Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hillary is doomed!

I don't recall that much of this in 2008, but in 2012 Freepers were really sure Romney would beat Obama. Well, they acted like they were sure - I cannot tell how much was real and how much was psyching themselves up.

Well, we're back to the same place again. Freepers are crawling all over themselves to be the one most assured of Trump's crushing landslide.

patriot08 is sure that Trump will make scandalmongering Hillary work better than it has in the past 20 years:
Does anyone REALLY think Donald will let let himself be beaten by Hillary after coming this far?

Donald is brilliant and tireless, and he knows ALL the dirt on the criminal Hillary. Not being PC crippled and spineless as the rest of the politicians, he will hit her with ALL of it.

He will SLAUGHTER her.
Look everyone, kaehurowing found this one Dem quote!
Trump is going to beat Hillary like a baby seal.

—Democrat strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders
Buckeye McFrog has a metaphor wherein Trump commits vehicular manslaughter:
Trump is going to leave the Clinton Legacy a smoking, smoldering wreckage along the side of the highway.
jospehm20 just looks forward to making Hillary sad:
I can’t wait for the first Trump induced Hillary meltdown.
1Old Pro also concentrates on Hillary's psychic pain:
A nasty election will hurt Hillary more than Trump - when she gets nasty people will turn off to her immediately. He’ll bait her like he did Cruz and she’ll go bombastic and probably have a breakdown. For her own health, she should suspend her campaign.
captain_dave knows you can't fight a movement - especially when you add fake latin, like some did for Reagan!
The Democrat-Socialist-Communists know they will lose against Donaldus Maximus Trump. They would’ve preferred Cruz. Cruz pisses most people off (just like Hillary does) while Trump is leading a movement.
Vince Ferrer just hopes his id is at last satisfied:
We’ve got the next six months to witness an epic beatdown of Hillary Clinton. People have been waiting for that for a generation.
Bon mots has faith in Trump's counterpunches:
Trump will properly vet Hillary and Trump has already been thoroughly vetted.

Every time Hillary takes a shot at Trump, she will damage herself far worse...

She can comment on his business record... ooops... Whitewater...

His choice of women... Ooops... don't go there...

He is successful in the private sector, she is a failure. She has lived her entire life off the government teat.

Clinton slams Trump.
Can't wait for the counterpunch.

She is going to get the schlonging of her life!
kaehurowing is totally excited, you guys!
COUNTrecount is echoing WENDLE's hyperbole


  1. Romney guy here...

    These guys are insane.

    Hillary is going to kill them. In fact, I bet my hands on it! If Trump were to win, I could be left with stumps!

    First of all, let's look at the dynamics of the race. The fastest growing voting blocs have been Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans and women. Who has Trump pissed off? Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans and women.

    Then there are the Republicans that aren't going to vote for him. I'm one and there are dozens that I know who have no love for the man for various reasons- some think he's not conservative enough, others (like me) just plain don't like him.

    Another aspect is his lack of a war chest. See, when people running for office ask you for money, it's not just because they need it to run their campaign. It's also used by quants to know where or where not to place GOTV resources. Trump's failure- and something he's realized as he's now trying to fundraise- is he's "self-funding." There's absolutely zero identifiable data in any of his primary wins. It's like he's starting from scratch and that's WAAAYY too late to be doing that.

    I could go on, but I have to set the table for dinner.

    To be continued...

    1. that's quite astute -- monitoring sources of contributions is priceless ground-floor campaign intel.

    2. Don't bet your hands just yet. As long as Trump is the Republican nominee, there is always a chance he could win. Plenty of pundits have egg on their face after proclaiming for nearly a year that he would never be the nominee.

      On the other hand, it does look a lot better for Hillary than it did for Obama in 2012 so far, so I'm cautiously optimistic. I just hope Democrats don't get complacent and forget to go vote. If the electorate looks like it did in 2010 and 2014, Trump could definitely win.

    3. aarrgghh- that's campaigning 101! I'll tell you how it'll work now for Trump. Practically all campaigns now try to get people to vote early through Get Out the Vote (GOTV) because then they don't have to spend resources on someone they know they can count on. Most SOE's offices provide information that a person has voted early, but not their vote. Extrapolation can come from how strong of a voter they are. For instance, they can count on the vote of someone who has been registered R for decades and votes in every primary. They can arguably "ignore" this person as they're a strong-R. Now you can spend time/resources on a soft-R or an Independent instead of wasting time/resources.

      Sure that's just one person, but magnify that among the tens of thousands of voters in every state.

      Similarly, someone who gives money to a campaign can typically be counted on to vote for that campaign. Add the fact that they're solid-Rs in voting throughout the years and you, again, have someone you don't have to worry about.

      This is what Trump hasn't extracted from the primary.

      Any quant will tell you that you already face some serious problems in the future without this data.

  2. Hillary Clinton has been familiar with the Democratic Party "machine" for 40 years now (and the Republican Party workings too).

    Trump isn't, and he will be faced with many less-than-enthusiastic party functionaries that will be necessary to his campaign.

    As to "self-funding" ... Trump only "lent" his campaign money so far, meaning he fully expects to get paid back (with interest) from donations to his general election campaign.

  3. "For her own health, she should suspend her campaign."

    a disturbing lack of faith masquerading as concern-trolling?