Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Never have I seen a man go from tool to human more quickly than Boehner. Why he kept that job for so long I will never know.

I found his excoriation of Cruz quite amusing, and Freep's reaction also did not disappoint.
Once you get partisan enough, your analyses become robotic; digital - all things are all bad or all good. And - more importantly - never the twain shall meet. If something good praises something bad, then obviously neither was actually good. And, if something bad hates something bad, then one of them must be better than you thought. How often do Freepers say Trump has all the right enemies, or smugly state that if Obama's for something, that's all they need to know to be against it?

So to to the hated Boehner mocking the hated Cruz, Freepers have this one trick to keep them from sparking and exploding like a computer Captain Kirk has asked to define love.

astrat7 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: x
OUCH....Cruz for real is so hated.....harsh!
matthew fuller - Cruz: x; Boehner: bad.
John Boehner, protegee of Dennis Hastert....May they both burn in Hell.
Behind Liberal Lines - Cruz: good; Boehner: bad.
Interesting how many elected RINOs are happier with trump than Cruz. You would almost think they know he’s secretly one of them.
faithhopecharity - Cruz: good; Boehner: bad.
Wow! That would’ve been the very best endorsement any candidate ever got — if Boner had said it a few months ago when Cruz looked like he still had a chance As usual, though, Boner’s a loser. Alas.
vlad335 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: FALSE FLAG!
The Boner statement calling Cruz a SOB and Lucifer is a pathetic attempt to create a fake narrative that Cruz is anti-establishment. Of course, Boner also loves Trump.

Propaganda 101.

This is the kind of stuff that lawyers dream up. Which Boner and Cruz both are. Like I am watching an episode of Better Call Saul.

Anyone who falls for this Kubuki is a total dimwit.
vlad335 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: FALSE FLAG!
Ah the timing. So convenient for Cruz is it not?

“See! ‘He is anti-establishment! “Boner who epitomizes the establishment hates him!”

So fake and so pathetic. These are the schemes that lawyers concoct. I don’t believe this for a minute!
What would Freepers do without their false flag narrative?


  1. The False Flag narrative covers a multitude of sins. No matter what kind of damage the truth is doing to your cause, as long as you can claim that everything is false, that it is all a trick, that it is enemy propaganda then the truth can never hurt you, it can never hurt your cause. No matter what happens Freepers are the heroes of this story. Count on it. Freepers good, everybody else bad.

  2. Freetards hated Romney because he was supportive of abortion at one time, but became pro-life.

    Freetards love Trump because he was supportive of abortion at one time, but became pro-life?

    Cruz has always been against abortion but they hate Cruz?

    Freetards don't make any sense.

    1. It makes sense once you realize that Freepers really don't want small-government conservatism no matter how many times they claim it so.

      What they really want is a brutal, far-right, totalitarian, fascist government that rules with an iron fist and subjugates all the "undesirables" which is basically anyone that isn't them. When people have such a goal, all bets are off and anyone that can bring something even remotely close to that objective will be defended to the hilt, all principles be damned.

    2. Yup.

      And I mean that sincerely. *Hooks thumbs in belt loops*


      But seriously, good analysis.

  3. They're sofa king Freetarded.