Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More racebating

As ay-nony-nony put it "tonight's race-bating FR thread."

Courtesy of Breitbart this time, an awful crime (in Detroit, natch) becomes another excuse for Freeper stormfrontish generalization. This time with a strong side of Obama tinfoil, and the usual bloodthirsty torture fantasies.

I'm not sure they're getting worse, or if it's just that they can't get worse.

RedEyeJack probably wonders why liberals bring race into everything:
Since it doesn’t’say are we to assume that the victims were white?
Diogenesis actually thinks black criminals don't go to jail anymore:
These rapes are brought to America by the DO”J”
and the White Mosque who have made NO ACCOUNTABILITY
the new justice.
R_Kangel thinks Obama has inspired "Rape Gangs."
........ Ahhhh yes ....................... “Rape Gangs” ..... a whole new venue for inner city entertainment .......... brought to you by those that whole heartedly support the musings of ..... Mr. Barack Hussein Obama ....... their hero ......
E. Pluribus Unum thinks integrated neighborhoods and public transportation are just part of Obama's conspiracy to make whites easier to rape!
Interesting that Obama (ONP) wants to desegregate the suburbs making rape and robbery more convenient.

It's also why he wants to get us out of personal vehicles and onto public transportation.
After assuming Detroit is about like it was in Robocop, Bobby_Taxpayer joins in the crowd who thinks blacks can't get arrested because of accusations of racism.
Well...that ain’t half of what goes on in Detroit. And since they are black, any accusations against them would be racist attacks.
Bobby_Taxpayer follows up, lest anyone think his idea of Detroit was anything other than fictional:
The whole city is run by gangs, and a white mayor that is powerless to stop it without full marshal law being declared.
From a 20 year old anecdote Tired of Taxes has decided that rapes are super duper common. But not on campus, I'd bet!
Once, around 20-25 years ago, on a busy city street in broad daylight, I came across what was either a gang rape or an attempted one. The police were called, but the men escaped. That makes me believe that these crimes could be happening more often than anyone knows.
Larry381 brings the stats to urge whites to guard their women:
100 white women a day are raped by black males in this country-(those statistics are years old)

Though comprising only 6 % of the U.S. population, black males commit 63 % of all heterosexual rapes and the overwhelming majority of all homosexual rapes in the U.S.

In those cases in which the race of the killer is known, blacks kill twice as many whites as whites kill blacks.

Black-on-white robberies and gang assaults are twenty-one times more common than white on black. In the case of gang robbery, blacks victimize whites fifty-two times more often than whites do blacks

These statistics are going to get much worse until the white population awakens from its lethargy, gets the hell away from their TVs and goes out and actively attempts to protect its Women.
That 63% of rapes stat? Only source I could find was some white pride forums.

Now it's time for Freepers to compete for whose rage about this crime makes them the biggest psycho!

Rookie move, E. Pluribus Unum tries to one-up torture with execution.
Make sopranos out of every one of them.

I’d prefer fertilizer.
wiggen shows how it's done - torture THEN kill!
in truth #theirlivesdontmatter. Find them, mutilate them, then end their existence.
But the winner is racist rage monster Gargantua
I'd like to watch them dance as their necks stretch. No quick vertebrae-snapping drop, either. Just a nice, slow lift and watch 'em dance.

Round up the whole pigment-challenged bunch, then lift, dance, repeat.

As fun as it is easy!

Seek help, dude.

HiTech RedNeck fantasizes about bate couples preemptively killing negro rapists:
Surely no couple would show up there with the guy armed to the teeth with some powerful concealed stuff, would they? And shadowed by more firepower?

Call it ambush... I don’t care. If Trayvonites are going to complain about being ambushed, might as well make it real.
Many site the 'Death Wish' series. Greetings_Puny_Humans's fictional Obama would oppose this fictional vigilante:
Obama would make it his life’s mission to bring the modern Paul Kersey down. You’d have martial law and national guard troops searching the streets.
These poor couples took a walk on the wrong side of the Bell Curve.


  1. So racist murder talk is OK but bashing Roman Catholics is off the table?

    1. Well, JimRob, like the Republican Party, knows their last remaining demographic.

  2. The Urban Dictionary's definition of an Internet Tough Guy -

    internet tough guy
    Someone who constantly talks about how bad and "hardcore" they are over the connected phone lines called the internet. These people usually frequent chat rooms and online forums for the sole purpose of shit talking and gloating to complete strangers to fill the void in their life, something that dosen't impress someone in the REAL WORLD. They also like to troll areas in chat and forums that contain such topics as: Martial Arts, Boxing, Fighting, Excercise, Weight Lifting, Wrestling etc. so they can compete with other lifeless internet whores for the sole purpose of determining who is the biggest nerd of them all. These people talk about how much ass they kick and how they could take on the world single handedly, when in reality, quiver at such ideas of someone who dosen't like them finding them in their parents basement where they thought they were safe. Internet Tough Guys should be regarded as the lowest form of life on Earth. 99% of the time they are liars, who will make completely bogus claims of being 7 feet tall, 400 pounds of pure muscle, and bench 700. Often they have bullshit stories to accompany such shitty claims like "I've wrestled a bear and a lion at the same time, and I kicked both of their asses with ease!" or "I'm a pro boxer who beat Mike Tyson in a backyard brawl with no gloves!" They often reply with sayings such as "fuck you", "i'll kick you ass", "your luckee that i cant get you", and the ever popular "where do you live and ill beat you ass". All threats by Internet Tough Guys should be promply backed up with "Try it with a nerd who buys into your tough guy bullshit".

    All that to introduce a silly thread in which Freepers denote themselves as a "Warrior class".

    For reasons of full disclosure I am an Army veteran and I have been a gun owner since my Dad gave me a shotgun when I was 12 years old. Somehow I manage to get through my day without going on the internet and pretending I am Conan the Barbarian. Jeez. Are they handing out ID cards for being a member of the "Warrior class"? If so I am pretty sure the only place you can pick one up is at the liquor store.

  3. Even better, they claim they are bound by "honor" when the very content of their threads makes clear they have no idea what honorable thoughts and actions are.