Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bill Clinton is gonna die

There's a super unflattering photo of Bill Clinton. I can't find it elsewhere, so I don't know the extent to which it's photoshopped or some other high definition trickery.

But Freepers love bad photos of people they hate; I find their childlike need for bad things to look bad to be one of their more odd quirks. Plus, they want the Clintons to die already, especially given the depraved life they assume the Clinton have read.

So here is some random thread that got derailed with Freepers predicting, hoping, and cheering for both Bill and Hillary to die. Until the False Flag folks break in...

Hot Tabasco speculates about the go-to vice for Freepers, drinking.
Wow, he really looks bad in that picture. And he’s only 69? He looks like someone heavily into alcohol..........
RightGeek thinks Bill is too sinful to even care about medical science:
Untreated syphillis
WashingtonSource doesn't bother to choose even one STD:
Looks lie death warmed over. Syphilis AIDS and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea.
savagesusie makes the inevitable soul cite:
Good grief, he looks so sickly and evil.

His Soul is being revealed.

GilGil has the insight that older folks take medicine:
Hillary has had a lot of coughing attacks and cannot hide them. So who dies first? Hillary or Bill.

Those two could not stay alive 24 hours without their drugs.
GilGil thinks this has electoral moment:
With Bill looking like he is and now Hillary better just save time and swear Trump in!
Vision Thing kinda puts Bill on a level equal to God?
Looks like God will win the battle that bill clinton has instigated against Him. Go God Go!
edh doesn't understand how this can be real what with the Clintons' assassination powers and all:
That looks photoshopped. The Clintons would kill anyone who took a photo like that let alone released one. Maybe Bill is trying out for a role on The Walking Dead?
Eddie01 is sure this is a false flag:
The attempt to make Bill a sypathetic figure has begun.

Like putting a neck brace on your client.

“you can’t say those nasty things about this poor ex-president suffering from dimensia.”

NKP_Vet totally read somewhere about this whole story he totally hasn't made up and ends with Trump just wrecking the Clintons with sick burns!
Read somewhere that soon it’ll be reported that Bill Clinton will be diagnosed with a major illness. He’s 69 years old but could pass for 85. Hillary is waiting to announce it at the right political time. Will benefit her in these ways:

1) Sympathy
2) Gives her an excuse to drop out if necessary (for Biden).
3) Gives her an excuse for her inevitable lapses from the campaign trail for her own health problem. She’s 68, but looks 80.
4) Gives her another healthcare card to play (I know healthcare, my husband is in a hospital right now undergoing treatment. I know how expensive and difficult it is...that’s why we need Obamacare).
5) This is probably the biggest one - it allows her to play the war on women card again against Trump. Let me explain.

Right now, Hillary can’t play that card because Trump says “You enabled Bill as a sexual predator.” Once he’s sick, she can play the whole sympathy “you are attacking a sick man in the hospital who can’t even respond” blah, blah, basically it’s her defense to continue her war on women narrative, which is essential to her election.

And to all this Trump will say “I am sorry to hear Bill Clinton is sick but he was not sick when you were destroying the lives of the women he sexually abused. It goes directy to your character and what you have made a history of doing to people for the last 40 years that have gotten in the way of your blind ambition and lust for power. You enabled him, you know it, and all Americans that lived through that trying time in our nation’s history know it. It was horrible, and I mean horrible what you and him put those women through and are still putting them through if they dare speak out about the abuse. Their lives have been destroyed”!!
At this point, false flag delusions are far more than convenient ways to deal with cognitive dissonance; they've become an addiction turned to even when unnecessary.


  1. The fact that President Clinton would be elected again, if he were able to run, pisses freepers off to mo end

    1. That, and that Trump would support Bill Clinton (and Hillary) if he weren't running himself.

    2. So, FM bows to the Clintons. How
      sad! I doubt that Billious could be
      elected again. He IS running again, come to think of it, in the form of
      HITLER-Y CLINTON & it is far from a
      "done deal" that she'll be elected.

      HE cannot run again; and he does owe
      Hitler-y a debt of gratitude for
      "standing by her man and destroying
      Lewinsky" & any of the other women
      Billious has abused.

      Look, HUSSEIN has been bad news for
      this country AND - newsflash - HE IS
      NOT BLACK!! He is half-white - and
      that half of him has been a disaster,
      too. He has stirred up enough crap
      in the Middle East to bring about

      "President Clinton" IS, in reality,
      EX-PRESIDENT CLINTON, just like all
      past presidents.

      No. Billious won't be elected again
      even in one of Hitler-y's pantsuits!


    3. Despite the fearmongering, I'd imagine your life has managed to be largely the same since Obama was elected. Same as with Bush. And it will not change much if Hillary is elected.

      It seems to me there are a lot more ways things could get worse than ways things could get better if Trump's elected.

      Of course, that's because I think America's great. If you think America is the worst, then you have nowhere to go but up!
      But you seem more optimistic than that to me, TK.

    4. "But you seem more optimistic than that to me, TK."

      I disagree.
      Lucid posts, like TWINKIE's above, betray her act as a ditzy old wrinklebag.

      She (or possibly "He") is just another typical freeper, a blinders-on republican, using all the tired old Limbaugh style cliche words that are still popular over on FR.

      Unless you're actually in the mood to be a sad old chicken-little (again, typical freeper), then things are generally pretty good for individual citizens and the nation as a whole.

    5. I assume good faith. Even if she's pretending, you can hoist them by their own mask.

      Though I will admit I suffer fools gladly to a fault. Probably how I can keep up this blog.

    6. No mention of slippers or magic stones. I don't think it's twinkie fam.

    7. Yeah, I agree it's an act, to what purpose, other than working people up, I don't know. I'm happy to see people here not giving in to getting nasty back to "her" though. But it's also why I decided to stop responding.

    8. Yeah. It didn't take long for TK to fall into the "don't bother reading this drivel" category. When it's not puerile, it's just bog-standard Freep.

  2. Yea I know most people lives were unchanged between Bush and Obama. But there's at least a couple million people whose lives were destroyed as a direct result of Bush's deregulations and war policies. People lost their homes, and children lost their parents.

    I don't like that Obama hasn't gotten us out of the conflicts were in, but at least the conflicts we got into weren't against the wishes of the entire world. I don't like that he had the DoJ back off on prosecuting banks for the financial crisis, but at least he made it harder for them to do it again.

    I'm sick of this bullshit. Republicans would gladly steer us in to another meltdown, all the while acting as if the Democrats are the irresponsible party. They wave flags of hate and under that flag destroy the lives.

    It's been hard for the people I care about who lost everything to recover under Obama. If we elect a republican, I'll probably know more people whose lives are destroyed by policies with slogans about freedom and responsibility. Fuck republicans.

    1. Oh, I was talking to Twinkie.

      As for me, yeah, Bush's imperialist - failed imperialist - policies were very bad, if not for your average American, for American soldiers, radicalized Muslims, and were quite a loss for humans generally.
      Domestically, he was a bit better; though the crash was on his watch, Bill Clinton was the one who started the bank deregulation.
      And who knows what an ignoramus like Trump would do to the economy...

      So yeah, I'm pretty committed to avoiding a GOP President, but I try to avoid the Freepish "every election could be the end of America" mindset.

    2. Yeah, as much as the idea of a Trump presidency is... well, yeah, rather scary, I try to tell my friends and family, it won't be the end of the world. But, it could be quite a painful 4 years, plus whatever the aftermath may be.

  3. It was horrible, and I mean horrible what you and him put those women through and are still putting them through if they dare speak out about the abuse.

    Trump's ex wife wrote that he raped her.
    Freepers love Bill Cosby because he's a black man who disparages blacks. But he spent decades drugging and raping women while they were unconscious.
    Freepers adore Ted Nugent who adopted an underage woman from her parents so he could fuck her.
    Freepers cheered for Herman Cain for president, even after they found out he had affairs on his wife.
    Have I forgotten anybody?
    Bill Clinton is how they get to change the subject from their own heroes.