Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Pix

Flamboyant Latin American strongmen would be embarrassed.
Always with the back stabbing, these people.
I support Potato.
Again. Not a good guy.
Fun with cherry picking.
At this point, I think I could take the greatest Clinton Hits from this blog, publish a smear book and make millions.
When you love a poll so much you make a graphic for it. Not anxious at all!
In 2008 they had so many good nicknames. This year it's mostly "The Bitch."


  1. What is going on with Trump's crotch in that top picture??

    1. Freedom that's what

  2. philman_36: "I hate polls. It’s so easy to manipulate the ignorant."

    dean chambers, your second act's about to begin ...

  3. That Fox News poll is humorous.

    They say in the preface that it represents American voters then shows in the details how it oversamples Republicans by about 3 points.

    I wouldn't believe that poll at all.

    The only other poll having Trump ahead is the Rasmussen one and I can't see the demographics without paying them to see it.

    Basically every poll that has Trump ahead of any Democrat has serious internal problems.

    1. Rasmussen has gained a reputation for having a Republican bias. In 2012, they were one of the pollsters the Dean Chambers types hung their hopes on. Most of their polls showed Romney ahead when other pollsters showed Obama ahead. Their last 2012 poll right before the election showed Romney ahead by 1.

      That being said, if she wants to win, Hillary should treat the Fox News and Rasmussen polls as if they are real.

  4. I'm not sure how I managed to miss this pro-murder, pro-lynching, reverse racism butthurt thread.

    1. My God these Freepers are hideous. One of them even posted a pic of Trayvon Martin's corpse and suggested using it as the top of an ammo box to accompany George Zimmerman's gun at auction, like it's some kind of trophy.

      Of course nobody there objects, and one remarked that he looks "just like the hundreds of dead ghetto rats littering the streets of Chicago." Charming.

      I wouldn't be surprised if a good number of Freepers are in the KKK and even more sympathize with them. As much as they warn about having a race war, there's no doubt that many of them want someone on their side to start one.