Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Freepers and Trump like universal healthcare

I wasn't too surprised that Freepers were split when Trump denigrated POWs as he ad-hominemed McCain.

But this was even better. Not every Freeper continues to support Trump as it comes out that he continues to support universal health care - but many do! The cult of personality is that strong. But so is the unthinking worship of the free market...

silverleaf has faith that Trump can make universal health care awesome:
If anyone can figure out a deal like this, it is Trump

I am glad he is out there on this, like it or not

It is never going away

so might as well figure out a solution that invites the cooperation of free markets instead of demonizing and strangling them
silverleaf explains why Trump has the expertise:
if you can find a better candidate who has actually created jobs and wealth in mega corporations that paid healthcare costs for thousands of employees - and who understands how to pull private businesses into meeting needs - vote for them
Paulie is curious about anything but evil, evil Obamacare:
There’s nothing to lose by exploring the options. What we have now is designed - that’s designed - to cripple the economy and eliminate the middle class.
ClearCase_guy is all for Medicare or Medicaid for all, so long as the government stays out of it!
There are some basic reforms that could be done by government which would make private insurance better and cheaper for everyone.

Beyond that, Medicare and Medicaid can probably ensure “universal” coverage. But any attempt to extend “universal” coverage through the federal government to middle-aged people with middle class jobs is just foolish. That’s what Obama did. I’m pretty sure Trump wants no part of that.
What metaphor is stockpirate making? Hunting? Electrical?
Stick s fork in him he’s done.

A socialist always going to ground.
4rcane has faith in the Free Market!
I’m also for univeral health care too. Its called the free market which drives down prices
St_Thomas_Aquinas knows universal healthcare has always fallen like the USSR:
Doesn't matter if you like it or not some sort of universal plan will happen, conservatives or liberals or not.

Why? The wall fell. The Soviet Union collapsed. Communism can be rolled back.

Socialism is backwards.
Savage Beast is all for reform, so long as it's not from liberals:
The U.S. health care system is badly in need of repair. It would be possible to repair it. Perhaps Trump could do it. Leftists never will.
Caipirabob thinks this is all marketing for silly liberals:
Trump knows marketing. We know how to read. The left knows "freebies" and "Universal Healthcare" is a key phrase that causes them to salivate uncontrollably. A good marketer will use trigger words to sell a deal.

So let's see what the specifics are.

But yeah, it could be the point where "The Donald" augers in.
stockpirate bites HARD on someone posting this Reagan quote:
“telling our senior citizens that no one in this country should be denied medical care because of a lack of funds.”

Who was this socialist that said this?

One guess.

No matter who it was it is still a socialist rant. We must decide socialism or not. There can be no middle ground.

If socialism then kiss our liberty goodbye, because it is gone.

What do you do with those who refuse to give up their money and wealth to support the socialist monster, you do what Hitler did.
Once it's revealed who said it, alas there is no reply from Mr. pirate.

alloysteel just embraces the harsh rationing of the market as the only moral way to screw the poor:
Health care is an expensive, and as it turns out, a somewhat rare commodity, making it, in turn, a very valuable commodity. Rationing its distribution by price is then the method of allocation, those that can pay will choose the care they deem necessary to their personal well being, and others less able to pay, make an economic decision. And sometimes the decision is NOT to seek “preferred” health services, but to turn to alternative and less expensive treatments, or dispense with any treatment at all. After all, most things get better in the morning, do they not?

Education of the individual on the care and upkeep of their own personal circle (themselves and their immediate family) is an abiding need in every school curriculum in the whole WORLD, not just in any particular locality. The instruction manuals are out there, they only have to be made available to the individual user, with guidance on how to read and apply the information. These instructions go back to the very first books in the Old Testament, and have been reiterated and updated over the centuries.
Eric Pode of Croydon knows the tradeoffs, without ever checking overseas:
My plan would be to tell the public the truth. There ain't no free lunch, and universal health care will either (a) cut quality off at the kneecaps, or (b) cost, and cost big.

I sure won't promise unicorns and pots of gold that I can't deliver.
sakic has the best fallacy of them all:
we were much better off before medical insurance.

Now, with it, the cost to the public has skyrocketed, hospitals are going out of business, and doctors are making less money.
Since the invention of modern medicine, costs have really gone up. We should go back to superstition and butchery!


  1. Actually stockpirate did respond:

    I figured it was him, but the truth is the truth, if it is socialist it is socialist, really doesn’t matter who said it.

    63 posted on 07/19/2015 8:30:01 PM PDT by stockpirate (A corrupt government is the real enemy of the people.)

  2. if you can find a better candidate who has actually created jobs and wealth in mega corporations that paid healthcare costs for thousands of employees - and who understands how to pull private businesses into meeting needs - vote for them

    Mitt Romney??? ohhhh never mind..he's Mormon as opposed to Trump who is....well ...not Mormon.

  3. 4Rcane thinks the free market system drives medical costs down? Maybe for the insurer, when the accepted practice is to deny claims until forced to pay them. The public gets screwed under "free market" health care when prices are artifical raised so that insurers can negotiate a "discount"