Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Revolutionary 4th of July

Freepers often like to use Independence Day as an excuse to sum up whatever crap they're thinking at the time. This 4th is no different.

Of course, what they're thinking about is the latest series of defeats at the Supreme Court. As Freepers do, they're moving on from shock to anger. So get ready for a schadenfreud refresher!

grumpygresh is feeling Goodwinish.
Ambivalent. I’ll bet quite a few Germans felt the same way in the 1930s during national holidays.
al baby is coy about wishing violence:
What can we do? I don’t even want to fly the U.S. flag as it depresses me so much. Elections certainly are not the answer.

Any concrete ideas?

Yes but i wont post it
EagleUSA isn't so subtle:
When we look back in history, old fashioned justice, swift and without question, was a great deterrent to tyranny. At the same time, maybe it is time to start hanging ‘horse thieves’ again.....
Bluewater2015 joins the crowd assuaging their impotence with religion:
Going to have a barbecue. Not because it’s the weekend of the 4th. I don’t care about that anymore. Just because it’s a nice summer weekend. There’s not much we can do anymore. We know God is angry with the USA and has some unpleasant surprises in store. All we can do is hunker down and hope the guilty ones catch most of it. And I’m too old to think a Peesident Cruz or Walker will make it all better; we’re too far gone now.
Rome2000 advocates 'neutralizing' Communists and allies. After 2017, naturally.
The time has come to deal with the American marxists once and for all.

The CPUSA is very much alive and in full control of the WH, the DOJ, and the Press.

In fact, the CPUSA is responsible for the Hussein Obama rise to the Presidency. His handler is the Iranian communist Valerie Jarrett.

The CPUSA has organized American Blacks, homosexuals, and illegal aliens into their Shock Troop, and have operatives in all Federal Agencies including the FBI and CIA as well as State and Local governments and unions.

Their game is to use the Black , Homosexual, and illegal alien as a means to destabilize American Society, weaken our military,and destroy our educational system, economy and way of life.

The CPUSA is wildly succeeding, not only managing to accomplish their goals but confound the GOP into not even recognizing that they are behind the operation.

In order to eliminate this threat, the CPUSA and those allied with it must be ruthlessly pursued and neutralized no matter where they may be.

No longer bothering to hide and operate in the shadows, they are now out in plain sight and are easy pickings.

Upon regaining power in 2017 the counter attack by the hard Right must be swift and merciless.

Hit the marxists so hard they will never recover or have the ability to win national office ever again.
jsanders2001 agrees with the mushy fascism above:
You and I are on the same page point by point and I have done a lot of research and checking and rechecking to confirm sources. You summed it up nicely.
Sequoyah101 is just wallowing in righteous sadness:
I weep for the men who died for freedom and the republic. I weep for my family members who died in service to our ideals and I weep for my son who is giving the very best years of his life in service to a dying country increasingly populated by disrespectful ingrates and such a deceitful, and despicable government.

In memoriam. In mourning for what was and is now destroyed.
madison10 is also kicking it religious:
If Christians would have voted as Christians, we would not have a BHO as president. Many Christians of color voted according to skin tone and ignored warnings.
ThePatriotsFlag is dramatic about his flag choices
My flagpole is empty this morning...first time in about 50 years. Seeing MY flag flying above THEIR rainbow “White” House was the final straw. The flag no longer represents MY values. ...and to the Republic, for which it STOOD.
EternalVigilance is keeping things optimistic, mostly through empty appeals to the virtue of struggle.
Someone yesterday accused me of “spitting in the wind” because I maintain hope for America.

No, I’m not spitting in the wind. As long as I stand for what’s right, I’ve got the wind at my back.

On the other hand, our opponents, no matter how it may look for the moment, ARE spitting in the wind, because they are fighting God and nature.


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  2. He not only did research, he checked the research, and then RE-checked it!

    1. can't be too many pages left not stuck together

  3. "All we can do is hunker down and hope the guilty ones catch most of it."

    have you tried asking your god to work on his marksmanship?