Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blacks and Hispanics love Trump

The liberals I read seem split on Trump's chances. Rachel Maddow puts him at 50%. Kevin Drum says 30. 538 says 25%. But it's clear to me that no one is taking Hillary for granted, at least not yet.

At first glance, it looks like Freepers seem a lot more confident of their candidate. But I'm coming to believe that's all bluster. Because it's not just the level of denial unskewing the polls in 2012 or just assuming we'd never elect a Hussein in 2008; these hyperbolic landslide predictions just seems more desperate, more straw grasping with even less authority than in 2012. And it's not helped by the current witch hunt for anyone less than madly enthusiastic about all things Trump.

As Freepers' list of trusted sources has recently shrunk to mostly fringe blogs, the reasoning becomes quite confused. Some Freepers presume a silent white majority will sweep Trump to victory. Other Freepers seem to have internalized the GOP 2012 post-mortem enough to realize that the minority vote turns out to be important. - but Trump is going to win them over with his awesomeness.

Their latest straw they grasp is a conservative-commissioned poll of registered (not likely) voters. It finds Trump leading Hillary by 10% among Hispanics, and managing to pick up 17% of blacks.

Freepers eagerly build a tower (wall?) of crazy on this doubtful foundation.

C19fan knows that unlike other races, hispanics vote with their manliness:
The question about black voters is if they will show not not whether they will go to the polls. Hispanics luv caudillo types like The Donald, :0.
nicksaunt also with the Hispanics will love alpha male Trump:
Legal immigrants want this invasion by the illegals stopped. Also, Trump is an alpha male, which is a trait admired in the Hispanic culture. The percentage of Hispanic votes going for Trump will be the surprise of the evening on election night.
GilGil is still busy grasping at the previous straw - Hillary lost the West Virginia primary to Trump!
I’m thinking that black vote for hillary is elevated because of the primaries against Sanders. They’re choosing Hillary now. That doesn’t mean they’ll stay with hillary when they’re comparing her deficiencies vs Trumps attributes.

I am thinking of that exit poll in West Virginia that said if democrats were given a choice between Hillary and Trump 30% would vote for Trump.

Keep in mind that when Clinton was running against Obama, she carried all the counties in WV. Against Trump she lost them all.

So this democrat poll is significant.
Valpal1 explains that legal immigrants don't mind if you crap on their native land at all!
I don’t think Hispanic support of Trump is strange at all. Register voters are more likely to be legal immigrants and my experience is that legal immigrants are just as exasperated with the illegals as the rest of us because of the rampant criminality of the new arrivals.

Many immigrants came here legally to get away from the crime and corruption and would like very much to have the carnivores shipped back to their native habitat and kept there by a fence.
AustinBill knows Trump will win over blacks by yelling about illegal immigration, which has never been done before:
Democrats traditionally enjoy 95% black support (Obama was at something like 98%). For Hillary to be at 87% this early in the campaign means she's in big trouble among a core constituency in the general.

Trump will only gain in this demographic as he hammers away on the theme of black unemployment, how the illegal immigration problem has disproportionately affected opportunities for black Americans, and the fact that Democrats have done nothing to address this yawning problem.

You can bet that democrats will be watching this statistic closely as it has the potential for devastating down-ballot repercussions.
GraceG knows Hispanics love their stongman dictators almost as much as Freepers!
Low information voters seem to be attracted to a “stongman”.

This is why in all the third world countries that have elections, “stongmen” are usually preferred by the people.

It could be the very strategy of the left importing under-educated third worlders is about to back fire in a very epic way....
Weird double typo there.

Mr. K read one poll where...
I read one poll where blacks are already at 25% supporting Trump (which will grow)

That is a nightmare for HilLIARy
GilGil dares to dream:
Imagine if on election day House Republicans and senate Republicans increase in number and Trump wins as president.

The punditry will have been 100% wrong and Romney and Bush will appear on milk cartons!
jbb247 concentrates on the conveniently protean Real Man vote:
Any man with half a ball will vote trump. Black men included.
Welp, I guess there weren't as many half-balled men as I thought!


  1. It's like the Freepers are saying these things to convince themselves.

    1. I like when Freepers play a game of "I know black people!".

    2. So how much do you kick into the Free Republic Olive Garden fund? Are you a monthly donor?

    3. I never heard of Free Republic Olive
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      like to feel like I'm setting on my
      own bottom & paying my own way. It
      costs money to do stuff. - How do
      ya'll pay for your Freeper Madness
      capers on here?

      Shoot! Black people tend to live in
      their own little enclaves in the
      towns here in our area. - We had one
      black family that lived over on the
      main loop road; but they have moved
      & I don't know who moved into their
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      A few more have moved out here; but
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      I'm getting sleepy. It was my turn to
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      my chair; so I'm gonna try to get
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      & no WOO-WOO STONES!

    4. Never heard of the Olive Garden Fund? You'll be telling us you don't know the significance of "bread sticks" next!

      To give the benefit of the doubt, the fund in question pays for the regular ideology and strategy sessions that Chairman Rim and the FR Politburo hold at the restaurants in question to choose new cat photos.

      Grifting cash from from rubes for two decades isn't as easy as it looks. Total cost of running FR is in the $100 per month (or less) bracket and it is terribly easy for even non-technical people to verify that.

      Granted, Freepers are generally dumb as a box of rocks and therefore easy victims, but one still needs to organise the griftathon threads, cat crypto-fascist ranting and so on to give the appearance of a Jihad (sorry: "Crusade").

      PS: Shungite. Fancy lumps of coal. Not extra-terrestrial.

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