Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Potpourri pt. II

Safetgiver on breasts and murder:
Buxom black female...Did she have YUUUGE ta-ta’s? Shoot her.
vette6387  wants protesters to be executed, but worries about how murder might look to public:
It would be a darn shame if the police shot dead a few of the agitators.

While I tend to agree with you, the optics for Trump would be disasterous! I just hope they bring lots of Mexican Flags to wave! Now there’s optics that are very helpful to Trump.
chesley knows only White Jesus will ethnically cleanse America:
I am eager to find out how Trump will choose to put down the ferals once he becomes President.

Don’t think of Trump as the Messiah. He’s not.
Lion Den Dan predicts all Muslims will be protected as mentally disabled:
How long before DOJ gives the retarded inbreeders a pass based on mental disability? The nasty policeman tricked the poor retarded boy.
Chauncey Gardiner may want to not mix up Obama's mother and grandmother before he comes up with any more conspiracy theories:
He needs to live near his mother in Hawaii, who has been living under wraps since 2007. I remember the phony images of the Kenyan tossing her “ashes” into the Pacific.
Cubs Fan tells of how liberals mysteriously became more evil shortly after he became a Freeper:
I used to think liberals were well-intentioned but misguided. Well, that may have been a the case years ago, but no longer. It is now becoming abundantly clear that they are nothing but viscious, fascist thugs using violence to silence people.
TMA62 tries to argue that once he's called racist, he wins the argument, and also he's the humble one:
notice that liberals will hurl wreckless and baseless names like “bigot”, “racists”, “fill-in-the-blank-PHOBE”. They do not realize when they do that, they have already lost the argument because they cannot argue on principle, they just resort to name calling.

Lastly, liberals not only view others as stupid but also view themselves as superior to everyone. In other words, liberals do not believe in equality because they think they are superior.
ErikJohnsky has an idea for a Trump ticket
Trump/Santorum ‘16!!
Cyberman disagrees about Santorum's merits, and since there is no middle ground...
Go take up residence in your natural home, Ricky. Register as a Democrat today!

SoFloFreeper is sure that liberals will kill all the media that helped them, right before the liberals are killed by the Muslims that they defend right before the Muslims are killed by the New World Order that used them...
Got Hitlery bias?

Hell yes they do. I am convinced the media drools for the fascism of the left, because they think they will get to be part of the state run propaganda machine.

They know so little history....they will be dispensed with once the apparatchiks have confiscated enough wealth to make purely official state run media outlets—like Kim Jong Un has done.

Any “journalist” who objects will be so much cannon fodder.
Jim Noble writes the personal e-mails of supervillain Hillary:
I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

TO: Huma
SUBJECT: Yoga Lessons

Hi, honey. I'm off to my yoga class. Could you bring the bag with the $650 000 from Gazprom to the yoga studio? I have to put it in the secret bank account. You know, the "Juanita Broderick Trust"? (sometimes I crack myself up).

SUBJECT: Wedding Plans

Hey Cheryl, I'm going to pick out some centerpieces at the florist for Chelsea's wedding to that FJB Mevzinsky. Could you drop off the check from Prince Bandar at the front desk (don't tell them what it is, LOL). And then would you call the White House and tell that half-breed that Bill says he's got the birth certificate? Thanks!
Howard Dean was how I started following politics at all. So I agree with edh's fawning analysis of Dean's abilities:
Forget about the “Dean Scream” for a minute. That was just media garbage to hand the Dem nomination to Lurch.

Howard Dean oversaw the Dem’s strategy to win the 2006 and 2008 elections. He was the person that went all out to get the so called Blue Dog Democrats elected. That “50 state” strategy was adopted by Axlerod. I’m pretty sure he was behind the entire movement to get Barky elected vs. the Seawitch.

We all know Dean as a screamer and unhinged ... when he’s on TV being interviewed, he is quite composed and is very adept at delivering a message (not one I agree with, but one none the less). All things being equal, had he run against Bush in 2004, he had a great shot at winning ... certainly better than Kerry.

Why the Dems let him walk away from that position is beyond me. He’s quite tactical. He’s the polar opposite of mayonnaise head.
Mayonnaise head is, of course, what Freepers call Debbie Wasserman-Schultz after some unfortunate bad hair photo from years ago.

SteveH wishes people would cater to his bigotry:
All commercial passengers should have the right to know in advance whether or not the pilot and copilot are Muslim.
euram talks about how Trump hypnotizes the masses:
Whatever Trump says seems to work its way into the subconscious.

I saw a gun on CNN last night talking about a study he did at a University (don’t remember which one). He gave some kind of test that would find out what the subconscious mind of his subjects (almost all democrats) thought about both Hillary and Trump. He found that words most associated with her were: unqualified, incompetent and scary. For Trump it was: he keeps us safe, and likeable.

It was quiet amazing, and this was among a large group of democrats who said they were going to vote for Hillary.
Remember when Freepers warmed Obama was gonna hypnotize ya?

Diogenesis is still on about Cruz. Now he's a girl whoremonger who isn't really married to his wife.
Is Ashley Cruz “conservative” when he has prostitutes
dress as rats and judges, OR
when he had his paid ($500,000) fake wife defend him
as he is speechless, OR
when he votes for SECRET ObamaTRADE?
UKrepublican seems an odd sort:
Well I have been a freeper for some years now and I’m only 28 now! So a youngish British conservative, with a huge love and respect of America. I think I can just see the glimmer of hope in America that perhaps I don’t have in my own country any more sadly. There is no website like this over here, and real conservatives are so few and far between. Its an escape from the frustrations and anger I feel towards the establishment over here.

I’m also a big fan of American talk radio for the record!
BitWielder1 gives us his simplistic worldview:
We already know:

Bad people shoot bad people.
Bad people shoot good people.
Good people aren't shooting enough bad people.
Good people are not shooting other good people at all.


  1. Damn right there is nothing like FR in the UK: it would be shut down overnight for inciting racial hatred (and that's just the holding charge).

    1. And he's totally actually British and not a shill at all! That's how he's gotten access to right wing radio a continent away. Sorry joker, but you'd have to be some crazy person who sifts out AM stations in the middle of the night to pick up any of those broadcasts.

      Oh, wait, I may have answered my own question.

    2. And he's totally actually British and not a shill at all! That's how he's gotten access to right wing radio a continent away. Sorry joker, but you'd have to be some crazy person who sifts out AM stations in the middle of the night to pick up any of those broadcasts.

      Oh, wait, I may have answered my own question.

  2. "Good people are not shooting other good people at all."

    cause after the smoke clears, at least one of those good people never were. oceania was always at war with eurasia ...

    1. When one good person shoots another good person and the other dies, then clearly second person was not really good. Survival of the fittest and all that. Or was it divine providence?

      A good person would obviously be saved by their gun.

    2. When one good person shoots another good person very much...that's how babies are born or something. ;)

  3. "I saw a [guy] on CNN last night talking about a study he did at a University (don’t remember which one)."

    i saw this one too! except i seem to remember it being about how ideologues reconstruct memories to fit preferred narratives ...

  4. Wait, wait,wait SoFloFreeper... you're railing against fascism but then calling for the murder of people with whom you disagree. Cognitive dissonance makes my head hurt.

    What I'm really saying is ouch.