Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Objective Scrutator keeps his worldview black-and-white:
(All liberals are criminals, and all criminals are liberals)
tumblindice takes the other side of the coin = that conservative = all good things:
(America's founding fathers: all armed conservatives.)
Arm_Bears has the always eye-catching mass lynching advocacy:
(Rope. Tree. Politician/Journalist. Some assembly required.)
kearnyirish2 wants everyone to know how oppressed whites are:
(Affirmative action is economic warfare against white males (and therefore white families).)
L,TOWM's name stands for "Liberals, The Other White Meat"
(Is it still too soon to start shooting? [No social transformation without representation])
knarf is proud to be ignorant:
(I say things that are true ... I have no proof ... but they're true)
papertyger illustrates the symbol of a resistor. GET IT!
HombreSecreto is putting his lack of empathy to lucrative use!
(The life of a repo man is always intense)
petercooper is well beyond dog whistles:
(All the world's problems are caused by the sandrats, hoodrats, gimmedats, democrats and commiecrats.)
mrsmel has a popular one - a song lyric still fighting the Civil War:
(I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
unread has another popular sentiment among those nostalgic for Cold War paranoia:
(Joe McCarthy was right.......)
Islander7 explains the left is so evil it drinks poo!
(There is no septic system so vile, so filthy, the left won't drink from to further their agenda)
cableguymn is either super dumb or dog whistling:
(We need a redneck in the white house....)
SampleMan has fallen to the Cruz Purge:
(Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)
Based on Freepers, Envisioning is correct, but not in the ironic way he means:
(4.13.15 - That awkward moment in history when 53 million racists became sexists...)
Is Ken H keeping up a brave face, or actually this blindly optimistic?
(Best election ever!)
Behind Liberal Lines lives in Ithaca, NY.
(Obama loves America the way OJ loved Nicole)
MotorCityBuck loves Home Alone, I guess?
( Keep the change, you filthy animal! ,)


  1. This is just bizarre in its logical fallicies: Gay men want access to girls restrooms to molest little girls? Huh?

    To: tuffydoodle
    Patrick is smart to let the homos know Texans are real men and won’t accept their agenda to give men access to women’s bathrooms or for that matter cougar pervs into the stalls with young boys.

    6 posted on 5/10/2016, 6:01:31 AM by jsanders2001

    1. Not illogical, in the strictest sense, the logic is based on some serious misconceptions (bigotry, surprise, surprise). That is, gay = sexuality deviant. Pedophile = sexuality deviant. Rapist = sexuality deviant. Therefore, all homosexuals = rapists and pedophiles.

      Though with the way some Freepers talk, I'm not sure they think rape is a real thing.Or all that bad. Depending on the person.

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    4. And I must apologize for all my deleted comments and sometimes weird formatting. My phone and Blogger don't seem to get along too well, resulting in double posts.

    5. But if a passable TG woman goes into the restroom of her born sex, wouldn't there be a problem if a man is in there?

      Seems that this is what the law sought to correct.

    6. The problem is even knowing what you mean.

      I'm assuming "TG woman" means a person without Y chromosomes who has adjusted their phenotype to suggest to others the presence of Y chromosomes?

      Not many men (in my experience) have that much of a problem with women using urinals. Any nightclub or music festival.

    7. So... you've see a lot of women using urinals? Speaking as a woman, I know it's possible, but not something most of us are trained in (including me, for the record).

    8. Sure. You do NOT want to sit down on music festival toilets. There are gadgets specifically to assist with this (google: "SheWee") but I know that lots of women have mastered the art without such assistance.

  2. TWINKIE'S feelings are hurt. No one on here
    will talk to her & she has had such a
    difficult time of it lately. :o(

    ODIE COLOGNEY came back inside
    DUB'S enclosure last night. I've had
    to move DUB'S food. ODIE has been
    stealing DUB'S food.

    DOG FOOD isn't too good for skunks.
    ODIE needs to get back out to the
    woods so she can eat REAL food! I've
    been feeding DUB a bit of real meat
    lately & BOO-BOO gets Purina Hippie
    Cat Food with meat & also WILDCAT
    food with real wild meat in it
    (venison & other wild meat). I don't
    want to feed the skunk. She does not
    need to trust humans too much. She
    sprays DUB, but does not unload her
    full spray bag on the dog. ODIE
    crawled through the smallest crack
    in the fence I've ever seen.
    Was drinking DUB'S water last night.
    I don't mind that; but ODIE really
    needs to get herself straightened out!

    I've ordered a more substantial pair of
    BALLET SLIPPERS witih more support. I
    had to face reality.

    I *hope* this posts twice instead of just
    getting wiped off the thread as it is


    1. Gotta say, naming a skunk Odie is a masterstroke.

    2. ODIE was the name of that skunk on
      "Rocky & Bullwinkle" - ODIE O.
      COLOGNY who's loyal & true blue.
      There's TOOTER & the WIZARD, they'll
      be there set to go! EVERYONE, COME
      SHOW! Our son liked King Leonardo
      You know, Here comes Leonardo,
      Leonardo Lion, etc., etc.

      I watched the old Howdy Doody Show
      when I was a little kid; with
      Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle the Clown,
      Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring,
      Mr. Greenjeans, Mr. Bluster & a host
      of others. Mr. Bluster was the evil
      "rich", ya'll know how that is.

      Our son liked Sesame Street. Believe
      me, we learned "how to get to
      Sesame Street".

      OK. Well, I'm looking forward to
      getting the new BALLET SLIPPERS I
      ordered today. Maybe I'll be able
      to walk on rough gravel in those when
      I have to go to the compost bin.
      OUCH! I also ordered a pair of
      Sunday dress shoes in a light color
      for summer.

      I HOPE the new BALLET SLIPPERS will
      have thicker soles than these do.
      I think I may have built them up to
      be better than they actually are.

      I hope ODIE behaves tonight. Fang
      plugged up the hole it was crawling
      into Dub's fenced-in area. I know
      it gets hungry; but it needs to eat
      regular skunk food & not the junk
      Dubbers eats. I just gave Dub a
      dog biskit dipped in Jif natural
      peanut butter. - My animals are
      FAT enough; but that *could* just
      mean they eat too much junk food.

      OK. Wish me luck on my new

      Oh, yeah. I ordered 3 pendants of
      some kind of stone that absorbs
      those harmful rays from some of our
      electric gadgets. I also have a
      salt lamp in the room where Fang
      watches tv. If he knew it was to
      absorb harmful rays; he'd have a fit
      & throw it in the garbage! At this
      computer I have a cactus plant set
      under the monitor. . & now these
      magical - woo, woo, woo - STONES
      harmful rays from electricity.

      I promise it will not interfere
      with my career in the BALLET!

      Love, TWINKIE KING

    3. All of this Twinkie stuff reads like a coded message. Congrats Twink, I assume you're sending a message to the future Ala 12 Monkeys.

  3. Someone took a very odd lesson from Bud's fate

    "I won't have any Communists in my car. No Christians, neither!"

  4. The so-called conservative Christians get hard-ons for torture even when the experts tell them it is counterproductive. I'm not sure they care if torture results in useable information, they like it for the fun of it.