Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Trump Blacklist

Hey, remember when Nixon had an enemies list, and that was crazy? Or how the Hollywood blacklist was an awful excess in the era America came as close to fascism as it ever has?
Well, Freepers are all in on Trump having an enemies list. Mostly of press he's going to cut out, though some of the more enthusiastic are hoping for bloodier options.

And, as with all spleen-venting, Freepers are pretty sure this is the cleverest plan ever.

goldstategop thinks Trump cares to take over the RNC:
Reward your friends and punish your enemies.

Trump’s operatives are taking over the RNC.
Dick Bachert just wants revenge for wrongs unspecified:
Very next post, MeganC:
Good! Payback SHOULD BE a bitch!!
Payback Republic.

DannyTN wants a list, but keep it secret!
They should make such a list so that they know who to be wary of.

They shouldn’t publicize it. There is no point in making enemies into even stronger enemies. And you never know, they might just need a few weasels, as long as they know what they are.
tennmountainman names some names of people I doubt Trump was going to hang out with anyhow:
To the victor go the spoils. Start with Erick Erickson, Bill Krystol and Mark Levin and Glen Beck.
Some are even throwing around Limbaugh, hehe!

HarleyLady27 is starting her own personal blacklist!
Well looks like Amazon and Washington Post are on the Blacklist ... sorry Jeff... cancelled my account this morning and will NOT be clicking on any Washington Post articles here or any where else...

When Trump says it’s over, it’s over!!!
LeoWindhorse, of course, wants a bloody purge:
Good ! I hope Mark Bezos is on it .
AND George Soros And the heads of MoveOn & Media Matters & ANSWER.
I would love to see ‘ a great roundup ‘ of these anti American cretins take place.
The Citizen Soldier wants a purge of civil servants. Which is illegal, but PAYBACK!
Yes, this was much of the George W. Bush undoing. He had thousands working FOR him that were toatally AGAINST him.

When President Trump takes office, there needs to be a major house cleaning of career beaureaucrats (leeches, cockroaches). Don't forget, it is Trump who encourages loyalty pledge at his rallies! You're either for me or against me soft wishy-washy middled ground!
Mollypitcher1 knows blacklists and purges are the height of military tactical acumen:
SO refreshing to have a guy up for Leader of the Free World who has actually read Sun Tzu.

AND admires General Patton! It shows in his style.


  1. Sun Tzu?

    I've read the book backwards and forwards and I've yet to see anything that would resemble keeping a list of enemies.

    Maybe someone else who has read it could point me in the direction of where this numbskull is going?

  2. Late one night at Amazon headquarters...
    "Mr Bezos, were not selling as many pocket constitutions, Gadsden Flags or Transsexual Porn videos as we used to"

    "What? Are the freepers boycotting again?"

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