Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TINR: Trump is not Romney

I was looking for info on that white supremacist Trump delegate. Not on Free Republic!

But my digging found a short one, but an amusing one. Freeper Bubba Ho-Tep notes that a Rasmussen poll that has Trump and Hillary tied nationally may not be accurate:

Rasmussen also predicted Romney would win in 2012.
The replies are great:

Buckeye McFrog is the only sane man:
In a sane world he would have
SamAdams76 is sure Trump will make national polls 6 months out come true!
Yes, but that was Romney. Trump is a different animal altogether.
DAC21 knows the one thing that killed Romney:
And he would have until he went Prevent Defense and let that fricking cow Candy Crowley in collusion with Odunga steam roll him in the last debate.
I like the Candy Crowley reelected Obama narrative almost as much as the Romney was a secret Obama operative narrative.


  1. Romney guy here...

    I love how these guys still think the problem was Romney's inability to attack.

    The 47% thing hurt a bit with NPAs, but- as I've said before- the problem Romney had was poor staffing if you look beyond his platform. His platform was solid for Rs and NPAs and some right-leaning Ds. Solid Conservatives? Not so much.

    Staffing...mostly in Ohio and Florida.

    Guess what Trump's biggest problem is going to be?


    I've seen his staff in Florida. I've never heard of 2/3rds of them and the ones I do know of are the ones that were busy playing in foosball tournaments in the Florida for Romney headquarters!!!!

    Again, I think Florida is indicative of Ohio as they have such similar staffing.

    This is going to be a serious problem for Trump to win Florida and will likely resonate in the rest of the other 49 states.

    1. Their problem is that Romney didn't attack the way they wanted him to attack. Romney didn't call him a socialist and didn't bring up his birth certificate. So to them, his attacks were weak.

      Another reason Romney lost, I think, was that Obama was able to successfully paint him as an uncaring plutocrat who would just as soon fire you as look at you. Plus, running against an incumbent is usually an uphill battle.