

      Maybe my RED BALLET SLIPPERS will
      arrive today & then my consarned
      "Freeper" butt can get outta ya'll's
      self-centered, myopic bizness!


    2. "Listen. FREEPERS have become steadily
      will soon bust you in your face if you
      don't NOTICE them."


    3. If there's anything rammed down TWINKIE's throat, TWINKIE rammed it down there herself!

      And I'm sure its not anything gay, rather its a few dozen boxes of TWINKIES (and HoHo's and cupcakes and pizzas, etc.)

      TWINKIE, are you in your mumu today? No underwear? ratty old slippers?

      Well then, you're just dressed in the typical freeper uniform!
      For freeper gals and freeper guys both!

    4. "really do wonder if BobL is closeted."

      Me too. Though I'd only lay 60/50 odds on it. Sometimes an angry misogynist is just an angry misogynist.

  2. How is it that so many freepers don't like girls?

    1. I'm guessing it's a combination of a massive sense of entitlement combined with a deep inferiority complex.

    2. ... not to mention the result of many sensible ladies charting a wide course around them

    3. Try watching the "Trouble With Women" short on YouTube. It seems like it mostly sums it up. (You'll likely only get the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, but it will make the misogyny go down better :)

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. If you were shot down and laughed at by women all your life, you'd be a crochety old freeper, too. There seems to be an unusually high percentage of Freepers with mail order brides from Asia

  3. Well. Pizza. Yes. Twice a week frozen ones.
    No HoHo's, Twinkies I'm burnt out on,
    no cupcakes. Yes. I am OVERWEIGHT! Always
    stayed around 118-119 lbs. until after I hit
    40; then it gradually started inching up.
    Then the BP meds make my feet & hands swell
    up like Porky Pigs. I grew up eating dried
    beans, boiled potatoes & cornbread & a bit
    of junk. We didn't know much about
    "nutrition"; we just ate whatever we wanted.
    People back then weren't eating snacks all
    the time. I liked Vienna sausages; cheap &
    good. Momma & Daddy both worked.

    Daddy worked on a job at the Milan Arsenal;
    then his whole crew got a job offer at the
    Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL back at
    the beginning of the space program. They
    built the first rather crude launch pads for
    the early rockets. Had to pack the launch
    pads in dry ice because the rockets were SO
    hot at launch they'd catch on fire without
    doing that. (I'm ashamed to say I actually
    thought Daddy didn't know what "dry ice"
    was. He knew a helluva lot more than I
    thought. He'd managed to survive WWII, a
    combat veteran in N. Africa, Italy & Germany,
    he wasn't much of a traveler after that;
    travelling & being shot at when you did
    tended to cause people to like HOME after
    they managed to survive that. IT WAS A
    MESS! He always said, "War is Hell!" It

    Yes. I'm in my muumuu today & no under-
    wear; but have to put some on to go over
    to Subway to get supper. No on the slippers.
    with the elastic bands that make my feet
    swell. My feet look just like elephants'
    feet! I hate tight BRITCHES (slacks). They
    are hot, tight & they smother me! I don't
    know for sure what the other "Freepers" wear.
    Some of them work all night & get on FR in
    the daytime before getting their sleep.

    I hope my RED BALLET SHOES arrive today so
    ya'll can get shed of my butt soon.

    I don't like girls all that much. Men either.
    Or boys. Or girls. Peeple, Peeple who like
    people, are the luckiest people in the
    world! I'll help them out what I can; but
    they better just cool it!!


  4. RATS!! Looks like TWINKIE'S stuck on
    "Freeper Madness" another day! My RED
    BALLET SLIPPERS did not arrive today!
    It is disappointing. I know it is to
    ya'll as ya'll were most assuredly
    arriving today & ya'll finally being shed

    I'm sorry; but you know how it is. The
    best laid plans of mice & men gang aft
    agley (I think that means they often go

    We went over & had supper parked at the
    Sonic, then ran by Dollar General & got
    a few things. TWINKIE did not get out of
    the car.

    I had chicken tenders with ranch dressing
    & onion rings with ketchup & a cherry
    slushie. Junk food, I suppose; but one can't
    eat perfect all the time.

    I saved DUBBERS two of my chicken tenders.
    She was not at all impressed. I still have
    some of my slushie left.

    OK. Well. Maybe my RED BALLET SLIPPERS will
    arrive tomorrow & then TWINKIE will be out
    of ya'll's hair forever after that!

    I know that day can't arrive soon enough
    for most of you; but RELAX. Things could be
    worse. TWINKIE could just park her big butt
    on your blog until everyone would just

    Well. I will close for today. I'm real
    disappointed that my RED BALLET SLIPPERS
    are tardy & my muu-muu is remiss & my
    dress shoes for summer may just arrive in
    time for the fall.

    I'm gonna close now. Love, TWINKIE KING

  5. To paraphrase an old Jewish joke: What is a Freeper dilemma (vis a vis Israel)?

    Free ham

    If Hillary supports Israel, with all its socialism and free abortions, what do Freepers side with? Does not compute.

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  8. "What about Kelly Ayotte for Trumps VP":

    Greetings_Puny_Humans: "We don’t need an affirmative action VP. No chicks or minorities whose only qualification is being a chick or a minority."

    lee martell: "From the few times I’ve seen Kelly, let’s just say, she doesn’t send a ‘thrill up my leg’."

    proust: "He doesn’t “need” a woman. Women need him."

  9. TWINKIE here. I fear I face yet another day
    without my RED BALLET SLIPPERS. (Sigh) :o(

    IF you have high cholesterol, SUNFLOWER (NOT
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    and still sexually viable.

    As I said, my RED BALLET SLIPPERS are stuck
    in a warehouse somewhere in Podunk, MS & I
    am getting antsy. Antsy that I will never
    be able to escape the HORROR that is "Freeper
    Madness". :o/

    OK. Well. I'm outta here for now. Going
    over to FR where all the women are strong,
    all the men are good looking & all the
    children are . . . happy. Ya'll just stay
    over here & grouch & grumble.


  10. Romney guy here...

    Bob's profile is funny.

    His numbers don't make any sense. I mean they make so little sense and build on that premise that you can't even begin to argue it!

    It's like as if someone built a huge building made of shit and- instead of using a shit-filled foundation- you instead use shit-filled caisson foundation deep into the bedrock!

    1. P.S.:

      "Add up the above, and you get 30%."

      I don't know what he's talking about there above.

      53% are white according to the 2010 Census. I assure you that the number is probably even lower six years later.

      Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos make up about 30+% then there's the two or more races which is a growing percentage.

      Let's not forget that Trump will lose a huge percentage of the non-white 47%, including women...and that the aging population typically sides with the Left in more populous states. That 53% is unsafe for Trump too.

      Basically you're looking at a serious ass kicking for Trump.

      This guy is a boob.

    2. The election postmortem on the republican side is going to be painful to watch, so many fingers will be pointed.

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