Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

jetson understands people from their photographs.
Look at the lying eyes. From Obama to Boehner the eyes lie.
LuvFreeRepublic knows El Chapo probably works for the Clintons:
Clinton assured Jeb, Trump would be taken care of. Are the Clinton’s friends with El Chapo? We know both Clinton and Jeb are friends with the Mexican government, who may have looked the other way as El Chapo escaped. Not into conspiracies but the all out assaults against Trump are way over the top.
hoosiermama explains Obama and Michelle's gang ties:
The black gang founded by Mexican cartel controlled the community O organized. MO wore gang colors to many inaugural events
By hoosiermama's logic, I welcome President Kardashian the Honest!
He’s the only candidate in my lifetime that has experience running an international multifaceted business conglomerate. Since basically that is what our government is If he’s can successfully run his multi businesses,write dozens of how to business books and still have time to become a celebrity on TV for entertainment; I can trust him
In his rage, I think JLAGRAYFOX calls Obama Jewish...
there is no doubt that Obama & his wife MIchelle are evil, deadly Jewish haters!!! Every time I see or hear Stephen Speilberg kissing Obama’s butt I LMAO.....for Obama really would love to destroy him in mega seconds when Obama thought the timing was right!!!
kneehurts farms out his fantasy Nazi tactics to Israel:
I envision Israel will initiate a scorched earth blitzkrieg soon. That is an easier task than dealing with our enemy controlled government.
Georgia Girl 2 gets a bit nativist on SC governor Nikki Haley:
Shut up Nicki you 1st generation puke. We don’t need lectures from the likes of you.
hal ogen on Obama's background:
His parents abandoned him. His F was an abusive drunk and his M slept around with people of color. Great family support. Hey, Clown Prince nobama...stop taking it out on us Americans, you self-described mongrel.
mountainfolk wonders if there was a secret same-sex White House wedding:
I am still seething at the sight of the people’s White House being used for a political “in your face” display of homosexual victory with the SC voting against man and woman marriage. The current occupants who live rent free at the expense of the American taxpayers, allowed the entire front of the White House to be flood lighted with the rainbow colors in support and celebration of the SC ruling. I fully expect there to be a whatever sex wedding in the White House very soon. Or perhaps that has already happened.
Sarah Barracuda reads Obama's mind, and projects a LOT:
Obama showed more emotion when the Charleston shooting happened, not because he actually cared about them, but because he knew he could use those deaths to trash white people..with this terrorist act, he knows he is screwed, he wishes the shooter had been white but now he knows the shooter was one of his own, a terrorist Muslim scumbag
2nd Amendment's fellow teachers have to put up with his bigoted rants.
I work 3 miles from the scene of this muslim military operation. At 1pm I was telling everyone about the severity of this attack. I was called a hatemonger, instigator, and someone who stirs up violence. The ROP people were telling me it was an isolated domestic terrorist. No one will come to their senses and see that EVERY Muslim is a potential attacker. Our Muslim-in-Chief in DC will call it workplace violence and we will go on with our lives. The real threats to our way of life are fundamentalist Christians and confederate flag-waving rednecks!
pfflier is not happy with calling the Chattanooga mass shooting 'domestic terrorism.'
Words matter.

Domestic terrorism as opposed to international terrorism are two entirely different entities.

Domestic terrorism will be a foundation for more cries for gun control. Domestic terrorism implies the motivation to kill 4 marines stems from flaws in American society that breeds the hate.
Gritty is sure Obama gave the Chinese all our computers:
It wasn't a "hack". Red Chinese computer experts had been granted root access to this material in the OPM contract and were being paid to do it. All they needed to do was access, download it, and give it to the PLA. Easy-Peazy.

Among other things, everyone in our military has been totally compromised including the Special Ops people. It makes it a piece of cake for an enemy to come in here and "mop up" when the time comes.
Liz on the lusty abortion needs of the Clintons:
"A vote for me is a vote for a Fully-Fornicating Society.
I pledge non-stop aggression over the unborn.
I will end the punishment of an unwanted birth."


The genital-sniffing Planned Parenthood abortion worshippers who populate the Dem party are crazy over the Clintons......Bill and Hillary are the living breathing embodiment of The Fully-Fornicating Society w/ none of the evidence of sexual activity.....the "nuisance" of an actual child being born.

Bill gives sex-obsessed lefties a vicarious thrill....visions of the married, gray-haired Clinton getting a young WH intern to crawl under his desk to give him a BJ is better than Viagra.


(Groan) God only knows what blood, gore and baby body parts Hillary will throw the genital-sniffing rubbermaids to assure them "her aggression over the unborn" will continue...and is her prime interest.

Maybe Hillary will distribute videos of politically-correct abortions that produce more profit-making baby body parts----as the true measure of her abortion worship?
fatnotlazy rants about kids these days:
Bernie’s followers appear to be largely young people, particularly college kids who are salivating over the prospect of “free” college tuition and the ability to default on their loans with impunity. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated into expecting government to take care of everything for them. Our younger candidates have their work cut out for them.
Jim Robinson lays out the state of Freep play:
Go, Cruz, GO!!

Go, Trump, GO!!


  1. In fairness to Freeper JLAGRAYFOX, I had the same initial reading of his comment as you, but based on the context I think he's just saying that Obama hates the Jews, not that he himself is Jewish. Now I bet you can't find a single flaw in his comment!

  2. Shut up Nicki you 1st generation puke. We don’t need lectures from the likes of you.

    Oh, but they do. They need Nikki Haley to be one of the “good” immigrants, one of the “good” conservative people of color, up until the moment she doesn’t mouth off in the direction they need her to.

  3. As a science and math fan, I do love grayfox's implication that Obama would like to destroy Spielberg in a minimum of 115 days.

    If they can't get basic concepts down, scientific units are far beyond them.

    1. i'm sure you meant 11.5 days

    2. Apparently I meant 115 days. It is 11.5 days but it looks like I threw 360 into my calculator instead of 3600.

  4. MEGASECONDS! That's so much more then regular seconds.

  5. "Not into conspiracies but ... (yeah, i'm into conspiracies)"

    did luvFreeRepublic just out himself as the "ancient aliens" hair dude?

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