Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Potpourri Pt. I

I'm working today, so regular Monday fare it shall be!

Roos_Girl thinks Freepers are joking when they talk about Kenyan-Muslim-Commie Obama's secret Benghazi plot:
Please, do not be a buzz kill to all the fun conspiracy theories by injecting common sense to the comments.
MrEdd has an extraordinarily odd idea of who are Muslims:
All of the #Nevertrump crowd are nascent islamists, and even the people who flirted with the movement temporarily were openly backing Islam against the American people for a time.
Mariner warns about bitch Hillary:
This Hillary character is a pro. Do not underestimate this bitch, lest she have you in chains.
Fishtalk is one of those who thinks Freepers are do correct that Democrats secretly agree with them:
I sit and watch the Dems, all of them KNOWING Hillary is not going to work.

Because if nothing else, Donald Trump is going to bring up the infidelities, the mean-ness of this woman, the scandals of her past.

Without the Lamestream media able to bottle it up, the American voters are going to hear all about this and like you said, the Democrats are so beholden to Hillary and that corrupt Clinton foundation that they will stand numbly by her side as she implodes.

Yeah, the notion makes me smile.
Kenton is racist, y'all!
Yeah, they do have a lot of beauty shops in the more "diverse" areas of the big cities, don't they?

Judging from the results I've seen, they seem to be as big a scam as fortune tellers.
TTFlyer invokes George Carlin in favor of nationalism and guns:
“Wants to give Vietnamese communists guns, outlaw guns for Americans.”

Right out of a George Carlin routine.
oh8eleven can't let go of his Vietnam hatred:
As long as a single POW remains alive, Øbama and Vietnam can kiss this VN vet's ass.

justa-hairyape remembers when Obama took office in January 2001:
Is there a country on this planet left untouched by the warmonger Obama ?
HypatiaTaught on Hillary's Muslim assistant:
I have the belief this Huma chick is a Muslim Mole sent to Hillary back the late 1990’s. She became Hillary’s intern from the start and became super close to push the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.. The twisted Hitlery is being used by the Terrorists.
stonehouse01 goes further, noting that Huma seems less than devout, which proves she's secretly super-devout Taqiyya!
Huma Mahmood Abedin’s immediate family has deep ties to the Muslim brotherhood and the House of Saud.

She “married” a Jew and “loves” Hillary. Really???

Muslims do NOT marry Jews and it almost certain that Abedin is practicing the Islamic jihad Principle of al-Taqiyya - Hadith 5.59.369 Quran. She is in all likelihood a spy for the House of Saud and could black mail Hillary so fast one’s head would spin.

Hillary is completely corrupt and a traitor who associates with traitors.

Trump can expose all this - we should all pray daily for his safety. (I do.)
faithhopecharity is reading a whole ot into Trump shooting off his mouth:
Hillary wants to disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime neighborhoods. Whether it's a young, single mom in Florida or a grandmother in Ohio, Hillary wants them to be defenseless

oh boy, Trump can sure campaign!!!!!!!!!!! wow!
that hits home all across the political landscape...
1. Hillary and Obama as Criminals and criminal-lovers, Obama releasing thousands from prison while importing hundreds of thousands of very dangerous IslamoNazi young fighting-age America-hating jihadist men
2. Women as oppressed and disrepected by Hillary and enabing sick old men to rush right into the Ladies’ rooms all across America, as we all watch the sexual harassment and rape cases
3. Hillary as someone who talks a lot about women but pretty much only has policies that hurt them or take advantage of them or ... leave them defenseless and vulnerable 4. the constitutionalists amongst us
5. the men who care about women (which is most men, albeit not all).. as human beings, as wives, as mothers, as daughters
6. the second amendment community nationwide

,... all in a one sentence statement, Trump garners support across the boards.... while leaving Hillary unable to explain her way out of it

this campaign is definitely gonna be ENTERTAINING...ha ha!
and ESPECIALLY if Hillary somehow manages to buy her corrupt way to the D nomination!!!! WOW~! Trump’s gonna pulverize Hillary!!
DCBryan1 is pretty into Zimmerman selling his gun, and doubles down on worshiping the shootings of blacks:
If Kel-Tec were smart, they would have created a "Zimmerman Personal Freedom/Personal Protection special edition". Hell throw a regular PF9 in an engraved box lined with cut foam, couple of spare magazines, and emblazon the box top with the American flag and ole Tray Tray's body picture as a reminder:
Psalm 144 tells a story about some awesome vigilante justice:
I once saw a female sex crime victim’s parents pay the bail for an accused.

He was released, and disappeared soon after. Listed as a fugitive.

There is a silver lining to be found in an acquittal or nolle pros.
jsanders2001 is super excited about maybe getting a little righteous vigilante action himself soon:
My dad told me of a Pastor that some 40 years ago, hunted down and killed a rapist.

He told me of how he took the girl drove around, identified the type of car first and then the rapist.

He then brought the girl home went out hunted the rapist down, walked up to him put one round in his gut, and walked away,.

The point, Revolvers leave no casing and dead rapist rape no more.

More fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands need to do that.

The new dawn of evil is forcing us to think that way and believe me it IS going to happen because we can no longer expect the government to protect us or seek justice based on the color of our skin, our gender, or religion. Natural law is the fallback mechanism when a government becomes as corrupt as the one we see today.
Tucker39 only gets more afraid every time it's released we caught some other wannabe terrorist yahoo:
Way to go, there, LEOs. Spill your guts and blat it all over the globe how you caught one wimpy wannabe. Beating your collective chests and blowing off about your embellished exploits in order to make your sissy pantywaist boss look good will not work; and will only make the real terrorists thrice as wary and elusive. Blabberguts!
central_va thinks tariffs are super common these days:
Trade is twisted by every country charging us tariffs on our exports and we do nothing to retaliate.
central_va is pretty sure free trade is Communist now...?
I tell you what Free Traitors™ are doing exactly what Marx wanted them to do.
Arthur McGowan explains how the Catholic Church is totally unclear in it's position on abortion:
McAuliffe is pro-abortion. He is allowed to receive Communion. From this, all rational people conclude that abortion is not evil, and supporting it is not a sin.
TexasFreeper2009 explain how pardoning like 100 drug dealers means that all crime is now Obama's fault:
Obama has been letting criminals out of jail at a record pace that were suppose to be there for the rest of their lives.

And now crime is spiking... coincidence?


  1. "As long as a single POW remains alive, Øbama and Vietnam can kiss this VN vet's ass."

    The question now becomes, dies he believe there are still living POWS imprisoned in Vietnam or is he just saying the rage will live on as long as anyone who was ever a POW is still alive?

    1. I'm pretty sure it's the former.

    2. It's the latter. TWINKIE

    3. Vote Trump, TWINKIE! He said avoiding getting a sexually transmitted disease in the 1960s was his own "personal Vietnam."

    4. He said. She said. - GOSSIPS ASSES &
      GOSSIPS faces; always seen in public
      places. - Yep. IF TRUMP is the
      Republican nominee, as it appears he
      shall be; I will walk barefoot over
      rough gravel (not broken glass as I
      don't wish to bleed to death) - to
      vote for DONALD TRUMP, against
      as H-E-double hockey sticks can't
      make a worse mess than HUSSEIN


    5. WELLL..LLLLLL...LLLLLL? I'm waiting
      for another smart ass reply!!!


    6. Oh, I didn't think you needed a reply. I'm glad you agree that Donald Trump's venereal diseases while he was stationed in Poontang during the Viet Nam war were as big a sacrifice as the POWs made.

    7. AND . . TA.DA.TA.DA.TE.DA!!!!!!!!!!
      William Jefferson Clit-on wussed out
      as well; butt can you blame him for
      opting out of an UNJUST war?\s


    8. I'm glad you agree that it was unjust. No, I'm blaming him for equating his pussy hunt with the sacrifice of POWs because it was so hard for him to avoid VD.

    9. You saw my sarcasm tag. That's libs
      fer ya. Pretend not to see what they
      don't want to see.

      Oh. . and quit talking nasty else
      TWINKIE will have to wash your mouth
      out with soap & water!!

      I don't hear all this stuff ya'll
      claim ya'll hear. You'uns is hearing
      things. A bad sign of demented
      personality disorder DPD.


    10. Did you contribute to the freeperthon twinkle? Its almost to yellow.

    11. Yellow -- just like Donald J. Trump.

    12. The difference between Trump and Bill Clinton is that one was for the war at the time and one was not. When you weasel out of fighting in a war you support, that's when you become a cowardly douche.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Trump has the gall to trash talk an American Veteran John McCain who served his country and spent 5 years as a POW being tortured in the American uniform. Trump says he's not a hero because he was captured. Meanwhile Trump dodged the draft five times using his rich daddy's influence. This is what passes for a Republican hero these days? Pathetic.

  3. Trump has the gall to trash talk an American Veteran John McCain who served his country and spent 5 years as a POW being tortured in the American uniform. Trump says he's not a hero because he was captured. Meanwhile Trump dodged the draft five times using his rich daddy's influence. This is what passes for a Republican hero these days? Pathetic.