Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Gaffer continues with the calling Hillary a bitch trend:
Yeah...indeed. Neither ‘girl’ nor ‘Goldwater’.

Call the ‘spade’ what it is - evil bitch.
soycd thinks if we just got some real butch guys to be assholes, we could end this tansgender nonsense:
We need massive numbers of healthy biological males identifying as female and demanding to play on the girls teams and shower with them.

Once people see the nonsense that it is, it will end. No dying necessary. Exploit it and it will go away.
Hot Tabasco is pretty sure that the only women who don't love Trump are Democrats:
Trump has a woman problem. They said this over and over again

Back in 2012 it was the media who kept telling us that it was the GOP who were waging a war on women........

The only women who have a problem with Trump are democraps who have a problem with ALL Republicans........

As a side note, every woman I know who identifies as a Republican is solidly in support of Trump.
M Kehoe cries some crocodile tears to get a pretty tepid burn on transgenders:
Poor thing. I hope it gets better for it.

Did that last sentence make any sense?
In response to an earth comment, ChildOfThe60s declares Hillary Clinton worse than Mussolini:
The only thing(s) Hilly is ‘entitled’ to are a last cigarette, blindfold, and a wall to lean on as her knees give out & the Depends overflow.

I’m thinking a sendoff such as was given to Benito Mussolini would be more appropriate.

He was a despot & tyrant, but at least he wasn’t a traitor to his country.
grumpygresh is all set to disbelieve that Hillary's e-mails are anything other than super-damming.
The hell-stream media in concert with the usual traitorous government dis-info operatives will claim that the Hitlery e-mails are fake and are probably lining up and paying off “experts” to support such a lie.
nopardons  is STILL hating Ted Cruz:
If Trump were to lose, Cruz might have a chance in four years

NEVER...he has dropped all of the masks and people now know just what and who he really is. And he is not a NBC!
Angels27 declares this possibly the Final Election for Amerizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
If Trump were to lose, Cruz might have a chance in four years

If trump loses, that means Hillary wins and that means there will be no 2020 for the U.S.
Not sure what to make of Lexington Green:
Dear Bernie,
Hillary is a gangster. Everyone knows it. Her supporters are proud gang members. I think the call themselves ‘’Hell’s Vaginas.’’
DEEP_e adds a new conspiracy to an old one:
Dems I know thought Tom Cotton charismatic, crazy, and going place back in 2013. Which is why I hope exit82 is right, and Trump burns him:
Tom Cotton attended the anti-trump meeting with the big Dems in March on Sea Island,GA.

Anyone know why?

I have a trust problem with him now.
dynoman just masterstrokin' Trump:
I love watching Trump make moves like this. He’s in a class all by himself. Amazing.
arthurus does some on the job amateur racist sociology:
I have a boring job that sees a lot of the public. I take mental statistics and am always mentally figuring totals and ratios for something. One thing I have tracked is the ration of white women passing me with mulatto children, or mixed mulatto and white, to white women with all white children. It is a steady 20% and varies very little. Most of the Negro males accompanying such women as have males accompanying them are dreadlocked scuzzes who have to walk about holding onto their belt buckles to keep their pants somewhat up. My principal problem with mixed matings is that all those children will grow up to vote Democrat.

The white GIs and neat workingmen with Negro wives and the white women with neat intelligent looking Negro husbands, and there are small but significant numbers of both matches, give me no heartburn. If the couple with children looks married and not just hooked up I have no problem with them at all other than the future voting habits of the progeny.
pepsi_junkie, like many Freepers, seems to have forgotten about the entire George W. Bush administration:
in spite of all his scandals and lawlessness, I think Obama is the first president since maybe Ford not to have an independent counsel looking into his business. This is why the GOP is dead, they serve no purpose at this point as an opposition party because they refuse to oppose.
In another example of Freeper Personal Responsibility, Chickensoup advises fellow Freeper cuban leaf how to avoid paying for health care:
For the first time in my life, I cancelled all health insurance on Jan. 1, 2014, the day Obamacare went into affect. My wife and I have saved roughly $32,000 AFTER TAX dollars since then by having no health care insurance, and this is based on the bronze plan. We’re both 62, which is why the rates are so high.

We have had health care expenses since then. My eyeglasses and a dental appointment. Between them we’ve spent roughly $750. Insurance would have covered none of it anyway.

And for those that don’t know, avoiding the penalty is all about the 8% rule (actually 8.04%). Just keep your TAXABLE income below a certain point. It’s one of the reasons we moved from Seattle to rural, central KY. Heck, our annual property taxes on a home (new when we bought) and 32 acres are less than a car payment.

i.e. the cost of living here is extremely low.

Place your assets in an unbreakable trust. Or else the hospital and docs and government gets them.
bobby.223 is not so excited he won't jab Hillary for being a lesbian:
I think it is gonna be a complete landslide. After Trumper gets done with the ‘beast, she is gonna be reduced to a slobbering pile of lesbian goo whimpering in a corner prior to election day. Boom! President Trump!
teeman8r was too clever for his son's pediatrician's gun advice!
when my son was four his pediatrician asked... i said do you really want me to confirm that in front of my son who may start searching around for one and find all sorts of things that could endanger his life. or would you rather just allow me to raise my son to respect firearms as i see fit... this was 15 years ago.

before i heard that more children die from incompetent doctors...
detective accuses the Pope of helping Muslims kill all the Catholics:
There is genocide being committed by Muslims against Catholics. Catholics are routinely being tortured, raped and murdered in the middle east.

Pope Francis is aiding and abetting this genocide. He is actively working to ensure that more Christians live in terror and are massacred.

Pope Francis is an evil man. He is not a man of God. He is not a Catholic. He is helping to destroy the church and the people that he pretends to lead.
mkjessup has a feeling about this Pope:
This apostate Pope IS the False Prophet as described in the Book of Revelation, I feel it in my gut.
Somehow, even reading Free Republic, tanknetter seems to think conservatives just don't get falsely indignant enough:
Indignation is a VERY useful and powerful weapon. As Progressives have demonstrated over the past few generations. Why shouldn’t it be used by Conservatives? Is the refusal to use it, on the basis that Conservatives don’t stoop to using Progressive tactics, unilateral disarmament?
GilGil is not a fan of women:
The most IMPORTANT thing for Trump’s VP pick is that he’s good looking with nice hair. Gotta lure away those female Hillary voters and yes, the typical female voter is THAT shallow.

A lot of women vote for a candidate purely on looks.


  1. "the first president since maybe Ford not to have an independent counsel looking into his business"

    therapeutic amnesia -- the official self-medication of freeperville


  2. "A lot of women vote for a candidate purely on looks."

    Given how many Freepers obsess over the looks of Hillary, Michelle Obama, and pretty much any female politician, methinks this is the kettle calling the pot black (no pun intended). Speaking as a female voter, this shit gets under my skin like nothing else.

    Misogyny! It's fun for the whole family!

  3. "A lot of women vote for a candidate purely on looks."


    I have two words for Freeper men: Sarah Palin. If that voice of hers came blaring out of any other human being, their spiteful Photoshopping would never cease.

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