Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Pix

The spite for their own party continues to grow.
Guys, guys! Don't let go of your Cruz hate yet!
Curious mix of loser and yet also sinister. Also, can you trust a man this shiny?
More and more, it seems Freepers think only villains can capture Trump's badassness. 
Liberals turn cities into one single run-down building!
The dangers of strawmanning: according to this cartoon, Freepers share beliefs with jihadis, but get none of the liberal love! 
So many historical massacres are rationalized with this genocide them before they genocide you logic.
Speculative Obama breaks loose, rampages through history!
Freepers continue to lament how hard it is being the dominant majority.
Sarah Palin. 'nuff said.


  1. I hate to have to break it to ya'll;
    but, the stuff ya'll have been buying
    for years is labeled "cinnamon", but it
    is NOT cinnamon. It is TREE BARK that
    sort of smells like cinnamon. :o(

    Butt, now ya'll can get TRUE CINNAMON
    from Ceylon. (It is not all the expensive
    either!) I order FANG'S TRUE CINNAMON
    CAPSULES from Ebay; and also get just
    plain TRUE CINNAMON in the powdered form
    to use in our French toast.

    That derned old fake tree bark cinnamon
    (really called by another name) can also
    cause some physical problems. NICE! :O(

    Well, that's about all ya'll can take
    for now. I had more; but ya'll are too
    wussy to be able to stand it.

    GIT A LIFE! Go over & critique the
    horrible language on D.U. Every other
    word is the "F" word. I am SERIOUS!

    D.U. is going to H-E-double hockey stix
    in a handbasket; and ya'll are busting
    a gut critiquing F.R.

    It is sad. :o(


    1. Disclaimer: TWINKIE does not sell TRUE
      CINNAMON; so she has no financial
      interest in pushing TRUE CINNAMON.

      TWINKIE can still not get BOO-BOO to
      take her DIATOMACEOUS EARTH, nor her
      GARLIC POWDER sprinkled in her food -
      not even turn in oil. DUBBERS will
      slurp down ANYTHING, no matter how

      Dogs are allergic to quite a few
      things; so you have to be careful.

      This morning; there was a teeny-tiny
      little mouse in the bathroom hiding
      behind the trash can. The heifer
      scurried into the side of the paneling; only her tail was left
      sticking out in plain sight. HOW

      I'm sure it is Mrs. Tittlemouse's
      little great-great-great-great-great-
      grandchild; so I don't have the heart
      to do anything to it. I DID set a
      little Hav-a-Hart trap for it & baited
      it with cheese. When it springs; I
      will haul her little BUTT way down in
      the edge of the woods where I spread
      the colored cat food yesterday.

      TWINKIE'S life is hard!! Butt, her
      life is FAIR!

      Love, TWINKIE KING

    2. Dearest TWINKIE, you seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that everyone reading this blog is motivated by a political ideology. Not so.

      The reason I ignore DU is because it is essentially boring and juvenile. It lacks the extreme insanity and consistent "wrongness" that makes FR special.

      That is the power of the "ZOT". Rim's decade long ideological eugenics program has nurtured FR into a pure, almost crystalline, distillate of bigotry, fear, cowardice and lunacy that is unmatched at any other point on the political spectrum.

      Silencing alternative viewpoints leads to generations of ideological inbreeding and any livestock farmer can tell you what happens to a "pure bred master race": accumulation of defective memes to the point that every belief system is retarded, corrupted and fatally dysfunctional.

      That's why I read FR. Its a freak show. Extraordinary, deformed intellectual mutants exhibited to the public for ridicule and amusement.

      A bit unfashionable in the modern "caring" era I guess. One isn't supposed to mock the afflicted after all. However I'm a bit of a social conservative like that. If it was acceptable 250 years ago (like the Constitution) then I don't see any problem with it today. I'm sure Freepers agree!

    3. Pls talk more about your father's experiences in the early space program, that short block of rambling from yesterday was pretty interesting.

    4. Daddy first went to Redstone to work
      on a maintenance crew doing carpentry
      work. (The various buildings down
      there had to be maintained, just as
      your house has to be if you don't
      want it to fall down around your ears.)

      He had been a soldier in WWII & had
      battle fatigue from that. He was
      older than most of my classmates'
      fathers were.

      He got his hands dirty working at
      his job & he did an honest day's
      work for a day's pay. Before he
      retired from down there, he did
      more procurement of building
      materials & supplies because he
      knew where to find good stuff cheap.
      Also, like me, he talked a lot; so
      his supervisor liked him, but had to
      give him a long leash as "Radio"
      would talk their ears off. Daddy had
      come from Milan Arsenal with that
      same crew to Huntsville, AL for the
      space program.

      I worked one summer after graduation
      typing work orders for the Valve Unit
      on the Saturn V Project. I'd never
      typed on an electric typewriter &
      what we had down there were the snap
      on IBM Selectric balls that had sort
      of Greek symbols I'd never seen before in my life! It was a miracle
      I typed those orders! Five years later, when that Saturn V rocket
      blasted off for the moon; I was SO
      nervous I'd done something stupid
      that would wreck the whole project.
      When Armstrong stepped onto the moon;
      I felt a bit of relief - but even more when they finally returned
      safely! I prayed I hadn't done
      something stupid.

      Anyway, we weren't big shots down
      there. I had been given tours of the
      indoor pool where the astronauts
      trained & a whole bunch of stuff I
      didn't really understand. Von Braun
      would ride in on his little golf cart
      with some other scientists on the
      concrete floor below where the welders were welding the rocket
      pieces together. I'd sometimes be
      on break & didn't really think much
      about seeing history right before my

      Many of the parts of the thing could
      not be contaminated by handling with
      the naked hands. So, there was an
      enclosed clean room where workers
      had to stick their hands into heavy
      gloves that stayed in the clean room.
      Workers sat at the glassed-in stations & worked on the various
      parts. It took so MANY parts! We
      were just the VALVE UNIT. I don't
      even know how many other units were

      There was a sign on-site "WHAT YOU

      I did & somehow we made it. I even
      had dreams of being on a space shot
      to the moon - NOT that I actually
      WANTED TO go; but it sticks with you.

      I'll shut up. TWINKIE

    5. Seems very similar to the work I do in modern day with explosives (the clean rooms and stuff.) My mother used to type manuals also back in the day (80s, I'm one of those hated millenials). I think she worked for the Army Corps of Engineers.
      Thank you for your time. Take a break from FR, the place is a nuthouse these days.

    6. Daddy's sister worked at Milan
      Arsenal during the Korean War on
      the munitions mfg. belt. One day,
      a defective shell got past the
      inspectors. Everybody ran out in
      terror. Aunt Mary ran back in &
      stopped the belt at the controls
      before it reached the point where it
      was going to blow up & take a few
      buildings with it. She got a

      When my dad was in the Army Infantry
      in Italy, one of the new guys jumped
      up on a wall below Cassino. He was
      running & jumping acting up. Daddy
      reached up to pull him down because
      of the German snipers stationed at
      Cassino. Daddy said, "GET DOWN!" but
      was too late; the guy was mortally
      wounded. Daddy had already seen combat & had an excellent CO, Captain
      Theodore Noon. Cap'n Noon was tough
      as nails! A German officer shot him
      in the neck AFTER he had already had
      one of his legs shot off by a German
      machine gunner. The enlisted men,
      Daddy always felt for them a bit; but
      the Nazi officers he had no use for
      them. - War leaves its mark on lots
      of people. LOTS & LOTS of them.


      Looks like he was a smart guy. I'm sure he was a good CO.
      Munitions handling used to be even more dangerous than it is now. There's a lot more safety regulations these days. They get tiresome sometimes but on the other hand theyre a lot better than being blown up by accident.

  2. Anyone else enjoying the almost daily #nevertrump are not welcome postings from Jim? Dissension must be cutting into the thon bottom line.

  3. Replies
    1. Ha! Thanks for sharing the insanity :)

    2. Trying not to steal any thunder from future Saturday pix. But I couldn't let this one slip by us.

    3. Naw, I hadn't seen it yet. We'll see if they spam it all this week, that's usually how the pics make it in (though this was awesome enough it's in regardless.)

  4. Freepers on zika virus, it's a scam by the WHO don't you know....