Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

VanDeKoik's Trump love might make him cry manly tears:
This giddy feeling.....I don’t believe I’ve felt it in a presidential election year.

I think I’m going to shed a tear because it is so overwhelming.
Ohioan - the left are Nazis, and also a bunch of big words for why liberals are evil:
The Left in America are now going full throttle to the Nazi model of street intimidation, to an extent that would once have been inconceivable in America. (No, we have had mobs & riots before--to be sure. But the present extent of the rationalization of the aims of those mobs by the mass media would never have been acceptable in any other era.)

The Jacobin actions in the French Revolution, as those in the early Marxist uprisings in Central Europe in the middle of the 19th Century, as those in the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazi Revolution in the past century, all reflected a species of pathological contagion, fueled by an amoral humanist/utilitarian contagion.

What this adds up to is a cross-roads confrontation with the marriage of insanity to the rejection of any moral compass on a grand scale. We prevail in this battle or the American people will face a nightmare enhanced over its previous manifestations by the very technological breakthroughs that we once imagined to be beneficial.
Lera is devaluing slavery or nationally kinky:
America is going into bondage.
Lisbon1940 on the fall of right-wing media:
Drudge is obsolete under Trump. No need for a middleman.
NetAddicted has been reading Penthouse Letters and then applying it to gays:
I read part of an article about “p*ssy whisperer.” It was about married women having lesbian affairs (a whisperer can talk a straight women into sex). Faggots are aiming to make homosexuality something boys will consider. They probably don’t care if they’re bisexual. They just want it to be accepted to have sex with post-pubescent boys.
Iron Munro realizes Obama may not destroy America after all:
The Obamatollah may not be able to finish his "Fundamental Transformation" of America buy turning the USA into an Islamo/socialist third world toilet, but he can give us a parting shot by wrecking millions of our personal vehicles.
Zionist Conspirator wants a return of stoning and no mixed fabrics:
Chrstianity must exorcise itself of the notion that all those laws are no longer in force.

Chrstians have spent two thousand years running down the Torah. They didn't think there'd be consequences???
MinuteGal is on the personal battle Trump supporters had on Free Republic:
Congratulations and a pat on the back to all the Ever-Trump freepers on this forum who stayed the course, endured countless slings and arrows aimed at them politically and personally, yet stood by their man all these many months.

A job well done, patriots! Pop the corks tonight!!!
EDINVA does some populism concern trolling:
How do these people .. so poor when they arrive, they can barely pay off their college loans.... manage to buy the biggest mansions in DC ... and far, far, far from the African-American neighborhoods?
Could NOT BE much farther away and still be in DC. Effin hypocrites, all of them. They just use African-Americans to get elected then ignore/disregard/escape them! For shame.
1Old Pro - Trump backing out of debating Sanders was another masterstroke:
Just the mere mention of a debate with Sanders accomplishes the demeaning of Hillary. - even though the debate has 0 chance of occurring.
Future Useless Eater recalls what a benevolent dictator Qadaffi was.
I personally am ashamed that our country, especially Hillary, played a part in executing the leader of Libya, and causing the refugee problems throughout Europe, Africa, and even here.

It is my understanding that Qadaffi was sharing the country's oil-wealth very well with his people, and it had modern beautiful cities, before NATO started bombing.

A person could easily say, of the US citizens at the embassy in at Benghazi who lost their lives on 9/11 of 2012, that their deaths may have been caused by Mrs. Clinton's shameful involvement, and possibly by her felonious handling of these state secrets.
Mr Radical wonders if the Obama Presidency has been the Clinton Presidency all along:
I’m starting to wonder if the Clintons didn’t have a lot more power than Obama. Otherwise why was Blumenthal discussing all of this with Hillary?

This would make sense. Never got the impression that 0bama had the intellect to organize very much, he just follows orders. Bill and Hillary looked pretty sore that the Clinton dynasty had to step aside to let the 'Community Organizer' take the top spot, but maybe behind the scenes she's been doing much.
DarthVader spends his time coming up with tepid but bitter burns on Obama:
Obama is such a piece of human excrement. He is a vile, disgusting, rotten jerk. Our worst president ever in history, bar none. May he roam the nether world as a shade for eternity, knowing no peace, nor no home. Michelle only can roam with him; that will be his punishment, eternity with his nemesis, his own wife.

You think the way I do. I have a few pet names for him along these lines:

ONBM - ONastyBowelMovementUla
OAD - OAnalDischargeUla
IA- The Imperial Anus

and much much more!

He is married to a Wookie!
Against England in the EU, Tennessee Nana recalls the glory days when England was independent and powerful. You know, except for the constant alliances and all those colonies.
for many years England was so important and had such vast lands that “the sun never set on the British Empire”

she was literately the leader of the free world..

and no other European country could touch what she was...

and all without the help of those same European countries...and often in spite of them...

the stupidest thing England has done in modern days is to align herself so thoroughly with countries who at one time could not hold a candle to her magnificence...

Escape from them she must if England is to survive as a nation..a sovereign nation standing on her own..
meatloaf gleefully discusses Hillary giving Obama a blowjob:
Check the latest polls out of Kalifornia. Bernie is almost even with Hillary. If He ties her or beats her in Kalifornia she better wipe off her lip stick, put on her knee pads and go talk to Obama and beg for a pardon.

I think she’ll be out of the race before the end of June. If she doesn’t crush Sanders in Kalifornia, her Wall Street money will dry up.
stars & stripes forever quotes a radio show that Trump is the Hand of God:
"the Spirit of the Lord told me that there was a prayer, there was something he had as a younger man with the Lord that the Lord marked his life and separated him, and because of that is the prosperity that [he]has experienced, come on his life, in spite of what people believe of his belief systems. But this is a man who is going to be used of God to bring to light a lot of dirt. For many years to come you’re going to hear him as a man who started in the forefront and in the media to expose the secrets of darkness in society and in government here in America."
poconopundit explains that Trump prays by being just like Jesus:
Remember the parable of the fig tree? If it bears no fruit, cut it down!

Well, the Donald has been bringing in the figs for decades -- creating value, hiring people, getting rich, and reinvesting in his business. And now he's cultivating a that YUGE orchard of figs, America. And he's sacrificing a lot of easy life to do that.

Most of us pray with words. Others pray by turning dreams, high thoughts, instruction of other men, and enormous dedication into blessed actions to harvest an incredible crop from His bounty.


  1. Hmm... I guess Zionist Conspirator wants to do away with usury as well then. Interesting, since that is a linchpin of our modern capitalist system.

    I'd love to see the freepers pick sides and fight over that.




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    3. Yes. In English "TRUMP RUMP" means "FART BUTTOCKS" so that probably does lead to a "STINKY TWINKIE" (particularly if repeated). Or were you just commenting that he's a flatulent ass?