Wednesday, May 4, 2016

*Authoritarian chortling*

So Cruz and Kasich are out, and GOP head Priebus has bent his knee to Trumpmentum. Freepers are not ones to be gracious winners, however, and even in triumph they demand degradation for the anti-Trump apostates. Then it gets weird.

dp0622 keeps things condescending:
good boy reince
connyankee is redefining conservative:
Frankly...I don’t need this rnc joker to tell me what to do or who is the nominee. He needs to go just like all the other fake conservatives.
VerySadAmerican is confident that GOP leaders love their jobs more than their integrity. I do not disagree:
The gop is finally getting it. If they want to keep their jobs they will NOT fight Trump at every turn. This is a movement and they’d better get it. Paul Begala said he didn’t think they got it yet but they’re coming around.
novemberslady does not like it when her paranoia doesn't get validated:
Remember those old Scooby Doo endings, where the evil guy gets busted and blurts out:

“I would have gotten away with it IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR YOU MEDDLING KIDS..!!!”

Interesting how I have the same funny feeling you do.

Donald Trump isn't a seasoned politician, but he didn't just roll in on the turnip truck either.

Pretty sure he's not going to take anything for granted...
VerySadAmerican is pretty excited about Trump going in on Clinton conspiracies:
I’d love to see Ms. Broaderick on the stage with Trump. It will scare the hell out of the Clintons and might make them quit. hee hee
Freepers are ever convincing yourself that doing your pest to personally hurt your opponent is also politically smart.

MotorCityBuck is really looking forward to abusing the power dynamic:
He OWN's them now. Evil laugh!! Lol Go TRUMP Eat it Rush-bot, and the rest of you Con's. Never forget these Ass Clowns that decieved us. Forgiveness is not an option for these Traitors as the go forward, and Kiss Trumps ass. F'em. Go TRUMP ☺
gaijin wants humiliation:
I’d feel MUCH better about it if Reince would kindly WASH TRUMP’S CAR in a very public place.

I’m picturing Trump looking on, smoking a cigar, with his feet up and crossed on a table.

Objective Scrutator is getting kinky:
Reince should be Trump’s human footstool, because he has failed miserably in all of his other jobs.


  1. I get the feeling that "gaijin" has spent quite a lot of his lifetime washing other people's cars, and hated every second of it.

    "Objective Scrutinator", in the same vein, has probably considered himself a "human footstool" in his life and career.

    They have elevated Donald Trump into some sort of "avenging angel" for their own personal failures.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Which, being the exact millionaire (from his birth they both despise and wish to be) makes the whole situation ironic.

    3. The day Trump breaks the Freepers collective hearts will be awesome.

    4. Honestly I think they'd just take it in stride--they'd just go with "I always suspected he was a secret lib...FALSE FLAG!!!"

    5. Or they'd go on about how it was some masterstroke designed to fool the libs into a false complacency

    6. DrMrsTheMonarchMay 8, 2016 at 5:12 PM

      That is Free Republic in a nutshell: an echo Chamber for the anguished screams of those who have failed at life.
      Trump is their god, a charm invoked against all that the world heaps on them.
      It was once something more, but not now and almost certainly never again.

  2. The Rolling Stones object to Trump using their music. Freepers tell the Stones to go shove it for trying to protect their brand and property that they created.

    Oh, gosh, golly gee -- what would John Galt (or Howard Roarke) say?? Such a moral dilemma for Freeptards.

  3. Freppers hate experiments with embryos up to 13 days old.
    These same people cheer on torturing live human beings via waterboarding (and anything else the US has decided is technically legal), and any war crimes up to and including use of nuclear weapons on civilian populations.

    Christian nation.

    1. Well yeah, in freeper land once they are out of the womb or not white its fair game.

  4. So they're celebrating the destruction of the conservative movement in the GOP?

    Seems kind of a stupid thing to do.