Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Illegals cause all evils

As I said this morning, Freepers are defined by nothing so much as hating illegal immigration as the cause of problems from unemployment to taxes to Democrats winning elections to...literally every ill in America.
So while it's amusing to see Freepers spin Trump backing off from the anti-Muslim nationalism, I agree with some commenters that I'll be really interested when and if he backs off from The Wall.

Anyhow, here Freepers react to former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's sister being killed in a car wreck and never let a tragedy go to waste. It's like how all shooters are liberal, only less horrifying and more pathetic and venal:

Lonesome in Massachussets's first thought is bigotry:
Was an illegal driving the other auto?

My first thought, too.
GizzyGirl thinks if only they can get the word out about how an illegal killed this old lady, Trump's in the White House for sure!
I heard someone last week say we are one terrorist attack away from a Trump presidency. We could be one car accident away as well! The MSM will not report if driver is here legally or not anymore!
detective launches into a story about her daughter's minor accident with a suspicious Hispanic:
Probably an illegal.

Likely driving without a valid drivers license or insurance.

When my daughter was 17, her car was hit by a car driven by a Spanish speaking women. Luckily it was a very minor accident, my daughter was not hurt.

The women did not have a drivers license or insurance. My daughter was shaken and young and naive. She got the woman's phone number and address from another document she had. They turned out to be phony.

Our insurance company could do nothing.
petitfour doesn't make the usual assumption, but is still into the racial speculation:
It was 7:40am on a Saturday morning. My guess is white driver texting. But that’s based on the area. Ina Road is also where Gabby Giffords’ shooting occurred on a Saturday morning.
PghBaldy has a very useful presumption:
My guess is white driver on drugs or drunk.

If you are right, we will know soon enough. If it is Julio from mexico, they will try to cover it up.
A_Former_Democrat did some research, and shazzam!
Jarrad Barnes, looks to be an Anglo kid
But even after that post, Pining_4_TX creates a whole scenario:
Probably was an illegal. The driver was already drunk or high at 7:00 am. He probably had prior DUI arrests, too.


  1. Probably was an illegal. The driver was already drunk or high at 7:00 am. He probably had prior DUI arrests, too.

    Oh FR.

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    2. I think you mean I am no better than
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    3. Hillary has just kept on being a rattbutt with no indication of doing any different.

      If your god considers even good deeds filthy rags, what difference does it make? Also, you thinking you're better than Hillary Clinton makes you guilty of the sin of pride.

      You keep insisting you don't know what a Freeper is, but for someone who doesn't know, you seem to be getting it just right. Well done!

    4. Chairman Rim has recently identified the revisionist tendencies of the Cruzist-Romneyite clique as a subversive plot by centrist roaders to deviate from the core principles of Rim Job'Son thought.

      Lack of enthusiasm for Supreme Leader (Designate) Trump is to be viewed as treasonous, counter-revolutionary agitation and punished accordingly.

  3. Also, I thought that Mr. Robinson had been
    promoting Mr. Cruz; but ya'll say he's a big
    Trump promoter.

    I strongly suggest you post a vanity and ask him that question on Free Republic. I can't wait to see how he reacts.

  4. That would be hypocritical of me. I voted for
    Cruz in the early primary in TN; then all the
    negative stuff came out & Beck endorsed him
    & Cruz started acting in ways I did not like.

    IF TRUMP is the Republican nominee fair &
    square; I will walk barefoot over rough
    gravel to the polls & vote for him over
    Hitlery Clintoon.

    My Shungite Woo-Woo Stones *could* arrive at
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    I'm sorry. I'm not as "all in" as ya'll are
    over illegal Mexican immigrants. My cousin
    & her husband were both killed in a car wreck
    several years ago by a drunk illegal who tore
    through a stop sign flying low. Donna & her
    husband were hard working, church going
    young citizens with small children. :o(


    1. Garlic powder on the cat? Every day is an adventure being your pet, I expect!

      Bad things individuals do don't mean you can condemn an entire group. Lots of illegals work very hard to help their families - I've met some of them!
      Feel free to condemn the businesses that keep encouraging them to come over so they can get cheap, unregulated labor, though!

    2. Interesting viewpoint for a Freeper. There are a lot of people out there who have lost family members to "low flying" Americans who barged into their countries without consulting immigration rules.

      Clearly you're "all in" with their collective condemnation too?

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