Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trump 'fun'

Too weird to fit into Monday.

Byron_the_Aussie discusses  (via gif for some reason) Trump's real appeal is how fun he is:
Ricky Vaughn ‏@Ricky_Vaughn99 2 hours ago"The secret weapon in Trump's arsenal? He's fun."
Cucks and neocons love Trump despite themselves! Just like Blacks and Hispanics.

AuntB thinks anger is never fun:
They mislabel Trump’s enthusiasm and passion for ‘anger’ even when he’s smiling and laughing....THEY can’t stand that we are having a good time.
Byron_the_Aussie shows the kind of fun we mean:
It's the fun that's so uplifting, AuntB. Especially when it's at our tormentors' expense:


  1. So a plane goes missing from Paris to Cairo.

    Freepers say it's terrorism.

    When it's declared to be mechanical failure, they'll say it's a cover-up and therefore truly terrorism.

    It must be exhausting in the mind of a Freeper!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Freeper: /shits pants
      //writes 10,000 word post on FR on how this is Obama's fault

  2. "Watch a dashing rogue on a soap opera"

    Wow. I guess the Daily Show was right spot on a few nights ago the telenovela "La Passion de la Donaldo"!

    If you're at all familiar with telenovelas, you should find the sketch quite funny.