Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's always Civil War 2 time!

So much for the ballot box.

Even in triumph, Freepers are eager to find some spite and make it their world. In this case, some guy on twitter posted a picture of someone with a Trump shirt with a bloody face and their head all wrapped up. Freepers don't bother with skepticism, and go directly to calling for executing all the liberals.

1217Chic looks to bikers for violence:
So I guess violence back is the only way to stop this....why should Trump supports get the sh*t kicked out of them and no one fights back....hey where the bikers????
Trumpinator - this revolution is peaceful:
Ballot boxes this revolution or the next may involve bullet boxes.
But Trumpinator kinda thinks violence is a conservative value:
‘If It Takes a Bloodbath, Then Let’s Get It Over With’ - Ronald Reagan.
Angels27 knows how to solve the problem of all these people she doesn't like!
Sometimes I think this country needs a Civil War II so we can clean out all the filth that resides in it.
freedomjusticeruleoflaw does not seem to understand how wars work:
The war has already begun; it’s waiting for one side to engage.
1Old Pro knows the powerful Right is mostly inactive:
The bottom line is that the liberal media doesn’t seem too upset about this. The fact is, they haven’t seen a real revolution and they had better be careful not to awaken the sleeping giant - The Right.
dragonblustar is totally feeling ready to shoot a lib:
Pay back is coming for the left. People are getting tired of being abused and pushed around.
Louis Foxwell explains that Trump is the only thing preventing the rampage:
When leftist injustice brings anger against it to a boiling point it will be destroyed, utterly. We are very, very close. Trump is not heating up the pressure cooker, he is providing an escape valve.

If Trump is stopped by violence or corruption the top will blow. If you were frightened at the ghettos burning when MLK was killed you have not seen real revolution.
Bryanw92 expects genocide any day now:
The USA is turning into Rwanda or Bosnia a little more every day. We can either be the future victims of genocide or not. It’s our choice.
Envisioning is probably typing really hard:
Need to hit them back twice as hard...
Farmer Dean - if it weren't for laws, he'd kill so many people!
We haven’t fought yet because we still believe in the rule of law. It’s the only thing keeping a lot of people alive.
Envisioning is mixing up zombie fiction with some kinda real life fantasy:
So what will the loyalty test look like?

1. How many walkers have you killed?

2. How many people have you killed?


  1. "Sometimes I think this country needs a Civil War II so we can clean out all the filth that resides in it."

    Unlike the Civil War I when those Southern soldiers who died were patriots and we should be able to fly their flag.

    I wonder how they'd feel about after Civil War II- if they'd allow the losing liberal side to fly their flag, supposing that the Conservatives are victorious.

  2. I don't think anyone who considers other human beings 'filth' because they disagree with them should be allowed anywhere near a weapon. But that's just me.

  3. Ah bikers the ultimate freeper bad asses.