Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper prefers to address his bitch-calling to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
Sexist observation: It must be that time of the month or PMS is settling in for the long haul.

Either way, she gets more strident and insane on a regular basis. Or maybe she’s drinking more as the spectre of defeat looms large in her sights.

Damn you for making me defend DWS...

GilGil analyzes Hillary and declares her a weak cheater:
I think she is having a nervous breakdown. Clinton and DWS have the same problem. They are not accustomed to taking a pummeling. They also do not know how be executives and problem solve. They both expect the game to be rigged in their favor and cheating is their main approach to winning.

They literally do not know what to do when confronted with real world problems like unhappy voters who are quickly taking back the power. Faced with these challenges which are not solved by scripted platitudes, they start saying stupid things that enrage voters like putting coal miners out of business and blaming Bernie supporters for the problems of the democrat party.
Super genius CIB-173RDABN has outsmarted FACEBOOK!
Facebook gathers information. It then resells that information to others (usually to tailor ads to you specifically)

I lie a lot on FACEBOOK

I once did a goggle search on my name and found hundreds. I then copied images of those who shared my name and then posted an album tagging them all with my name.

Which one is the real me? Let them figure it out.

I lie about my age and education and where I live.

I make random comments on my time line about people or places far away (which is how I discovered they are tracking me as ads would pop up within minutes of me naming a place).

So they have a lot of information on me but a lot of it is crap.

We have family all over the world, Facebook allows us to remain connected, share events, and photos.
Feeepers have gone deep crazy on the most recent missing airplane. It's nothing new, but I have a soft spot for ConservativeMind's mix of Satan and conspiracy:
Side note, where this went down was only about 200 miles or so from Benghazi, straight line.

The weapons Obama and Hillary gave ISIS appear to work.

It is such a wonderful thing two were able to have an apparent friend slaughtered in such a violent way—it was like they were able to have a fine dessert to top off the rest of their plans.

Such is the life for two people who laud Satan.
LS is pretty excited about Trump deciding it was terrorism without any evidence:
There Trump goes again, scooping the eneMedia.

Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi also said the possibility of a terror attack was a 'stronger' possibility than technical failure.

This is where Trump is indeed Reagan like: his immediate INSTINCTS are usually what we all know to be true.
Alright, one more. MichaelCorleone's much more petty conspiracy:
Right on the heels of everyone complaining about the TSA and the incredibly long lines, missed flights, etc. Yeah, that’ll shut up those commoners!

Cynical I know, but...
Wow, that's some good crazy. Maybe I will check it out this week...

nhwingut is amazed at some Bernie supporters dipping their toe into the paranoid speculations that Freepers have been bathing in for years:
I was checking out the infighting on Twitter last night. The Bernie supporters are truly insane. #BernieOrBust, #BernDownTheDNC, #BernItDown, #BernBabyBern.

They actually think Hillary is a secret Republican. And unlike #NeverTrumpers, who understand the impact Hillary will have on their families, and will eventually vote for Trump, these voters are (mostly) either kids living off mom and dad or professional rabble-rousers who will never vote for Hillary. She’s in deep trouble on the left.
Ann Archy is scandalized by the most amusing things:

The PUNK has a TATTOO!!
Duchess47 is another who rejects even the term Conservative.
At this point in time, the term conservatives means to me Uniparty, anti-American sore losers.

I refuse to be known as or called by the term conservative. It is now a derogatory term designating dishonorable, dishonest, sold out people.
Christian Nationalists, here we come!

Dilbert San Diego wonders why people don't generalize based on this one anecdote when it comes to transgenders:
Can I ask a stupid question? Why is it that the traitorous actions of Bradley Manning have not become a bad reflection on the “trans whatever” peoples???
Roman_War_Criminal is racist, y'all!
Sub-Saharan Africa has always been a continuous cesspool of Stone Age cannibals incapable of civilization.
So the_individual2014 is a Freeper who works at the Government Accountability Office. Oy.
I just got the blast on my windows 10 phone and I work not too far away from there at the GAO building.
Likely code-bro douchebag unixfox is all about manhandling women, what's the harm?
You do not touch someone else on an airplane much less assault them.

Oh, and the guy is a coward. Of course he would attack a woman. I very much doubt he would attack another man.

Really? You're exactly what's wrong with this country. He pulled a damn scarf off her head, he didn't hit her.

You probably sided with Michelle Fields too, right?
Speaking of awful to women, CivilWarBrewing calls women sluts and frequents Asian prostitutes:
Feminism is the root cause of the downfall of marriage, and on so many levels too numerous to discuss here.

Also, men are NOT monogamous! Our INSTINCTIVE desire is to sleep with as many women as possible. Females once had the supreme authority to 'ground' a man with marriage in exchange for a regular and safe place to put his ****. In the '60's, females decided to give it all away for free, thus forfeiting their power over men and destroying the institution of marriage.

Why date man-hater feminists when you can go to an Asian massage parlor and indulge in the most beautiful AND FEMININE females in the world and be treated like a KING?
WilliamCooper1 also hates women:
A woman’s natural instinct is to dominate men. It just is, trust me.
Former Proud Canadian knows that if Americans pull together we can complete a huge monument to nationalist xenophobia:
The Panama Canal

The Hoover Dam

The Manhattan Project

The Mackinaw Bridge

The Apollo Project (preceded by Mercury and Gemini)

Yeah, the wall can't be built. Way too hard. And besides, WTF does Trump know about building anything?
MrEdd thinks Target is full of rapists:
The difference between “ people of Walmart” and “people of Target” is that the “people of Walmart” aren’t generally trying to rape or kill the folks around them with the full support of the store management.
elcid1970 makes Hillary sound like the tough guy they always crow Trump is:
Mrs. Clinton replies: “You gun loving knuckledraggers don’t know who you’re f*****g with!”
StAntKnee really wants his hate validated:
Lord, I pray that before I die, the Obamas are revealed in documentary fashion for the charlatans they are. Not just in surmise and accusation. But in fact. Let him put on his most smug face and confess to his strategies of messing with decency and America. 
With that series of revelations, I will die happy. And since it will take so long to list all the ways, I’ll probably break 100 anyhow.


  1. Feminism is the root cause of the downfall of marriage, and on so many levels too numerous to discuss here...
    Also, men are NOT monogamous!

    So, let me get this straight -- who's fault is the downfall of marriage, exactly?

    Why date man-hater feminists when you can go to an Asian massage parlor and indulge in the most beautiful AND FEMININE females in the world and be treated like a KING?

    ... in accordance with scripture. Ah, one man, one masseuse. So sacred.

    1. Oh yes they're proving more and more everyday that being a conservative "Christian" means making sure the woman knows her place (in the kitchen making a sammich) and smacking her around if she gets out of line. And then finding an Asian prostitute for good measure. So sacred and scriptural, isn't it?

      Seriously do these people who claim to be the most righteous Christians who ever existed truly believe that Jesus would approve? Do they even care at this point?

    2. I often think they're jealous of gays and bisexuals because of their options. They really don't like women very much, but they hate being labeled a fag even worse. That's why they're so bitter and constipated all the time.

  2. Freeper guys are doing their damnedest to make sure freeper women will end up voting for Hillary in droves.

  3. "I think she is having a nervous breakdown ..."

    madinmadtown: "I agree that Obama does not have the experience or composure to be POTUS. His rise has been far too meteoric and he has never had to face criticism before. He has always been protected. He can no longer hide behind the excuse of the pigment of his skin. The POTUS is far above his pay grade. If we still have a country, after his dismissal of terrorists and that evil Khan in Pakistan, I would expect that before autumn, this inexperienced, egocentric shell of a man will have a nervous breakdown."

    freepers are economical -- they prefer to recycle their delusions.