Wednesday, July 29, 2015

With charity towards none, resentment towards all

A bunch of churches got together to provide clothes and haircuts for beleaguered Ferguson residents.

Freepers hear that Ferguson is getting some free stuff, and immediately explode in anger that the wrong people are getting help.

And by wrong, I mean black.

Second Amendment First thinks of charity as earned:
Rewarded with more free stuff.
Gene Eric finds the idea that charity brings hope to be contemptible:
Hope is derived from free stuff?

Fiddlstix has condemned all of Ferguson for the riots:
They destroy their own town and now they are getting freebies....
The inmates have taken over the asylum....
MeshugeMikey resents other people getting something he does not:
as part of an effort to offer residents a stress-free day.

Oh ISNT THAT just Ever So Special though??

when I gets My Strezz Free Day at??
cport kinda layers kids these days with racism:
Even my idiot son knows better than to reward his child with stuff after a tantrum. The older generation of blacks knew struggle and took nothing for granted, and when given the opportunity, often succeeded in whatever endeavor they applied themselves to. Enter lazy parent LBJ and his new-new deal, and we have the resultant spoiled generation of gibbmedat children.
dfwgator makes a blacks hate education joke!
The local Barnes and Noble offered free books, but there were no takers.
caww is sure any charity towards blacks will go to drugs:
Though a church outreach program...seems to me a lot of what they save will likely go toward the drugs that got them in the place they're in in the first place....hopefully they had tents offering that.
itsahoot met some greedy children 35 years ago. They were black, and so a conclusion was drawn:
My wife is a retired school teacher and about 35 years ago she worked in a small Oklahoma town that believe it or not had no black children, lot of Cherokee, no black.

A missionary preacher and his wife came to town with two black children they had adopted and there was a meet and great that I attended.

Believe it or not when I went to speak to the children the first word out of their mouth was, "What did you bring me?"
Fiddlstix stokes his outrage by assuming somehow his tax dollars were secretly involved:
I have no idea who paid for lunch however given the location and circumstances I’d bet taxpayers did in the end.
Corky Ramirez has a fraught analogy:
Akin to giving the native Americans blankets and beads.
Gaffer analogizes blacks to savage beasts:
Imagine you are in a sieged fortress with lions outside. The only way to keep them from storming the walls and killing everyone in a feeding frenzy is to feed them every day. Day in day out. When you stop, they aren’t going to remember how nice you were. And while you’re feeding them, you still can’t go outside unprotected because they will kill you for the fun of it. It is their nature, it is their way.
WhirlwindAttack gets what Gaffer is laying down:
Get rid of the lions. Problem solved.


  1. Best comeback line

    To: nopardons

    You keep calling me “noob”. Yep, I’m a newbie here, and I’m always amused that you crusty, old farts who’ve been on this website a gazillion years, and don’t have a life outside of Free Republic, think you know more than anybody else. You call me illiterate; one of my turds has a higher IQ than you. Now, address me on this thread, or any other, all you want. They will go UNread. I have no time for you.

    177 posted on 07/11/2015 1:01:57 AM PDT by Din Maker (GOP Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico for VP)
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  2. imagine you are in an echo chamber with freepers inside. the only way to keep them from leaving for stormfront and killing your grift is to feed their hate every day. day in day out. when you stop, they aren’t going to remember how jesus-christ-super-white you were. and while you’re feeding them, you still have to zot folks because the few real donors are internet tough guys who get easily butthurt. it is their nature, it is their way.

    1. How long before wagglebee has this freeper zotted

      To: rktman

      Humans are not an endangered species.

      Personally, I don’t care that leftists abort their babies. On their conscience, not mine. Financially, we can’t support everyone on welfare.

      16 posted on 7/29/2015, 12:35:41 PM by Lopeover (My vote is valuable, you must earn it.)
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    2. "Personally, I don’t care that leftists abort their babies."

      This statement is the perfect "cognitive dissonance" for FR. Even wagglebee can't get anyone zotted for their abortion views if they're applied to democrats or minorities.

    3. I like how a couple of Freepers try to call him out and he basically tells them "You want to support the babies? Be my guest."

      Link, by the way.

    4. They're not pro-life at all. They're just fine with killing any number of people, including foreigners, people at traffic stops, people accused (NOT convicted) of petty crimes, and people who are breaking & entering. Basically, they're weeping and gnashing their teeth and putting on sackcloth over fetal tissue, and couldn't care less about the extrajudicial killings of anybody *already alive* whom they find annoying, inconvenient, or politically or religiously different.

    5. The anti abortionists have always been about punishing the sluts for having sex.

  3. "Trump will win blacks. He will win women. He will win Reagan Democrats. He will win Democrats that are afraid of Shrillary and Socialist Sanders.

    Trump will win.
    Trump will win big.
    It’s going to be HUGH, HUGE, and YUGE!!!!"

    1. sez unsourced poll from anonymous pollsters ... which will be used to prove hillary stole the election.

  4. "Rapin’ Bill and his partner in crime, Hillary the Baby-chopper."

  5. Replies
    1. y'know who else likes raping blondes?

      the gop frontrunner.