Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Obama wants to keep the senile from having guns!!!!

The Obama administration wants to ban people on Social Security beneficiaries owning guns if they lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.

As this is the only anti-gun executive order Obama has made in years, and lots of Freepers are on social security. So Freepers FREAK OUT.

The entire thread is barely coherent. It's basically Freepers just repeating 'tyranny, tyranny, tyranny' over and over again. I found the shock at this marginal regulation pretty hilarious.

FlingWingFlyer sounds like he's in some sitcom:
The Kenyan commie b*tch is at it again.
knarf is trying to shout an angry plea:
Olog-hai's Hitler sense is tingling:
That’s Nazi language, “sub-normal intelligence”.
M Kehoe prefers his Godwins Cold War style:
A potentially large group within Social Security are people who, in the language of federal gun laws, are unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease."

0bama learned well from the Soviets.

In the midst of Freepers worried they'll be branded incompetent, Cowboy Bob knows whose incompetent!
What is “subnormal intelligence?” If it’s anything below an IQ of 100, a lot of Democrats will be prevents from owning guns...maybe all of them!
null and void's paranoia or ignorance does not allow that mental competence is a well-settled legal and medical issue:
Where believing in the Constitution, or worse The Bible, is a diagnostic for mental incompetence.
SkyDancer agrees - Democrats will use this to take our gunz!
So who determines mental competency? Take a test or something?

"Question: Do you like President 0bama? Yes=you're okay, No=No guns for you"
PROCON also:
Being judged mentally incompetent may come down to asking if you're a "Climate Denier".

Think it couldn't happen with this Regime?
annieokie knows all old gun owners have caring families:
"""""""""unable to manage their own affairs due to "marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease.""""""".

"the due to" statement perfectly describes all the generations of Welfare Queens and Kings..........

Good grief, any one old enough to be demented of course should not/would not have a gun close by, but the families would see to that anyway...........Demented wouldn't know where to look for their guns anyway, lol.

Sure are a lot of loss to boating accidents these days.
ealgeone is worried about all the geriatric violent negroes:
Then most of bammy’s supporters would not qualify. I’m sure the gang bangers will comply though.
Waryone knows the only possible issue this policy addresses is intentional shootings of other people. Also, collective guilt is awesome.
I’m trying to figure this out. Are old people running around shooting at people with guns? Hmmmm, I didn’t think so.

It would make more sense to say no one on welfare can get guns and if while on welfare, you or someone in your family goes to jail for using a gun in a crime, the family loses their welfare check permanently.

I guarantee you’d see some baby mammas out there running up and down the street beating the rear ends off some of these boys.
annieokie just goes off:
I would like to know just WHEN does this JERK have time to think of all this misery he has heaped on America. There is no way he alone can come up with this crap.

It must be all scripted and on time, all he has to do is pull out the next agenda item.........there is no way one person could think of all this misery by themselves.

Yes, I can answer my own question, which he doesn't think for himself, and it is all scripted for him. we still have a full year to go with this monster and his CZARS.

About those CZARS, all R candidates should come out and declare that the CZARS name will never be used again, and it should be illegal in America to call them that. Should be a law..

Has that name ever been used by another President?
Czars? You mean every President from Reagan on?

Red in Blue PA is sure real criminals are totally allowed to have guns:
Notice how the real criminals are never the target?

Effing POS as is anyone who supports him.
Terry L Smith posits that this is (gay, mulatto) Obama's evil plan to disarm old people against their negro oppressors:
This is not only an idea to get around the Second Amendment, but if you research a lot of black on white crime, it is the senior citizens that are getting beaten, sometimes to death, by Negro thugs.

Now, this mulatto Queer-In-Charge is desirous to place ALL those of retirement age into a status of sheep among the wolves, literally. Just another nice, quiet, compasionate way a la Soviets to rid the country of those who do not and cannot work for the good of the State.
Molon Labbie loves his old racist canards:
Till someone whispers into Obama’s ear about “Bell curves”.
Getting into deep craziness now. I want the USA back is sure all entitlements are a plot to take his guns.
THIS is why the government started Medicare, the prescription drug plan and social security: in order to gather information about people and use it to further control their lives.
Pollster1 prefers unstable demented people with guns, because they might be able to foil Obama's coup:
I would rather forgo mental health care than risk my right to keep and bear arms. I hope most of the elderly feel the same. I would rather have older Americans with guns, even if those Americans are not entirely stable, than face a country in which the only firearms belong to Obama’s “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. We’ve seen that America (in Sanford, Ferguson, and then Baltimore), and it’s not pretty for decent people.


  1. How about we just keep guns away from anyone who believes that white male Christians are an oppressed class in the United States?

  2. Goll darn it, Grandpa is having a conniption fit! He's got old Bessie and he is sitting up in the very top of the hickory tree!

    What's that he's yelling?

    He's saying nobody can take old Bessie away as long as he is up that tree! Ain't Grandpa clever! You stay up there, Grandpa!

    Stay up there forever you crazy old coot.

  3. They are such lousy judges of character.
    They'll throw themselves behind any person who tosses red meat and feeds their anger addiction. It's like the only emotion they can still feel in their numb heads.

    1. Alan War Crimes West. But now that he's got a Moron labe tattoo on his arm, he's like pro for freepers


    such sweet sweet music t'is ambrosia for mine ears