Friday, May 6, 2016

Spotlight Friday: AmericanInTokyo

In this time of Trump unity, let us turn to one of the few dissenters who remains active. I'm not sure how he does it, but AmericanInTokyo has thus far dodged the zot even while getting into it with Trump folks. Though he does still hate Mexicans.

Having been a Freeper since 1999, it looks like he was a #NeverRomney guys as well 4 years ago. He's also got a pretty impressive general hatred and assumption of gayness and conspiracies for all Democratic politicians, so he's got that going for him.

His profile is short but sweet:
To thine own self be true.

If yours truly is zotted—after 17 years of research, input, front line reporting and just plain loyalty here—over something such as simple and sincere opposition to crass nationalist progressive populism infecting Constitutional Conservatism as a heretical virus, then you will know why.:-(
My favorite post of his: How to protest Obamacare:
I plan to do this whenever stateside. I will fill my shopping basket to the brim with stuff. If it is a small business shop owned by one local owner, and this owner is at the cash register, I will ask them in a very stone, neutral, non-commital face, "hey so, like, what do you think of this Obamacare anyway?"

If I get any "well, seems good for the country", or "I guess he is doing a good job" or any other of that liberal crap, without a SINGLE WORD I am going to leave the filled basket representing lots of bucks in potential sales, right smack there at the register (on the counter, what not) and not saying a word, walk right out. I intend to do it when other people are in line, too. I'm going guerilla in the trenches now, against my "fellow Americans" who want to take us into Socialism along with their phony, narcissist dictgator of a leader. That's MY statement. Screw em. Same with those of you firing liberal employees. Make sure you are covered for lawsuits, and do it. Make these people pay for their sins against the Republic and the Forefathers.
Trump the statist:
I have no interest in supporting liberals and populist statists like Hillary and Trump, but prefer to stick with Constitutional Conservatism. The United States is not a reality show.
Free Republic doesn't matter - the real world will reject Trump!
what really matters is what the vast world outside the narrow confines of Free Trumpublic think. Particularly in Indiana where we Cruzists are hoping to force this into a run off nomination race in Cleveland. So stay tuned. The jury is still out! And the jury ain’t FR. ;-)
He's pretty used to fellow Freepers' rage:
Stay in Tokyo.

Oh that’s so overused. You can certainly do better than that. Be original for crying out loud.
He'll defend Trump against protestors, though!
Typical Puto reconquistas. Sedition to the core. That man has every right to speak and his followers every right to hear him.
Not all movements are successful:
A massive movement also once before "flourished" before my eyes.

It was called Ross Perot.
Glenn Beck's call for fasting and prayer is why Trump lost Arizona:
God doesn't always answer prayers according to our time frame.

Say what you will about the 4,000 year tradition of praying and fasting, appealing to the Almighty, but in Glenn Beck's case, it worked.

Last month he called for the same thing to put Arizona in the Cruz column.

And as if just yesterday, Arizona did go from the Trump column to the Cruz column and they are going to Cleveland for the Senator.

Funny thing, prayer.
Free Republic isn't totalitarian, it just acts like it
Posting a factual news article on FR is not “agitating”. But in a totalitarian system barring open discussion, I can see where it might be labeled that.
More delicious troll handling:
You have less than no idea what you're talking about...ever.

Go eat some blow fish sushi.

Behind the anonymity of your keyboard: Cowardice.
March 2012 - Free Republic will never be ROMNEY-LAND!
Well, the Romneybots signed up on this forum who have kept their heads low, but then ramped it up and endlessly bashed Rick Santorum, said they were for Gingrich (but rarely posted anything positive for him), I suppose can all come out of the woodwork now on FREE REPUBLIC and start making this place ROMNEY-LAND.
Here's your chance, RINO sleepers! Hope you are happy with yourselves.
He's part of the 'every shooting is preemptively Muslim' school of advanced confirmation bias:
Immediate gut level: Islamist cell terrorism, in response to Syria or some other issue, al-Qaeda said recently they would be attacking US facilities. The more the media and White House come off as trying to paper it over, the more suspicions will arise that it is an attack on the US Navy by jihadists, just as Ft. Hood got theirs--but it was classified as "workplace violence" to shove a load of political correctness and lies crap down our throats.
When a True Conservative wins the Presidency, we'll arrest all the Democrats!
Under a Conservative Republican President (and a Conservative Republican House and Senate--if we all bust our tails next year w/out a RINO as the standard bearer), 2013 should be the year to have tons of fallen, seditious Democrats hauled up to the hill under oath and under subpoena for a lot of national security violations for the last number of years under Obama....Obama himself should be forced up to the Hill under oath and indicted.

I am making my list right now. Van Jones, Cass Susstein, Anita Dunn, a whole ton of people are on there, including Huma and Weiner.
Obama is in OUR CAR!
Three and a half years later, I STILL cannot believe he is in that car with the emblem on the side.

That Obama and his ridiculous nation building:
It has become to much of a burden, this ‘Nation Building’ is just not worth it to die young for President Obama and Secretaries Clinton and Panetta in a foreign, ungrateful hellhole.
College was good when he wants, but nowadays it sucks.
Santorum is right; college is overrated

It was good. In the old days.

Nowadays, mostly a scam. And a high cost one at that.
Obama's appeal: White Guilt and pot smoking!
White Guilt (and fear of the "race card" again) raises its ugly head again.

We won't have this if we have Herman Cain or Allen West on the ticket.

Either that, or people have not put down the bong while glued to the tube watching "Dancing with the Stars." I am sure there are some GOP voters who "toke", too. (Gary Johnson types).
Even more ammo!
Weapon and ammo up, even further folks.
Lots of gay jokes about Barney Frank:
Hey maybe he and Weiner can get together, if you catch my drift.


Barney FRANK!!

SUCKS to be him.
Investigate Occupy Wall Street for being Secret Muslims!
The information I have posted be forwarded to the Attorneys General of Republican held state governments wherein such demonstrations occur.

Investigations occur as to the extent of radical islam participation in such activities, such as "Occupy this" and "Occupy that".

If it can be established in these various states that a terrorist/Islamist security issue exists within the "Occupy" groups, that state enforcement and states rights to protect domestic tranquility be enforced and the groups be forceably disbanded.  
Let the Federal government sue the states, let the local law enforcement make their move. For example, if there is an "Occupy Phoenix" and it can be proven that Islamic terrorist organizations or Mexican cartels are involved in such a social destabilization, Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be able to go in and forceably disperse it, arrest those who do not disband, and the Governor of the state uphold it with the State's National Guard.  
We are looking at potentially serious internal national security situations developing here egged on by radical Marxists and Islamist sympathizers in the White House, planned around our seats of government, business, judiciary and other areas of public administration, and could even begin to target certain residential areas of the United States based on a very REAL doctrine of Class Warfare being irresponsibly stoked.
Obstruct Obama all the way
And if the Pan Marxist-Leninist Kenyan Imposter at 1600 calls ANY GOP CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP down to the White House (an act of intimidation and capitulation) into the Oval Office, then they had better refuse it and find something else to do, like crossword puzzles or hair perms up on The Hill Friday and the Weekend.
Allen West isn't crazy, it's psyops! Psywar.

He has been trained.

He is freaking them out.

With mere words.

They are going for it, hook, line and sinker.

He sees it.

I see it.

Well done, Lt. Col. Allen West. Keep it up, freak them out.
All bad things (including threats to Congress members over Obamacare) are a Democratic plot:
Incremental Reichstag Fire (IRF) Bump!

Blame it on patriots and conservatives. Gee How original. /sarc
2009 - the year he vowed to never pay Obama any taxes:
General Tax Revolt.

And, Religious Conscientious Objector status to pay taxes based on funding of abortion.

Time to go Nelson Mandela on them.
What Trump will bring:
It will be a general election massacre. Welcome President HillaryClinton.
Of course, that last comment got pulled, with the following message:
Pulled on 05/04/2016 9:59:31 AM PDT by Jim Robinson, reason:

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


  1. "I'm going guerilla in the trenches"

    translation: "I'm going commando in the basement"

    1. And if the shopkeeper agreed with him with his "filled-to-the-brim" basket?

      Would he feel obligated to pay for all that crap every time?

      I'm sure his fantasy doesn't include that.

    2. Right?!

      So what if they hate Obama as much as he does?

      Does he buy a bunch of shit he doesn't necessarily need?

      Seems like a silly thing to do to prove a point.

    3. Spite makes you do irrational things.

      Freepers are spite incarnate.

  2. "Incremental Reichstag Fire"

    translation: "really need a full godwin here, but who am i fooling?"

  3. "Time to go Nelson Mandela on them."

    if it includes 27 years of hard labor and solitary, please proceed.

  4. Interesting. I use to live in Japan and the Japanese healthcare system is basically the ACA on a larger scale and tighter controls. Really, it's just about the same thing.

    I wonder how he stands it. Must have a crazy amount of cognitive dissonance for that one.

  5. Nowadays, [college is] mostly a scam. And a high cost one at that.

    I don't disagree with him there. All colleges seem to care about is making money.

    1. Admins are greedy as anything these days, but statistically, its still a good investment.

    2. Only if you go beyond a bachelor's degree. With a bachelor's degree, you may be able to get a slightly better job, but you'll still end up in debt for the rest of your life. I graduated in 1998, and if my grandparents hadn't died, I'd still be on the hook for nearly $40k. The original loan that was combined with my wife's was around $50k. Nowadays, college is even more expensive. I didn't even start making decent money until I got computer certifications. My degree got me nothing but minimum wage jobs.

    3. It's entirely dependent on degree. I got my bachelor's in engineering and started at $60k back in 2010.

    4. I suppose that's true, especially for engineering degrees. But unless you got a scholarship, I'm betting you're going to be in debt for quite a few years.

    5. I have a BSME and I spent over two years at home and finished at a traditional 4-year college. I graduated without debt, but I also had to work 15-20 hours a week for a lot of it

    6. Even if you're engineering, if you don't have a (realistic) plan on what you want to do after school, you could be in debt for ages. I pretty much knew what I wanted to do back in goddamn high school and luckily had some work experience before entering college - which led to more work experience in college (and better paying work than working say in University Dining).

      But assuming you'll find good work with a piece of paper isn't going

    7. That's true. Back in high school, I viewed computer techs as being the same as TV repairmen, which I wasn't interested in being at all. I didn't even take apart my first computer until college, and didn't get any computer certifications until many years later.

  6. According to his bio:

    If yours truly is zotted—after 17 years of research, input, front line reporting and just plain loyalty here—over something such as simple and sincere opposition to crass nationalist progressive populism infecting Constitutional Conservatism as a heretical virus, then you will know why.:-(

    He's a freedom fighter!