Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The latest Tea Party mass shooter

Personally, I think just about every adult mass shooter is a crazy person, and looking for an ideology, political or otherwise, is silly.

But for Freepers, everything is partisan, and thus every mass shooter is liberal.

Well, they really had to work at it this time. Before the latest shmoe decided to shoot up a movie theatre and them himself, he was a member of Tea Party Nation, posting right wing rants indistinguishable from the stuff here.

Even confronted with such evidence, Freepers couldn't even allow one mentally ill bad apple in their Conservative perfection. Because delusions mean you never need to settle for reality:

Amazingly, twister881 blames Amy Schumer:
Ban slovenly, vulgar “comediennes” who make movies so bad they cause deranged Tea Partyers to shoot up the audience.
BerniesFriend is sure this was the wrong guy:
Looks like an incredible coward..shot up innocent people and then wanted to flee but didn't like others with guns..keep up the good work with gun-free zones libs..oh and I guess the media still hasn't learned..a tea party person from Alabama has the same name..sigh..
al_c seems to have forgotten that the majority of mass shooters are white:
And there ya have it … the media/left finally got themselves a white shooter. They are overjoyed.
Cowboy Bob may even be serious:
Police searched his hotel room this morning and found wigs and other disguises.

Sounds like he was a transsexual.
Arm_Bears has some airtight logic:
“Drifter” = No visible means of support = DemocRAT
jsanders2001 lays out how Tea Party Nation is fake, and it's all specOps!
This complete fabricated bull$hit. The signs are all there.

Member of a FAKE Tea Party group run by a lawer who doesn’t pay his bills and belives in big government. Does that sound like a Tea Party member to you? Other REAL Tea Party members are even saying he’s fake.

And then the shooter. A guy who is reportedly homeless yet he’s staying in a Motel 6 and has a handgun and wigs and disguises and he supposedly used to own a bar and several business but he disappears off the radar sometime in 2006?

Really? You know what this sounds like? A spec op. You know who else has disappears off the grid for years? Spooks. And they borrow other people’s identities or use fake ones that are completely fabricated that the feds create for them through credit agencies. I know this for a fact.

Does all of this sound like bull$hit to you? It should.
Oh, it sounds like bullshit to me. Increasingly desperate bullshit.

But jsanders2001 is secure, that a more palatable 'truth' will be decided upon
the Hillary Clinton emails and Benghazi, the Muslim Brother connections and appointmentx in the WH, the fake Obama birth certificate posted online...Even murders by setail killers that happened decades ago get solved after the fact. Truth has a way of coming to light.
sport wonders if the War has begun at last:
Things are going, to put it mildly, get interesting.
They finally got what they wanted, a person that could be linked to the words, “Tea Party”. Now they can begin the demonization of Tea Party members along the line[s] of “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang[s]”. They now have a murderer’s face to use as a visual aid. Whether they use the Waco’s fifth column or create another to aide in the demonization remains yet to be seen. But we will see how it shakes out.
GOPJ is all set to wonder about mind control:
The original ‘white middle class, middle aged, white conservative man’ as violent terrorist was a made up meme. Pure political manipulation.

It’s as if a PR group put out the meme that 10 year old girls were a major threat... Convinced people - then faltered when there were almost no examples of 10 year old girls being threats. What would the solution be to keep the meme going?

The first kid’s reaction - the church killer - was he ‘was suppose to kill himself’ but ran out of bullets. Odd. That kid needs to be seriously ‘debriefed’... also a black friemd of that killer went on record saying he knew his friend wasn’t racist...

If this happens again within a few months I’m going wonder about Manchurian possibilities..
Old Sarge laments how liberals don't care about truth:
Thaere’s the rub: it doesn’t matter if he’s actually a tea partier or not - the connection must be put out there for the millenials to re-tweet.

Remember: “It’s not the facts of the case, it’s the seriousness of the charge!”

This is Agenda Support Operations by the MSM, and the facts don’t matter.


  1. The most telling Free Rethuglic reaction to the event was the lack of reaction. Very few posts, Compared to events that had a black or Arabic perpetrator. This one just didn't make the cut for that band of racists and xenophobes

  2. Come on, Freepers, the shooting you have been wishing for all these years has started! Time to start CWII! Unless you are cowards who are all talk. But that couldn't be it, could it?

  3. While they strain to somehow portray this guy and his background as a leftist, a number of them lately have mentioned setting up an ambush to mass shoot people they don't like, and no one has spoken up to contradict them. For example, the "feral youths" who ransacked a convenience store in Ohio. It sounds like they want to set a trap to do some payback shootin'. I guess they didn't learn anything from the guy who waited in his basement and shot the two teenagers who broke into his house, or the guy who just got sentenced for murdering the German exchange student who entered his garage.

  4. You have to read all the way down to post 82, the next to last post to read, "I am sorry for the victims and their families. This is horrible."

    Maybe now that RimJob has taken on a mission from God he will try to lead his flock toward a better understanding of Christian love. A bit of kindness toward those who have been injured and to those who have been bereaved would go a long way. A bunch of old goobers sitting around talking about CIA mind control and such does no good at all. It only serves to make Christianity and Free Republic look bad. As leader of the flock RimJob should step in. If you claim to be on a mission for God there is more to it than cashing the checks you get in the mail.

    1. You mean Christian Rim Job, the saintly gentleman who adds FU to anyone ones initials whom he disagrees with? The same one who regularly denigrates the religions of those who aren't "Christian Enough"? That one?


  5. "To: capydick

    All my issues with Trump aside, the guy knows how to lead. I might not agree with where he leads sometimes, but he does LEAD. And from the front with his junk out. Without shame."

    by Norm Lenhart


    1. Interesting ... Todd Starnes in his current incarnation as a far-right Fox News pundit (his previous job was Pillsbury Dough Boy), said something similar just a couple days ago.

      Norm Lenhart is really Todd Starnes?
      No, I don't think so. Rather, ol' Norm is again just cut-and-pasting things other people said and passing them off as his own inventions.

    2. You know who else led without shame? HITLER!!

    3. "...but he does LEAD. And from the front with his junk out. Without shame."

      I really don't want to see Trump's junk.

    4. Me, either. Especially if the carpet matches the drapes.

    5. anonymousB for the win !!!

  6. Speaking of never needing to settle for reality, in a twisted attempt to graft Trump onto Saint Sarah, hoosiermama floats a trial balloon:


    To: Jane Long

    Yes daughter is precious many pictures. She has Down’s ayndrome. Sarah has been very supportive — that’s one reason why the families are close.

    Trump will work with Sarah who IMO has stepped back politically go do what is best for her child. As the two younger get older she will become more active. One thing to work doth family near by another to have them thousands of miles away
    A parent of a challenged child needs a support group near.

    40 posted on 07/28/2015 11:50:22 AM PDT by hoosiermama (Obam5a: "Born in Kenya" Lying now or then or now?)
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    To: hoosiermama


    Surprisingly, the replies indicate that some freepers are not yet sick enough to bite.


    Neither The Donald, nor any of his kids have a Down’s Syndrome child.

    94 posted on 07/28/2015 1:19:15 PM PDT by nopardons
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    Dementia @ http://freerepublic.com/focus/news/3317707/posts?page=40#40

    1. Ben Lurkin on that thread wants Trump to name Caribou Barbie as education czar to dismantle the Dept of Education. If anyone could dismantle education, it's Sarah Palin

  7. Hmm. Some are liking Bernie Sanders' position on several issues. Interesting.

  8. So if a liberal starts shooting people, he's a godless communist who is insane specifically because he's liberal. When it's a conservative shooter, it's really a liberal acting like a conservative and not someone who really believes in what FR-type people believe. Got it!